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  1. Four Seasons

    Pictures Breitlingh, Elena & Accenta update (after 4 years...)

    It's nice to read that I've not been forgotten :) Oh no it does change your outlook on life. But yeah, the FEI riders... what happens behind closed doors. I really wished that I'd recorded some of the stuff going on. I would have been able to close down 2 major stables with that evidence...
  2. Four Seasons

    No Heartbeat at day 27

    Great news. A heartbeat sometimes won't be clear until day 28 at least, even the most experienced vet will struggle with trying to find that early on. Best to scan for a heartbeat (in my experience) is 32 days +.
  3. Four Seasons

    Long and low is wrong???

    There's long and low and long and low. You can force a horse to go long and low and round, this is incorrect. The horse will seem correct, but the hind legs will be trailing and the back won't be engaged. Now you can ride your horse towards the bit, creating impulsion and engagement, which we...
  4. Four Seasons

    where do you

    I make sure all riding trousers/leggings have good pockets before I buy. They are designing some really nice and functional ones at the moment. Not sure if you have heard of Maya Delorez, very functional! A bit expensive, but beautiful material and special pockets for phones! My older riding...
  5. Four Seasons

    Pictures Breitlingh, Elena & Accenta update (after 4 years...)

    Hi everyone! Some may still know me, some probably won't. I haven't posted in here for the past 4 years I realised. I have done the occasional reading here and there, but you know, life happened... So where to start... do you remember my thread of the World Cup dressage in Omaha, USA? Well in...
  6. Four Seasons

    Cold weather alert from met office

    They've predicted -12 here... brrr.... Hope everyone stocks up, travelling is going to be horrendous in these conditions.
  7. Four Seasons

    Mr G's ROR journey

    Absolutely heartbreaking... Stay strong x :(
  8. Four Seasons

    Chilli's Leg Thread-Do not open if you don't like blood!

    Wow, that's looking so much better! Love how your mum managed to save the top :D
  9. Four Seasons

    Spring is in the air!

    He got a lovely shine to him! Can't wait till mine can go in the field again, still soggy here :(
  10. Four Seasons

    A dressage masterclass with an Olympian!

    Judy is great! Loved watching her ride the past year, she's a lovely rider. Sounds like she had some good tips :)
  11. Four Seasons

    I know my place now... Weekend plans :)

    I'm moving stables in two/three weeks, so going to have a chat with the new yard owner tomorrow, check out which stables I'm getting. Going to lunge my loonies, they haven't been worked all week, so are probably on the verge of take-off. Hopefully get some good training sessions in this weekend...
  12. Four Seasons

    Chilli's Leg Thread-Do not open if you don't like blood!

    Oh my!! What a wound! Scary situation but quick thinking from everyone. Hope she recovers well x
  13. Four Seasons

    Do you trim a bridle path?

    Yes, have 2 warmbloods. I clip it just enough so the bridle and halter sits nicely in place. I think it looks neater, especially once all plaited for shows.
  14. Four Seasons

    Hoof Oil?

    +1 I see it as a cosmetic product too, the marketing is very good these days to make people think it could actually help. It all comes down to diet (even some supplements can help, I give my biotin to support hoof growth) and a good farrier, sure there a some products out these that can help...
  15. Four Seasons

    Not sure if this will work - videos......

    He goes beautifully! So chill and relaxed and enjoying himself :D
  16. Four Seasons

    Snow, Hail and Bouncing...

    Well done on your score at the regionals, good solid score! Onwards and upwards for the outdoor season :D
  17. Four Seasons

    Micklem bridles - are they worth it? Alternatives?

    I have a Micklem for one of my mares. She's a very picky horse when it comes to tack and extremely sensitive to any changes. She loves the Micklem, goes so smoothly and quietly. I have clips from the bit that are clicked to the noseband, so whenever I apply pressure on the rein, it involves...
  18. Four Seasons

    Never set yourself a limitation!

    Well done :D Would be great if you hit the 70% next outing, but these scores are just as exciting!
  19. Four Seasons

    Back on track

    @ Bernster Thanks! I know, I shouldn't be so harsh about it haha. @ Wheels Both. She's a difficult little thing. 2 years ago when I just bought her, she would easily overbend and come behind the bit. Now the contact is good and soft, but she still easily overbends or when she's in front of the...
  20. Four Seasons

    Back on track

    Hi everyone! After 4 months of no riding, due to my freak accident, I started riding beginning of Janaury. I could only do 15 minutes a day and basically walk/trot only. Built it up from there and now finally starting to see some improvement on my behalf. I'm gaining more core stability, my...
  21. Four Seasons

    Had to share..... show-jumping yesterday....

    I like how fancy he looks! :D He's really enjoying himself
  22. Four Seasons

    Trickle Net

    I have a couple, best buy ever! Mine hang in the stable though. Some horses do get frustrated slighty due to the tiny holes, so make sure you weigh it down quite a bit if you are feeding from the ground.
  23. Four Seasons

    Which pro riders have the best seat/position?

    Ingrid Klimke is the absolute queen! Not only does she sit up perfectly straight, she moves with the horse (not against like loads do these days), her hands are soft as can be. Edwina Alexander-Tops has quite the seat too, especially jumping at the height she does.
  24. Four Seasons

    After much searching and all the wonderful help I got one!!!!

    He's lovely! Jumps with such ease, looks like a nice ride. Congrats :)
  25. Four Seasons

    What do you think a 3yo should be doing under saddle?

    For actual riding, I'd prefer them to be at least 3,5yo (4 is always better though). The most I do with a 3 yo is 2 times a week 20 minutes, no sharp turns, no small circles, just walk, trot and a bit of canter. Don't want to put much stress on the still growing joints. It's ok for them to do a...
  26. Four Seasons

    Sorry, a quick outburst of happiness.....

    It's a great feeling when months of work finally falls into place, I know the feeling! Well done for staying positive throughout. It can be frustrating at times, but it all worth it in the end!
  27. Four Seasons

    Dressage test follow up exercises needed!

    Definitely sounds like he should be sharper on your leg. Basically comes down to transitions, transitions and transitions. When you go down a gait, you sit deep, push your weight down through your stirrups and the horse makes a downward transition. When you go up a gait, you should make your...
  28. Four Seasons

    Best brush for getting dry mud off legs?

    I like the magic brush or the Hands-On glove. Depends how muddy the horse is :D
  29. Four Seasons

    Just going to leave this here...

    Really?! In Holland from Novice/ Elementary (M1) you're not allowed to use a whip, unless there's something medically wrong with you.
  30. Four Seasons

    What are imported warmbloods like?

    Think it depends on the individual character of the horse and also how it was raised. A lot of warmblood stables in Holland throw them in a field from foal till 3 years old, break them within a month and sell them on quickly. Those are the spookier horses, haven't seen much and are very much...