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  1. tankgirl1

    Which country please?

    Which country is it please that prohibits equines been kept alone? A link would be amazing too as I am rubbish at searching online for specific things. Thankyou in advance
  2. tankgirl1

    How big a bed?

    Pony is in a 10x10 stable. Needs dust free bedding (see my previous thread), just pulled all her matting out and disinfected the stable today, and it was disgusting under the mats. Considering not putting them down again, as they don't fit properly so wee gets everywhere, but then obviously...
  3. tankgirl1

    Equine asthma 2020 style..

    So this summer Equihaler was approved, at £250 a pop, meaning that vets can no longer prescribe cheap generic inhalers under the cascade. My mare was just diagnosed recently - help - every treatment seems to be extortionate and she's not insured :confused: I'm changing her management to soaked...
  4. tankgirl1

    What's the going rate?

    My late teens cob mare has just been diagnosed with arthritis today. She's been prescribed previcox. I've been walking her out in hand but going forward I'd like to keep her gently hacking out. I'm too heavy at the moment. She can be stubborn and nappy. The worst she does though is plant and try...
  5. tankgirl1

    I put my shettie on loan - loaner update

    Make sure you've got a hanky at the ready..
  6. tankgirl1

    Am I just daydreaming?

    I have a terios tracker and passed my driving test in 2009. Is there any way I would be able to tow my standard shettie without upgrading vehicle or licence? I probably can't afford it anyway, but just wondering if was possible theoretically? Thanks
  7. tankgirl1

    My mare tried to kick me twice - help!

    My mare who is usually a sweetheart tried to boot me twice the other night when I did my usual checks of lifting her tail and running my hands over her belly and between her back legs. Her eye crusties have now paled into nothingness in comparison. She is due the trimmer on Monday, who she...
  8. tankgirl1

    Crusty eyes

    My mare always has crusty eye goop, every day i wipe it away, and every day it is there again. She has had antibiotic drops which didn't make much difference. She's never bothered by it. She is a very hairy cob, it's worse when her forelock is loose, but still happens when it is plaited up. Any...
  9. tankgirl1

    Equest Pramox

    I wormed my ponies with pramox last night and this evening my mare was very quiet, and something about her facial expression suggested she was uncomfortable. She's already on 2 scoops of protexin a day in her bucket, is there anything else I can add in to help her?
  10. tankgirl1

    Lynn Russell H&H article!

    She doesn't seem to have learnt much?
  11. tankgirl1

    Worming bit

    Just wondering if anyone uses one? I ordered one and was a bit sceptical when it arrived as it looked HUGE! Also it wasa bit pricey at £24 Tried it out today with a probiotic paste and it worked a treat! I'm going to try and keep using it for the next couple of weeks with something tasty like...
  12. tankgirl1

    I rode my pony today!!

    I'm so happy! I have sat on Dolly a grand total of 2 times this year. Illness both physical and mental have meant that I have almost stopped riding. Today for reasons unknown I was determined - at 6.30am this morning I made a deal with myself - If my jods still fit then I am bloody riding...
  13. tankgirl1

    £10 dog clippers

    Has anyone else used the £10 dog clippers from ebay that everyone on FB was raving about last winter? I bought a set thinking for the sake of a tenner it was worth a go, as I hate faffing about with my proper big corded set. I was pleasantly surprised! Took my mares neck and chest off, and...
  14. tankgirl1

    Mucking out with a bad back - best bedding/tools?

    As above really. my back really doesn't cope well at the moment with mucking out. Any suggestions of bedding or tools that might help would be appreciated. Last winter I deep littered on straw with no rubber mats, and had to pay someone to dig it out for me come spring. I'd like to avoid that...
  15. tankgirl1

    80's kids?

