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    No food before neutering question...Help please!

    My cat is booked in to be neutered tomorrow. He's on adlib dry food which I filled before heading to work today. I was told no food night before after 8-9 by one nurse. The text I had today says 6pm. I've been unexpectedly called out and won't be home until probably 11 so can't take food away...
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    Cats, vets, good value?

    Local vets run a scheme where you play a smidge over £12 a month which covers all wormers, flea treatments, vaccinations, microchip, annual urine test, twice yearly health check 20% off neutering and 20% off any lifetime medications. One pound discount on second cat. Does this represent good...
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    Pro-equine Products/supplements

    I've been recommended their Ulsa-soothe product for a horse I've been working with and wondered if anyone else has tried it, or any of their other products for that matter? Not heard of them before. Thanks
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    Scam - small business owners be aware.

    I won't say what I do as don't want my wrist slapped for 'advertising', but I've recently advertised in a couple of regional equine magazines. I had a voicemail the other day from a gentleman who said he had seen my ad in his favourite magazine, was working for a charity (couldn't exactly tell...
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    Following on from Strictly no cobs.....

    If you ran a yard and were advertising livery what would be your 'Strictly no....' clause? Just a bit of fun. :D
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    Strictly no cobs!

    Just been browsing some adverts and came across an advert for livery, yard sounded nice then at the end of the advert it stated STRICTLY NO COBS. Now I don't own a cob, but I'm a little bemused as to why someone would really have that much of a problem with them to state this on an advert...
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    Lichfield Sheriffs Ride

    Anyone here taking part?
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    Out of practice :(

    I had a bit of a mishap last week and have been beating myself up since. I'm no world beater but I've always been a competent and confident rider. The person people go to if they are having a few issues with their horse or have a youngster they want starting off and I was known for my calm...
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    I've just stumble across one of the most disturbing websites....

    I'm not going to post a link as quite frankly it's verging on animal porn. I innocently searched 'equine anatomy' as I'm due to start a course in Equine anatomy and physiology later this week and wanted to do a bit of research. Clicked on a few different websites after typing equine anatomy...
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    Anyone have some horses they want a hand with?

    I'm quite new to the area and I'm desperately missing contact with horses! If riding was available great, but if not then Im quite happy to spend time grooming, helping on the ground with youngsters etc anything really to get me back involved as I'm quite out of the loop and would just love to...
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    Any one have any experience of them? Right now I'm trying to enrol on one of their courses. The website is being a bit glitchy and won't let me proceed to payment so I sent them an email to let them know and ask them to let me know when it's sorted or send me an alternative to enrol with...
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    BHS Stages - your experiences please.

    As title really! I'm looking to start training in the new year and would like to hear your stories.
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    Interview for yard job

    I've managed to get myself an interview for a yard job. I've done a bit of work previously but it's all been through word of mouth, friends of friends and recommendations etc, never had an interview for one before. First of all, what should I wear?! Secondly, what should I expect from the...
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    How much do you pay/charge?

    How much do you pay to have someone come to your yard and school your horse/ hack it out, keep it fit? How much do you pay to send a horse to someone's yard for breaking schooling etc? What do you charge if you offer these services? Just curious!
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    Yards and tack shops around Lichfield

    Anyone know of any yards and tacks hops around Lichfield please? Shortly relocating and am going to need some horsey fix!
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    Hacking in Lincolnshire

    I'm off to Lincolnshire for a bit of a staycation tomorrow and was hoping I've heard the hacking around the Wolds is lovely. Wondering if anyone knows of anywhere I'd be able to hire a horse and go for a hack around the Louth area?
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    Gypsy cob showing question...

    Excuse the potential numpty question! Just wonderin what the rules are for clipping of gypsy cobs when i comes to showing? He has his feathers, he has a lovely mane but his body was clipped over winter and so he still has shorter hair on his body than he does his legs. Is this acceptable...
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    Cruciate ligament damage

    Any one ever had any dogs damage a cruciate ligament in their hind leg? Mum is now at the vets with one of the GSD's as she's gone very lame on her hind leg. Was very worried it might be a hip to start with especially as she's only 2 but she thinks it's a cruiciate ligament. As a pup she...
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    I'm furious. What would you do?

    There were four of us out with horses today. Amongst us was me leading a youngster in hand and an 8 year old boy on a lead rein. We'd only just left the yard when we heard someone sounding their horn. Turned around and it was a landrover discoverey speeding up behind us. As she drove past she...
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    Finding horses to ride/be around.

    I moved in with OH just over a year ago and since I've moved I've only been near horses a handful of times. I miss it so much. :( Whilst I lived at home I had a friend who's ponies I rode, a yard in the village whose youngsters I used to groom, handle and just generally play with as and when...
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    What to charge?

    I've been approached by a couple of people recently about riding their horses for them and have been asked how much I charge. I've been paid as a groom in the past but never as just a rider. These people are looking for someone to keep fit, possibly compete and a couple of the horses need...
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    New baby!!

    I just want to introduce you all to our new baby! We picked her up this morning. She's utterly adorable! And here's one of Ellie the other day, just so she doesn't feel left out!
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    Rydale clothing

    Opinions please! I've not bought anything from them before but I like the look of quite a few of there things. Are they any good?
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    Recommend me some....

    Yard/ Riding boots please! I'm looking for something warm, waterproof and comfortable to ride in, around the yard and walking the dog. Not after dubarrys as too many people have them and I want something a bit different!
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    Following on from post about backed yearling...

    When do you start introducing work to youngsters, like lunging, loose schooling and wearing tack, backing etc? I have my own views on this, but everyone does things differently and has different views on when to do things, I was just interested in hearing when and how other people choose to...
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    Sorry...a how much question!

    How much would you be willing to pay for a yearling tb filly (2 in the spring), has been shown and placed in hand at county shows and travels well?
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    Advertising for loan horse...

    Anyone know of any good places to advertise for a loan horse? What websites etc do you use?
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    Olympia question...

    Me anda friend plan to go for the friday evening as we really want to see the puissance. Problem is we haven't got our tickets yet and I can't buy them until 2weeks time when I get paid.... after not having a job for 8weeks I'm completely skint until then! That will only be 8 days before the...
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    Is it just kids ponies at the moment!?

    After my whole sorry disaster over the last couple of months I have decided that now I will be working again that it is time to start looking for another beasty to loan. I'd love a bigger native breed ideally, such as highland or welsh cob (had both before and don't think you can beat a...
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    Western vs English??

    Anyone here do both? Which do you prefer? I've recently ridden western a fair few times with a friend whose horses are western trained. I have never done it before and I have to say I loved it! Horses were superb, great fun and so responsive. I felt like a lemon to start with, but once I got...