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  1. JDH01

    Can any of you check out a BS record?

    I have recently bought a new horse, he is a show cob and I know his showing record. He was registered with BS as Millhouse 11, 378367. Unfortunately I don't know anyone BS registered. If anyone could check it out I would be really grateful. :)
  2. JDH01

    Experience of getting a horse back from severe acute anaemia?

    I was just wondering if anyone has had a horse come back into full work after very severe anaemia due to an internal bleed? Thanks for any replies.
  3. JDH01

    how do I change the ownership in a Hungarian passport?

    I have recently bought a horse with a hungarian passport. I am fully aware of the need to register chsnge of ownership but as it is all in hungarian have no idea where to start. There is a loose form in the pasport which I presume should be used but unlike the main parts of the document there...