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    25 Year old Freezemarked Shetland Pony Stolen

    Swanley, about 12 miles away.
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    Whisper, Shetland stolen from Biggin Hill!

    Whisper was found by the side of the road, minus her pink rug but wearing a collar round her neck.
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    Whisper, Shetland stolen from Biggin Hill! Hopefully the above link will work. Grey/roan 25 yo Shetland Mare stolen from stable in Cudham/Biggin Hill area last Friday night. Someone, somewhere must know something!
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    DIY livery North Lincs

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    clipping experts

    I use Wahl, I buy it in really big cans from the local Afro-Caribbean hair shops where it's really cheap. But obviously I have no way of knowing if your horse would have a reaction to it!
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    How do I get the Mobile horse & hound site?

    Thanks calmgirl, I was getting wrinkles from all the squinting!
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    DIY livery North Lincs

    Hi, I'm moving to South Somercotes, a few miles north of Louth, and need to find livery (or a small yard to rent) for my two horses. Ideally I'd like a few weeks of grass livery (I realise that maybe nearly impossible approaching winter) while I get moved in and house sorted. Although I've...
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    Forums list

    Ignore me, I've found them in the drop down, but I did used to get the full list in grid form.
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    Forums list

    Not really a Tack Room question, but I've not been on here for a while, I'm definitely logged in, but the Lounge, local rider pages etc are not showing in the list, as if I were just a visitor. Any ideas?
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    How do I get the Mobile horse & hound site?

    Can someone tell me where to find the control panel?
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    How much dried food at one meal?

    This is what we do, five varying size/breed dogs so individual meals would be challenging! I feed Dr Johns (I have no idea of nutritional value but I'm happy with the amount/consistency of their poos, cheaper brands created too much mess )! I put 6 mugs in several bowls in the morning, and take...
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    Showing/competiting alone, tips?

    I'm nearly always alone, sometimes my OH comes but he stays in the Land Rover asleep, or wanders off to the nearest pub! Definitely take food, and a handy bucket for a wee as sometimes the loo is miles away, and they're often a bit grim! If it's hot, I hang my jacket on the outside of the...
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    And what's the most unreasonable rule at a livery yard?

    Some of these rules seem totally batty, but as a yard owner I get that we can get driven to extremes by liveries... I'm having major hassles from one that just seems to want to change my whole (very reasonable) set up and system! Re the only buying hay from the yard, the guy I get my hay from...
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    advice please. rehab/small turnout pen

    Can you leave him out in the furthest pen so he doesn't have to walk to and fro' his stable? Alternatively can you ring the closer pen with Heras fencing so he can't jump out?
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    I'm using Deosect at the moment which is effective. The only daily spray that worked was the Power Phase. One of my horses reacts very badly to flies, makes riding through the fly season hair raising, but I don't want to use sheets etc as we have to cope in competitions.
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    Memories of the old days,,, best memories b4 health and saftety

    In summer we used to ride in shorts and flip flops and go jumping the gorse bushes on the common. When we got bored of that we'd take in turns to lie on the ground while the others jumped their ponies over us.
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    How to get my horse to eat Bute???

    I coat a feed bowl with a layer of molasses, sprinkle the bute on that, then put a small feed on top.
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    Anyone use the Intelligent Worming programme?

    Thanks, I hadn't heard of that before. Out of interest how often are you needing to "tape worm"?
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    Anyone use the Intelligent Worming programme?

    I've just been having a look at their website, and can understand and agree with the policy of FECs to avoid unnecessary worming, but those of you who do use the programme, do you have the vet out for the ELISA tapeworm testing or do you just give an additional wormer for tape worming?
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    Saddles for wide, flat backed horses

    I'm using a GFS jumping saddle on my flat backed horse. It's close contact, flat panel and wide gullet. Not very comfy for me though, the seat is quite flat.
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    Ebony Horse Club inner London closing...

    Looks like they've had a reprieve!
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    Saddle for youngster- older model or adjustable??

    This is just my opinion from personal experience of trying to get a saddle to fit a very flat backed horse. But if you're going to get the flocking altered there's not much advantage to having an adjustable gullet. My ever changing shape/size horse is an XW flat backed (but not wide as in leg...
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    New long boots cutting in at the back of the knee?

    If they're zipped at the back you could try leaving the top part unzipped, with the strap done up.
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    Horse is nutter at competitions at home but a saint out?

    Not quite the same as no competitions at my yard, but horse has extreme "Welsh" moments at home, but very well behaved at shows. I've had all the bitching about anyone can win on him, he's a clockwork ride..... I had an instructor who'd seen us out and about come to my yard for some lessons and...
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    Fitness from scratch and advice on shoeing

    Re the shoeing, I had a Tb that was constantly pulling shoes off. He did it by standing on the inside of his shoe, not the back. So my farrier shod him with aluminium racing plates, fitted very flush to the foot so he couldn't tread on them. He also recommended the Naf pro feet, which worked...
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    Saddle for youngster- older model or adjustable??

    Personally I'd go for an older saddle and change as necessary. The adjustable/changeable gullets only alter the front arch, so, from my experience, what starts as a level fitting (albeit narrow) saddle then drops in front when you go up a gullet size.
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    Is it too late in year to clip tomorrow?

    I'm happy to clip late March early April and show through the summer. My boy has a blanket or trace (depending on how much work he's doing) through winter then it all comes off in spring. I use coarse blades to avoid lines and that bald look. Never had a negative comment about his coat. Maybe it...
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    South London riding schools in the 1970s

    Why did I miss this thread in the beginning? I started at New Park stables, behind the Hand in Hand pub, then went to Gleneagles which was run by Hester. Then she moved to the Mitre in Tooting, and had a second yard in Battersea, which was the old forge from the days before mobile farriers. When...
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    Anyone else's horses acting like loonies?

    I'm positive spring's coming!! Light 'til 5pm, birdsong morning and evening, and my golden oldie doing "squealies" round the field while the young'uns shake their forelocks at the silly old sod! ��