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  1. M_G

    Any grooms on here?

    I had some help when I was poorly to look after my 2 horses and to ride my youngster, I am trying to claim my expenses back from my insurance company (NFU but not horse side) and they are saying the cost should be £11 per day not per horse but a total of £11 per day full stop. What do you...
  2. M_G

    ROG or other towing people can you help?

    Hi Rog I am planning on doing my B+E Test (with a driving school) and have set aside £700 for this my big question is I will be looking to buy a vehicle to tow (and as an every day work horse) do I get a 4x4 (Discovery, showgun or the likes) or a Volvo XC70 4wd? It would be to tow an...
  3. M_G

    My first time eventing

    I think you can see the bravery, determination and skill needed for eventing is written all over my face I had a great day at YHL and I really do love this picture thanks to Mark Todd and Keyflow PS this is what my face would be like if I was ever brave enough to try XC
  4. M_G

    BER in court again today

    A date has been set for the 3 day trial 21st November 2012 I pray justice is done for all the poor animals who have suffered under the guise of rescue
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    TFC or HHO Admin... BEER

    Why are all the BEER threads being locked? Are we no longer allowed to discuss horses welfare I could understand when it was without evidence but you let those threads run.. Are you running your own HH story on it and don't want those in the know stealing your thunder as such?
  6. M_G

    :( ok who did it

    Who pushed the button on the un gelding thread? That was the funniest thread I have seen on here in years and poof it's gone :(
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    for your article in today's Magazine about the Welsh Pony Sale held at Builth Wells by Brightwells Auctioneers, that included shockingly poor ponies from Cricceith Stud. Well Done Team
  8. M_G

    Rogue Horse Dealer BUYERS BEWARE
  9. M_G

    whats happened and who stole

    the soapbox????? or have I gone mad/blind?? I am not liking this new forum
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    OMG peoples worst fears

    Confirmed Poor poor horse, It just goes to show how we should be there till the last breath is taken by our beloved horses Lying Knackers
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    Are you happy now

    all you horrid little button pushers have at last managed your hate campaign against JM7... You have just lost us all a knowlegeable horsewoman I hope you are very proud
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    Words we find Offensive

    to help admin out in the quest for a happy forum can you please add any words you find offensive so we know not to use them.... I will go first (as its my post) Parelli Barefoot Rescue Ba*ana Goodness
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    Cant believe it

    JM puts a post up as she has recieved abusive PM's and she gets banned????? What is going on here!!!
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    It would appear I am
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    I would just like to say I think mine is wonderful, he explains everything to me and is always there to offer advice (he also shoes wonderfully) he is so patient with boston who can sometimes be stiff and uncomfortable behind. Adam you are the best xxx
  16. M_G

    Anyone know

    A lady called Jessia Louise Caple? she was a miss in 2002 and rode at elementary on a horse called Tofts Fanfare any help appreciated
  17. M_G

    Any vets on here

    If so could you PM me please, Its to ask a genuine question but not one which matters to any living horse & not one that I really want to go into on a public forum. Would just like my mind eased
  18. M_G

    I love

    This forum, from what started as someone preeching about how we should all buy the Franch meat horses to you all clubbing together and outing the shisters It all makes me smile that there are so many people who truly care and can do something to make a difference. You guys are the best thank...
  19. M_G

    DVLA card type licence

    I was passed this and think you should read it if you have one of the new licences:- An interesting bit of info, you may find it useful to check your photo driving licence. Very Important for drivers...... Please pass on to all workers / volunteers. Unwitting motorists face £1,000...
  20. M_G

    Ok just to prove

    That if I had a horse for sale I wouldnt care who said what on a forum... Here is a side view of my lad critique away
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    After ordering my new Ideal saddle I was flicking through the brochure and who should I see on the jumping saddle page.......You... I nearly fell over
  22. M_G

    Ideal saddle question

    Who is it that sells the IdealJessica under their own name? Rode Boston in a test today having borrowed a friends Jessica to try it and wow what a difference to both of us so any help would be appreciated Mx
  23. M_G

    Bossanova PM's are full

    I am trying to reply to you but I cant :-(
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    Any news on Prince?

    as title says
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    when its cold, wet, windy & you have just had a very tiring day at work how do you motivate yourself to ride? I am having real problems at the moment just feel so tired all the time and very lethargic horse is being well looked after but I know I am not riding as much as I should. Any...
  26. M_G

    Fast fibre

    anyone use it? is it any good? thank you x
  27. M_G

    Horse Transport

    Hi all I need to transport a horse from Grantham to Peterborough can anyone recommend a transporter he is a big lad at 17.2 (I dont have my own transport & friends he wont fit in friends boxes). Thank you in advance Mary
  28. M_G

    Saddle recommendations please

    What saddle/saddles are best for a very high withered Warmblood, either Dressage or GP? ps he also has to build up lots of muscle Thank you Mx
  29. M_G

    Daniel Greenwood

    I am hoping one of you lovely people can point me in the right direction, I am looking for some information on a horse that Daniel Greenwood Owned/Rode up till 2003 Horse is a 17.2 hanovarian x known as Boston If you can help in any way I would be very gratefull (the reason why will be...
  30. M_G

    JM's Non Admirer

    I hope so..