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    Home Alone

    I've got a 3 yo parsons bitch and love her to bits. Every morning I drop her at Mum's on the way to work so she's not home alone during the day, and pick her up on my way home. Very sadly, Mum is now very ill and at some point soon, will no longer be able to look after Mia. I am obviously...
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    Locking stifle

    My mare suffers from locking stifle but literally a few times a year and until today has not had it for about a year. My vet said it's nothing to worry about and the more work she does, the better she will be (which has certainly been the case). I think therefore that due to the weather she's...
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    Dressage saddle

    Hey all, Umming and ahhing over which dressage saddles to investigate as I am thinking about buying one for my mare. In the past, for other horses' I've had an Isabelle Worth and an Albion ~ both of which OK, but didn't blow me away. Lots of people have mentioned Ideal Jessica..... any...
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    Baileys Lo Cal

    Anyone used ?? My mare is a very good do-er and is subsequently on hardly any hard feed. This has been recommended to me....
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    What do you do with your Rosettes ??

    Just wondered what other peeps did with their rosettes ? Mine generally got hung up in the lorry but lorry now sold..... don't know what to do with them... loo ?? Have new lorry but too tiny to hang up rosies !! LOL !
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    Message search

    Is there a way I can search through messages using a particular word ?? Am interested to find views on Marlborough horseboxes and there must be loads of posts .... if only I was clever enough to find them !!!
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    Marlborough Hunter Horsebox

    Am looking into buying one ?? Does anyone have one ?? Reviews guys please ~ good and bad ?? Many thanks, Emma
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    Which girth ???

    Hello everyone. OK, here goes, please bear with me..... my mare was a bit round so my saddler suggested non-elasticated girth to stop saddle slipping, which worked fine. However, when I bought my new saddle she disliked being girthed up. Back man looked at her back and said it was her girth...
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    My pup was due her second set of jabs today (unfortunately postponed by snow so fingers crossed for tomorrow !). How long do I have to wait before I can take her out after her jabs ???
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    Dog friendly cottages

    I have been trying to find a dog friendly cottage (2 dogs) for a week for my Mum and I in June. It's almost impossible. Found an ideal place, but booked up until end of August. Ideally we want to go in June and are looking at upto 2 hour drive from London, ie Hampshire, Dorset, Norfolk. Have...
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    Anxious ! Am I normal ?

    I lost my gorgeous PRT at only 4 years old last month due to hemolytic anaemia ~ it broke my heart ~ loved her so much (the one in my signature). She was never hugely healthy from the start and suffered from epilepy too. We were at the vets constantly and did everything we possibly could for...
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    Joint Supplement

    Happy Friday all My mare is 8 and suffers very occasionally with locking stife. She is also a tiny bit stiff when she comes out of her box ~ I'm not concerned ~ think she's just getting older. Am thinking about giving her a joint supplement (vet said it certainly won't hurt!). There seems to...
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    The breeder where I am getting my pup from feeds DUCK ~ which is a frozen mealsfor dogs (which tries to imitate nature as close as possible). I have found a distributor near Gatwick but that's quite a way from me. I am going to collect two months worth from my breeder but it is quite far to go...
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    Puppy Travel

    Wondered if anybody had any idea on how to secure a new PRT puppy in the car. Am due to collect her on Friday (9 weeks old). I am sure a harness would not work on a puppy, so I thought about getting one of those portable kennels (mesh type ones) but don't see how I can fix this to the car...
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    Homemade leg guard recipe

    Does anyone make their own ?? I used to buy Gold Label leg guard and then use liquid paraffin to make it last longer. Does anyone have a good recipe ?? Mud and greys ~ not a good combo
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    Cordless clippers

    Any recommendations for extremely quiet clippers for nervous horse ?? I could possibly use corded ones but my mare is extremely sensitive. I currently have the Moserline Avalon ones (only 2 seasons old) - went up yard today and they have decided not to cut through hair at all. They were fully...
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    Show today

    Just wanted to share that we had a fab day today. We were placed in our jumping despite being pretty nervous. Angel jumped a double clear and was such a good girl xx
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    Show shirt recommendations

    Can anyone recommend a nice show shirt ??? I basically need two new ones (one for a stock and one for a tie). I hate feeling restricted so want something cool with a bit of stretch. Quite like the jazzy ones but only want white to be seen when jacket on. The Toggi ones look quite nice. Mine...
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    Area 10

    Just wondered if anyone is going to Area 10 dressage in Goudhurst this Sunday ???
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    Lorry mechanic

    Can anyone recommend a reliable lorry mechanic who would cover Westerham area ? I was given the number for 'Wayne' but apparently he is fully booked up for the next two and a half months ? My lorry plating runs out at the end of July. Many thanks xx
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    Ridiculously thick mane !!!

    My mare has the thickest mane I have ever seen ! She will not let me pull her mane in any shape or form (presume they'd try to yank it out at the horse sales before I bought as she had twitch scars). She used to be headshy so I don't want to upset her further as she has improved sooooo much. I...
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    How do you test a lorry floor ????

    After reading that horrible post about that poor horse going through the floor of a trailer, it got me thinking about my own lorry. I regularly have a jump around in back but how can you test a floor safely ??? It looks fine but that does not mean much. How often should you test the floor ...
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    Anyone seen this ???? It's amazing - brought a big lump to my throat !!
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    Clipping nails

    Does anyone have any tips for cutting dog's nails. My JR nails are really long. I know only to clip a tiny bit off and only the transparent part but what about black nails ???
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    Marlborough Horseboxes

    Does anyone on here have one ? I think they look gorgeous and am thinking about enquiring. OK they are small but if you upgrade to the 3.9 tonne - that give you room for 1.6 tonnes of horse which would be enough for two fairly large ones - head room is 7'4 I think. Opinions please ? Thanks
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    What do you think ?

    I feel really upset despite this not having anything to do with me. YO horse died on Friday from a heart attack. She is understandly very upset. Horse was around 30 and had a bout of colic (we think it was colic) the night before and obviously her heart could not take the strain. It was very...
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    Rugs & Clipping

    I clipped Angel today and she was brilliant. Two years ago I couldn't get near her with the clippers but after quiet perseverance and lots of reassurance, I didn't even have to sedate her !! Am really chuffed !! I can't clip her bum or her head but I can live with that. I need to buy her a...
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    Manic Mane

    My mare has a mane which resembles a bog brush ! It is really really really thick !! When I first bought her, she would not even let me run a brush through it and coupled with the fact she had some rather horrible scarring around her muzzle which looked like 'twitch' marks, it's my guess...
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    Blinging crazy

    OK I can understand the appeal for diamonte browbands..... but diamonte spurs are a step too far. Look what I say on ebay: PMSL
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    Dear all, I am trying to help out a very good friend of mine. Her horse is currently at Newmarket after having undergone an operation to repair a deep tear in his tendon. She has been told by vets she can't ride him again and is torn between having him PTS and letting him live out. He may...