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  1. Slinkyunicorn

    Looking for a lab

    I live on a farm - when they came to check me they got no further then the garden - they just said 'this is Labrador heaven' never even got inside the house! :biggrin3: I think they have a more realistic approach to rehoming - they recognise a 'good' home without there being 6 foot fences etc...
  2. Slinkyunicorn

    Looking for a lab

    Agree with Labrador Rescue - my Lab from there has a working pedigree - his father and grandfather were field trials champions :) - he is a great dog :)
  3. Slinkyunicorn

    Mobile livery around Melton Mowbray

    Where near Melton are you and when are you away? :confused3: :)
  4. Slinkyunicorn

    Lost our precious boy yesterday

    Bless him - sleep well lovely boy :) RIP Bailey :frown3: they take a piece of your heart with them :frown3: he will have plenty of much loved friends to greet him :)
  5. Slinkyunicorn

    Stamford/Wittering People

    Sure no problem :)
  6. Slinkyunicorn

    Stamford/Wittering People

    Where exactly are you going to be living? I know a few yards round there but the travelling would be a consideration down lanes etc especially in the winter as some would be impossible without a 4x4 :) Personally I wouldn't keep a horse at Grange Farm :( Would deffo second Roger and Tower...
  7. Slinkyunicorn

    Dressing up dogs

    Is totally wrong.......:mad3: Would never catch me doing that to mine no sireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee........................:biggrin3:
  8. Slinkyunicorn


    Lovely boy :) Much love xxx
  9. Slinkyunicorn

    RIP Sweep

    He has gone today :( We had 15 long years together - am totally heartbroken Love you always little man xxx Sleep well and see you again xxx Can't make the photo...
  10. Slinkyunicorn

    Low Level Lami?

    No such thing a low grade lami - it either is or isn't - I would treat as laminitic as there will be pain :frown3:
  11. Slinkyunicorn


    So glad you had support on such a hard day:frown3: This forum never ceases to amaze me with the kindness and generosity that is shown to virtual strangers in their time of need :) cbmcts has shown that today :)
  12. Slinkyunicorn


    I can totally understand your anger Jessica but you showed him love and kindness which is what he knew up until his last minute :) DO NOT beat yourself up over what happened before you can only do what you do at the time - and you DID the right thing for Prince :) And cmbcts does indeed need...
  13. Slinkyunicorn


    RIP Prince :( Jessi so sorry to hear this - you gave the lovely boy love and comfort and care in his last days and he wasn't suffering anymore - that is what matters. Many hugs to you xxx
  14. Slinkyunicorn

    Animal Crackers BBC

    I watched a bit - saw the bit were someone said that by making them a 'poo' dog the puppies were worth double - she then laughed and said it was silly as they were really just mongrels..... :rolleyes3::mad3: Turned over then:mad3:
  15. Slinkyunicorn

    St Sweep

    Thanks Spudlet :(
  16. Slinkyunicorn

    St Sweep

    Thanks MD :(
  17. Slinkyunicorn

    St Sweep

    Thanks 3B's :(
  18. Slinkyunicorn

    St Sweep

    Thanks CT :(
  19. Slinkyunicorn

    St Sweep

    Thanks MM :(
  20. Slinkyunicorn

    St Sweep

    I know I don't come in here much anymore but just wanted to let the old timers know that St Sweep's time has come :frown3: He has made the grand old age of 15 and a couple of months. His legs are going and he is deaf and his eye are failing :fron3: he fell down the whole flight of stairs the...
  21. Slinkyunicorn


    Here is a link from their website with some details about Carrots rehab - as you can see from the picture he was WAY thinner then Prince ever was - I will never forget the first time I saw him - he was like a walking skeleton :frown3:
  22. Slinkyunicorn


    F&D it might be worth contacting Bransby - they did a 4 page article on the rehabbing of Carrot and Spud - they were condition scored at zero when they arrived and they were successfully rehabbed SLOWLY with a fibre based diet. Not sure if it archived on their website - will find a link - but I...
  23. Slinkyunicorn


    I can not believe the RSPCA are recommending PTS :mad3: especially considering they are the same people who thought Carrot & Spud were ok :rolleyes3: - for those who don't know that story they were both given conditions scores of zero by Bransby on the day of their rescue. Please call the BHS...
  24. Slinkyunicorn

    Riding in Rutland?

    The only place left really that does hacks is Somerby - they do hacks and have a good range of horses - they do everything from RDA riding to lessons. There is did used to be a yard in Harringworth - they did hacks to Wakerley Woods etc not sure if they are still going though :) Other options...
  25. Slinkyunicorn

    I am Prince

    What a ******************************************************** :rolleyes3: I hope it didn't put Prince of his dinner for too long:biggrin3:
  26. Slinkyunicorn

    BBC1 right now - Motorway Cops - anyone watching?

    I turned over early on as it was too upsetting :(
  27. Slinkyunicorn

    OTT on rugging?

    This ^^^ It is also easier to warm a horse up with a rug and hay/fibre - it fuels their internal furnace - than it is for a horse to cool down.
  28. Slinkyunicorn


    Just so you know there is no such thing as a generic Yea-Sacc. It is a patent protected produced which is supplied by Alltech to the different feed and supplement manufacturers for inclusion in their products. Whether it is then present in those products in sufficient quantities to be effective...
  29. Slinkyunicorn

    I am Prince

    He is looking so much better :) Well done you :)