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    People in the Kettering/Northants area - dogs thrown from van!!!!!

    Last night 2 greyhounds were thrown from a van in the Kettering area of Northamptonshire. One only had 3 legs, both appeared to have blood on them and they were tied together. People have been out searching for them last night and today, but no luck so far. If anyone in the area could keep an...
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    People in the Kettering/Northants area - Dogs thrown from van!!!!!

    Last night 2 greyhounds were thrown from a van in the Kettering area of Northamptonshire. One only had 3 legs, both appeared to have blood on them and they were tied together. People have been out searching for them last night and today, but no luck so far. If anyone in the area could keep an...
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    In true Christmas style I was busy wrapping pressies and failed to notice it was 10 past midnight! I hope you all get what you want and have a great day! Merry Christmas!!!!!
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    I caved...

    ... and put a medium weight on Fella. He is unclipped but not very fluffy. After walking to the station this morning and swearing because the wind was so cold, I felt I had to admit winter is finally here. The possible sleet tomorrow swung it. Eurgh. The neck is still off though, that is for...
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    Has anyone used bridleway equestrian rugs?

    As title really. If so, what do you think of them? Are they true to size? How deep are they? How does their fit compare to other rugs? Thankies!
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    Gee tac rugs - fit?

    Anyone used gee tac rugs? If so, what is their fit like? Thankies!
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    Where (other than ebay) to look for second hand rugs?

    Been looking for some new rugs for Fella for spares. Don't want to buy new ones (unless they are cheap) as he is an annual rug destroyer, so there is no point! Have been checking ebay every few days for the last few weeks and haven't really found anything, 7'3's don't really come up that much...
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    Strange things you like the smell of...

    Just been out to check my sheep as I heard some noise from the garden. While I was there I sat in their shed and the little one came over for a cuddle. Came in after a couple of minutes (it was blooming cold!!), rubbed my nose and inhaled as I could smell the lanolin on them. I blooming love it...
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    Where to look for companion HORSE (Kent ASAP)

    I had the worst day at work ever yesterday. Came in to find our elderly shire horse dead. She was aparently fine the day before, looks like a heart attack overnight. :( Anyway, so we are now left with the other horse left on her own. She is okay at the moment as she can see the body but when...
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    Anyone elses SI horses/ponies NOT itchy yet?

    Full mane... Check. Full tail... Check. No sores... Check. No scratching... Check. What on earth is happening? Not that I'm complaining of course. After reading all the posts about 'My horse is so itchy...' in the last month I've expected to seem him start, but nothing as of yet. Last year...
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    Pony in America with prosthetic lower back leg!

    And it was galloping around and bucking like it was totally normal. (Wierd thing to be on BBC breakfast!) It's amazing the advances made- I would have said that a pony was to heavy for this to be done, but it doesn't seem to be. If it is happy and healthy, as it appeared to be, then it's...
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    Why is the punishment for animal cruelty so pathetic?

    Just got my Redwings magazine through, and read through an article about a guy who had mistreated 36 ponies under a year old. They had been prematurely weaned leaving weak immune systems, malnurished, riddled with worms and withdrawn. Two of the ponies died a few days after the move, and a third...
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    Brinicombe equestrian - very pleased so far!!!

    Just ordered two tubs of Think Itch from Brinicombe equestrian. As I ordered over x ammount (can't remember what!) I got free delivery. Low and behold, less than half an hour later I get an email saying they have been dispatched already!! Now I just hope that they arrive soon, and the product...
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    First ride in 4 months... I love my boy!

    Ever since the snow hit in November I have had no motivation to ride and Fella isn't the kind of horse who needs regualar riding to stay sane, so I thought what the hell, he can have the winter off. Ever since the nicer weather started a couple of weeks ago I've been thinking about getting back...
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    Anyone feel like giving me £2000...

    for this beaut YUMMY! She looks crazily similar to Fella. She is just gorgeous! I want...please?
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    Man shoots donkey dead B*st*rd. Animal lover my arse. Scumbag.
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    Just watched a fox with no tail steal one of my dogs toys!

    I was watching tv when I heard a load of screaming outside. Got my head torch to check out what was making it (and subsequently shout at it to shut up!) and found a pair of eyes. But I couldn't work out what it was until it came closer, low and behold a fox with no tail. The next thing I know...
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    Think Itch - was anyone part of the trial last year?

    If so, how did you find it? Have just started his sweetitch feeds, marmite and brewers yeast started about 2 weeks ago, and have just added linseed this week as have heard good things about that too. Am thinking about trying the think itch powder too, (and the sweetitch 'vaccine', something...
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    Where to buy personalised extra full numnahs..?

    It's my birthday next week, so I have decided to treat myself to a personalised numnah. I have had a quick look around online and so far haven't been able to find an extra full/extra large one anywhere. Anyone know where I can order one? Thankies!
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    Felt very spring-like today!

    I gave Fella a bath!!!!! Well, just his tail. I was going to do his mane but felt too mean as there wasn't any sun, so that will have to wait a couple of weeks. Feel so much better now. Cut about 4 inches of muddy dreadlock tail ick off, then gave it a good wash and comb through. It looks so...
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    Well, banana went down like a lead balloon...

    I've seen lots of posts on here about people feeding horses bananas, and that some love them whilst others hate them. I happened to mention it for some reason whilst at the yard this morning with my dad, and he had one in his car so I thought I would try it. I have never seen such a disgusted...
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    Sweetitch "vaccine"

    Has anyone participated in it previously? If so, how well did it work? Thinking of trying it, but at £60 per 10 pills I would like some opinions first. Thanks!
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    Whats your biggest bugbear about horses's manners?

    I was having a discussion with some friends today about horses having manners, and we starting talking about what lack of horse manners annoys us most. It was really interesting. My personal bugbear is deffo horses who don't turn for gates. There is nothing worse than a horse shooting though...
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    Knight's place farm, Kent - any experiences...?

    An experiences of it anyone? Going to look at it on saturday for DIY livery and have heard mixed reviews. Have heard there are always lots of kids around and they do a lot of the riding school leg work, but not bothered about that, have been at similar yards before. Prefur a riding school...
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    Shops in Kent that sell small bale hay

    What shops in Kent, ideally Chatham/Maidstone, sell small bale hay? Need some for my 2 sheep, so only want to get a couple at a time every couple of weeks. The horses are all on haylage so I can't get any from the yard. Thanks :grin:
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    Mega-tek rebuilder...Opinions please!

    Has anyone used it? Does it work? In between Fella destroying yet another rug for his sweetitch, and his new one arriving, he has managed to rub of parts of his mane and tail. Do you think it made your horses hair grow back thicker and/or stronger, or was it a waste of money and I should...
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    First post on forum since the server change...

    Some of you may remember me from before the server change, where I used to post regually. I tried, very hard (as I was very, very addicted...) but I just got more and more annoyed with it as I couldn't get my head around it! So I took a few months away, this week have been lurking, and think I...
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    FAO madgirl

    Your PM's are full!
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    Cheapest place to buy fieldsafe headcollars?

    I've tried ebay, but they are all normal price bar one, and I don't think the cheap ones they look very well made. Any ideas guys? I'm happy with new, or good condition second hand.