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  1. quirky

    Turnout - horse seems to dislike it.

    I've had this horse 8 years and she has not learnt to like turnout in that time. The difference now is that I have her at home and I am not beholden to livery yard rules. So, what does she do? Run the fence. This can be after 10 mins or a number of hours. Once she's started, she won't stop...
  2. quirky

    Horse Walker - do you and how long for?

    A horse walker seems to be a must have item on yards round our way. If you have access to one: How often do you use it? and How long and at what pace are the horses on it? At a previous yard, it was up to 3 times a week for 20 mins in walk in one direction. Direction was changed each...
  3. quirky

    Time is up for old dog. What about her sibling?

    Old GSP has had a tumour for a while. We knew the time would come at some point, where it would get too much for her. Her sibling is essentially healthy, just a little arthritic. They are 13.5 years old. We also have a 3yr old IG, he was bought (as a puppy) as company for the remaining dog...
  4. quirky

    Jumping in draw reins?

    Yes or no? And reasons for doing so or not doing so. No hidden agenda, I don't have them in my kit, wondering if they'd be a useful addition.
  5. quirky

    Dished for 5 years, now doesn't!?!

    Mare has dished since day I bought her as a 3yr old. Hasn't caused any problems and not been lame in front at all. Moved yard and changed farrier. After one shoeing, horse no longer dishes. She has gone from natural balance to a 'normal' shoe with a toe clip. What's that all about then?
  6. quirky

    Shoes off - not lame - hoof boots??

    Had back shoes off 3 weeks ago. All is well, have hacked out a few times and ridden most nights in the school and she is on the walker every other day. The problem? She is, in all probability, arthritic with spavins. She was x-rayed in 2010 and diagnosed as pre-arthritic, hocks medicated...
  7. quirky

    Back shoes off...

    When I bought mare as a 3yr old, she had fronts on and this was only due to an injury and Liphook deemed it the way forward. Fast forward 5 years. She was shod behind due to scraping/eroding toes at 5 yrs of age.She'd been investigated at vet and declared pre arthritic hocks. He said excellent...
  8. quirky

    Haylage to hay

    Moved yards and we have gone from haylage to hay, suits me as she is a good doer. My question, how much hay should she be fed in relation to haylage .....more, less, the same?
  9. quirky

    Feel like jacking it in ...

    Fed up! Horse on full livery due to family/work commitments meaning I can't always make it up. In reality, this is once a fortnight at the moment but is subject to change on a daily basis at times. Anyway, so what I'm saying is I don't 'need' to go up, all my horses needs (except riding) are...
  10. quirky

    Systemic Bute - How young is too young?

    At what age would you go down the systemic bute for arthritic changes? Horse suffered injuries to front legs prior to being owned by me. This has resulted in arthritic changes in the fetlocks. She also has arthritic changes in hocks, these have been medicated twice, once in 2010 and again 3...
  11. quirky

    Which stable would you choose?

    A bad tempered/mannered horse is moving next door to my horse, the owner of which is equally as odious. So, after 4 years, we are moving stable but I can't decide which one to go for. Both are outdoor, the first is larger but my horse would not have a view of any other horses but she would...
  12. quirky

    Last weekend I bought 3 guinea pigs

    Firstly I tried the local rescue but they didn't have any, only rabbits. I then tried a local breeder who was awaiting a couple of litters. So, having seen them, there was a Lakeland with 2 sows and another with 1 sow and 1 boar. So, I decided to take all 3 sows. They will be ready to...
  13. quirky

    Fish4dogs - Ingredient change

    Just a heads up for those of you who feed the above, there has been a change in the ingredients. It appears to be across their whole range. Where there used to be 55% fish, it is now less than 30% with the remainder made up with pea flour.
  14. quirky

    Online laminitis presentation by Liphook vet

    Tomorrow night at 8pm, David Rendle of Liphook Equine Hospital is presenting a talk on laminitis, followed by a live Q&A session. Register hear to listen in/attend:
  15. quirky

    Outdoor living - Is this okay?

    Firstly, let me just say that I or my family have never had an outdoor dog. The only outdoor dogs I know are at the stables and they have a much nicer set up. So, my expectations may be skewed :o. I pass a house regularly and at different times of the day. The dog I see has always been in...
  16. quirky

    A lovely car driver .....