    Grew up with my bedroom covered in posters of Milton, Desert Orchid and Red Rum. Got the 'Pony' magazine every week and followed Freddie the chestnut Sec A religiously in the hope I would be the next girl to 'win' him for a year....
  16. tankgirl1

    Bleeding from vulva

    Hi, my mare had a couple of spots of blood down her legs today, and when I investigated found she had been bleeding slightly from her vulva. No sign of trauma or injury, she was happy for me to have a look. Only talking a very small amount of blood. Any ideas?
  17. tankgirl1

    Current hay prices & location if left in the lurch?

    As above, what are the prices like at the moment for those of us who have been left in the lurch and having to find new suppliers at the most expensive time of the year, and where abouts are you in the UK as it differs a lot
  18. tankgirl1

    How much?

    How much would you expect to pay for the yard to turn out for you? Well behaved cob and shettie sharing a stable. No rugs or buckets, literally just chuck em out. Field 2 seconds from the stable. Thanks
  19. tankgirl1

    Bathing in winter

    We only have cold water at the yard. Do people bath with cold water in the winter? How do you make sure they don't get a chill? I'm thinking do it in sections, possibly over a couple of days with towel drying and a fleece? Thanks
  20. tankgirl1

    Pony made me laugh tonight

    Brought the ponies in tonight, and went in the stable to give my mare a bit of a scritch and a hug. She shares the stable with her shettie hubby. I was scratching under her mane and felt a thump on my thigh. Expecting it to be the shettie doing his usual routine of nosing in my pockets I turned...
  21. tankgirl1

    Ponies eating me out of house and home - help!

    Hi I have a 14hh cob mare early teens, and a shettie gelding approx 8-9yo, who share a stable at night. This the 3rd winter I have had them sharing. I have always budgeted for half a small bale of hay per night, and they have always had plenty left over in the morning from that. This year...
  22. tankgirl1

    Shared stable bedding ideas?

    Hi, my 14hh cob and shetty share a stable at night over winter. Because there is two of them they obviously move around quite a lot, and the bed is always minging! The last 2 winters I have deep littered on straw, but considering trying something else this coming winter as it a pain to muck...
  23. tankgirl1

    Hottest day of the year so far

    And my FB feed is full of people suddenly riding their horses for hours, or walking their dogs for miles? WTF is wrong with people? My mare is unfit so have left her be this weekend as she struggles with the heat. I hate seeing horses dragged out the field coz it's a sunny bank holiday, dogs...
  24. tankgirl1

    How far?

    Hi, just wondering how far you all travel to your yards, and whether you have to go twice a day or just once? Many thanks
  25. tankgirl1

    Feeding large rounds in the stable

    Does anyone do this? Having a nightmare with storage and can't afford to feed small bales - and no where to store them either come to that! I've a 14hh cob and a shetty sharing a huge field shelter with a gate across the front at night so it would easily fit, just worried about them pulling...
  26. tankgirl1

    Cheap solution to mud glorious mud!!

    Hi My ponies winter paddock is at the bottom of a hill and is completely clarted up with mud! They're not the type to hoon about, its just really deep wet mud, it came over my wellies the other day :( Their stable isn't on hardstanding, and the area around that is getting really muddy too...
  27. tankgirl1

    Average weight for standard shetty?

    Hi, its time to worm and I've lost my weigh tape, please could you let me know how much your slightly podgy 8-9hh standard shetlands weigh :/
  28. tankgirl1

    What's the going rate for ad lib hay/haylage per week?

    Hi please could you let me know what you pay for adlib hay/haylage per week from YO so that I can make an informed decision. Many thanks in advance
  29. tankgirl1

    'Arm extension' for leg and foot handling - help please!

    Has anyone ever bodged one of these together - like what Monty, Kelly and IRHA's use? Shetty took off in a panic today when I ran my hand down his foreleg. I'd like to desensitise him as gently as possible as he obviously has issues being handled round his legs/feet...
  30. tankgirl1

    Who rides and leads? Any tips?

    Hi I've just aquired a Shetland to keep my mare company. However he is HUGE! I am surprised he isn't crippled with lami! As well as restricting grazing, keeping him moving in the field and walking him out in hand, I was hoping to get him out with my mare and I. I've never ridden whilst leading...