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    Navalgem PM's please

    As title. You are obviously very popular.
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    Anyone Need A Lift To

    Doing a favour for someone on our yard. (younger son's girlfriend) taking them from North West ( M6 Preston area) to Trailblazers Dressage. Think it is Mon 3rd August coming back Wed 5th August. If anyone needs a lift let me know as it is a 6 horse wagon wiyh masses of storage space. Not looking...
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    More Awful News

    Unfortunately Billy Twomeys ride Pikap has had to be PTS today. He was competing at Grobendonk (sp) & his cannon bone shattered on take off. Billy was taken to hospital as he was unconscious for about an hour (so I am told) What a terrible tragedy. My thoughts go out to all of them.
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    What a Farce !!!

    On checking the website for the forthcoming World Cup Final. It is now clear that Willian Whitaker is not allowed to jump. He is in fact only in the CSI classes. So, as I have been told this week William can not ride a different horse to which he qualified on. (ok I accept that) BUT how the hell...
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    Can I Have Your Input Please. (Long)

    Very shortly we are about to open a brand new Competition/Livery Yard/Stud Farm. At the moment I am throwing ideas around as to exactly what people want & how to run things. I really would like to hear peoples ideas on what they would prefer to have included in the price, or use on a fee...
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    FAO Anastasia

    If you can get a copy of HORSE (out today) see if you can recognise a cheeky little chap on pg 55.
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    Freshman is getting quite clever Anastacia !!

    Ok, actually I know I am not progressing quite as fast as others but for me I am quite chuffed. Remember when I posted piccies of Veria (young mare) & 2 yr olds ? I promised a video & now I have one. Took her out to an unaffiliated yesterday it was her very first time in the ring &amp...
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    FAO Anastasia Chicos Boy & Others

    Ok I know I promised over a week ago, but I am just not very good at this piccy thing. We decided to tart a few up (straight out of the field) I wanted to take piccies of the youngsters in the garden. The 1st one sunk up to its fetlocks & OH said Oh No!!!!!! Any way got a decent one of my...
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    Anyone else notice something odd

    As the title says really in H&H article on pg 20 to 22. Would like to hear from others.
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    Am I being really thick

    Where has Soapbox gone? I have looked every where for it !!!!!!