    Yesterday, I was out on my young(ish) mare, who isn't normally phased by anything. There's always a first time :eek:. So, out on my own, pootling along, she stops dead after spotting a big coil of blue pipe in a field, in her defence, it was right next to the road. I could feel her heart...
  17. quirky

    How long without forage is acceptable?

    I have been reading up on the equine digestive tract but can't glean the information I require :(. How long is it acceptable for a horse to stand without access to forage? If horse is out in the day and in at night, is it right to leave them nothing to eat all night as their belly is full...
  18. quirky

    Springer needs a busier life

    Somebody at work has a Springer that underwent police training and passed all tests apart from when he found something, he didn't leave it alone, he'd paw it. He has had him two years, the dog is five. The dog will curl his lips and growl if approached when eating his food. He is getting...
  19. quirky

    Dog Rescue and Ex breeding stock

    I've been looking at a well known rescue site tonight and am amazed at the amount of ex breeding stock that the charity have. Is this normal? Is that what breeders do? When dog has served its purpose it is left with a charity? Surely the dogs deserve more than that? I'm not sure I want...
  20. quirky

    A few Stanley pictures

    After a request from a fellow skinny owner, here are a few pictures of Stanley. Having looked through what I have got, I have made a mental note to take more photos, as I have hardly any :o. It also appears that he does a lot of resting :D:D
  21. quirky

    Lach Dennis, Cheshire - Lost Italian Greyhound

    Italian Greyhound lost today at Lach Dennis. "Little Blue" slipped his collar and bolted from his new owners. The Italian Greyhound Rescue Charity was having a funday at the Village Hall and people started to look for him immediately but he couldn't be found. The area is rural but also very...
  22. quirky

    Dogs penis

    The tip of Stanley's penis has been sticking out all day, not much of it, just a little bit. Is this normal? Having only had bitches, I am not too familiar with boy bits and their behaviour :o It's not bothering him, he's been for a wee more than once today :).
  23. quirky

    Today I went to an IG meetup

    It was a NW region meetup in Delamere Forest. The weather was kind, just a quick heavy shower whilst we were waiting for everybody to arrive. There were 12 dogs in total and who should turn up, but one of Stanley's brothers :eek::). In fact, he was the dog I would've chosen had I had...
  24. quirky

    Loyal dog at funeral

    Brought a tear to my eye :(
  25. quirky

    Is it ever acceptable to carry a dog in a bag?

    Let me explain :). Stanley the 9 month old IG comes to school with me in the afternoons to pick the children up. I used to pick him up and carry him into the playground whilst waiting for youngest child to come out. This was fine until somebody complained that dogs shouldn't be on the...
  26. quirky

    Stolen Chocolate Lab

    I don't know this lady but have seen her posters far and wide in my area. She has put up a not insignificant reward for his return.
  27. quirky

    You can take a horse to water but you can't make her go through it ..

    So, 6 yr old mare, have owned her since she was just backed :). We have been to the beach (on our own) and she went in the water, reluctantly at first but once in, splashed about and enjoyed herself :). We have a hack where we go through a ford. It is a steep incline to it but the bottom...
  28. quirky

    Changing food - stopped eating

    Changing puppy dog from Royal Canin to Fish4Puppies. Transitioning over a week, half amount of RC and half what he'll get when on F4P per feed. He is fed twice a day. I did give him a small amount of F4P initially to see if he would eat it, he did :). I started this last Thur and by the...
  29. quirky

    Royal Canin - good or bad??!?

    On the odd dry food threads I have read, Royal Canin always seems to be one of those that is classed as one of the better ones. Well, on this website, it is given 1 star rating, so it is right up there with Wagg, Bakers and the like :eek::rolleyes:. 1 star is the lowest rating and 6 star is...
  30. quirky

    How much to hire a 3.5T

    Does anybody hire a 3.5T horsebox and if you do, how much does it cost? Is there a different rate for summer and winter? My OH is selling his towing vehicle and therefore I have to sell my trailer. I will be ringing the local box hire people but I have absolutely no idea how much I am...