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    Why are some horsey folk so mean?

    I do hope you realise that no one is allowed to put any form of cctv without posting a notice to anyone that may be filmed. Even the YO on her own yard!
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    Livery yards in Pendle Lancashire :)

    Is Northcote stud @ Langho close by you? Brill yard with top facilities.
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    hitting my horse

    I really wish people would realise that if you are a livery at a yard & paying a fee. (especially to have your horse turned out or brought in) no one & i mean absolutely any person other than YO or a member of the staff should ever even enter a stable unless they own that horse. It is called...
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    DIY livery - summer grazing includes no hay ???

    I can not believe what I am reading here. If the livery has horses that are too fat when out at grass why do they need to be brought in & given haylage? Furthermore, if a livery then says I want a reduction of charges in summer because you are not supplying haylage, just grass livery. Fine...
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    Land With Laws

    Sorry but the truth is simple. Anyone who takes money (or favours instead of money) is classed as a business & rightly so. Legally you are then responsible for Public Liability Insurance. (minimum) Possibly Duty Care & Control Insurance depending if you do things like turn out or bring in...
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    POLL: Should riders wear equine clothing that closely resembles Police uniform?

    Many years ago I put this situation to test. Often a local (ish) mounted Police branch used to park their Police horse box at my yard then ride out. They did this as a training excersise to take mainly younger horses out with a more established older horse. Also for the older horse it was to...
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    why does it have to be my way or nothing on this board?

    What a lovely refreshing change to read that the majority of people on here agree to have different ways regarding managing a horse. That is totally my stance. When I do get cross, it is purely because no matter how many times you say "each to there own" the same people slate you & continue to...
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    winter turnout in livery

    Yes the post's are becoming unreal. What a load of complete bollox you speak. Yes it would have made it easier & less expensive for the retired horses to live out. FACT. But they do not want too? So stop trying to twist my words. I said & I quote I am peed off that the buggers jump out &...
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    winter turnout in livery

    Thanks Brighthair. & it is nothing to do wih management. I am very close to your neck of the woods & it is damn near impossible to give winter grazing.
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    winter turnout in livery

    What a wonderful quote. Live & let live as long as no one is hurt. So your problem is what exactly?????
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    winter turnout in livery

    Actually just read Goldenstars post again. & yes I think this is a good point. Work them, tap into them, create enough questions & answers & they are fullfilled in a busy yard that fills their needs. On my yard it starts at 7am & finishes at 6.30pm with a few liveries around till 8.30pm the...
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    winter turnout in livery

    To Suzie T & Jingle Jools. You 2 really do not know your arse from your elbow. You actually believe that what you say should be the law. Get a friggin grip. I have more than enough acres to turn my horses out. What is it you do not understand about They Are Not Happy Outside! Like I said many...
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    winter turnout in livery

    Actually I am getting out of this one now. It appears several people are just putting up for an argument. My whole point is everyone & every horse is different, we all have different needs & views? It is a shame that folks can not agree to be different without the challenge that I am better than...
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    winter turnout in livery

    Which proves my point that there are no hard, fast rules regarding horses.
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    winter turnout in livery

    No but you suggest it is for "my benefit" rather than my horses. From my experience I would accept that native breeds in particular " may" prefer an outdoor life. On the othe hand I am certain that any horse can get used to any lifestyle given time & no other choice.
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    winter turnout in livery

    That is so correct Goldenstar. Just because it is not what you do with your own horse does not make it wrong. I actually own 19 horses, all of them are competition horses. Even the brood mares are not interested in being out for more than an hour in present weather conditions. Each to there own...
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    winter turnout in livery

    Then surely you must understand & accept that I know when my horses are happy. They are also chilled out, look fantastic, fit, do a job & get great results. They eat good quality feed & haylage. ( not high energy like you suggested) do not have vices & actually above all they are very well...
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    winter turnout in livery

    HH all I can say is bull*****. Furthermore how can you be so sure your horses are happy? Is it because you think they are? Goldenstar. Thankyou, that is just my point exactly. No one here is right or wrong. Just different views & I have many horses that are just like yours. Lets face it , it...
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    winter turnout in livery

    You want to try reading back my post. When did I say I work? With regards to beneath my patheticness I think you have just proved my point which is basically "everyone who does not agree with this will get *******ed" Most people who compete at International level know for fact that one size...
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    winter turnout in livery

    Hey HH i have my own very luxurious yard thanks. & like it just the way it is. Some people just can not see further than the end of there nose. & that is what is so annoying. Throughout I have said & my point is. One Size Does Not Fit All.............
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    winter turnout in livery

    Trust me it is not for owners convenience. I do not like having to pay 3 full time staff! But hey you might need to try living in Lancashire to decide what the land s like. Then perhaps you would have some mud rash (sorry I did state fever, my mistake) You can strip graze all you like, but it...
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    winter turnout in livery

    FC. What! None of mine for sure. Nor do they have a plod round the block with a rider that thinks the horse has been worked. Work & feed ratio are so very important. Standing in a cold muddy field all day is not on my agenda. My point being one size does not fit all. Unlike most of the threads...
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    winter turnout in livery

    Not how they were designed to live! Many moons ago. The new breed of horses do not always need to be in a field. Providing the management & quality/quantity of work is provided many many horses would not choose to be out in the wind,rain & fetlock (if you are lucky) deep mud. It just is not a...
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    winter turnout in livery

    I accept that youngstock is my exception to the rule. Although even they are getting a bit miffed when chucked out on a bad day. Plus every injury my horses have is due to being out in field when they do not really want to be.
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    who warms up their horses bit?

    OMG whatever next
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    winter turnout in livery

    I seriously just do not get this winter T/O debate with regards to one size fits all. Does no one here have the type of horse that they actually work every day? & I say work, not ride every day. I have said it before & I will say it again. Any of my horses will happily stay in the stable from...
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    Bringing in others' horses - liability

    Would have been nice to hear the question & more importantly the answer to the question!
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    How much are you paying for your big round bales of hay?

    Between £35 & £40 in Lancs.
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    DIY paying by the kilo - prices?

    My liveries pull faces at .16p a kilo which is 2.2 lb I think
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    YO doesn't like our youngster..

    Doh You actually admit that she does not handle him, "Her Groom" does. Who is responsible for her grooms safety. YO of course! The YO has to do a risk assesment on every single task her employees undertake. If the groom gets hurt will you pay her wages & do her work for the YO. No I didn't...