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  1. Kenzo

    Pessoa Rugs

    Apart from my faves (weatherbeta and Amigo) just wondered what Pessoa rugs are like, saw a reasonably priced one but I couldn't quite commit, just in case it. How do they come up in size (for an IDxWB) do they stay pretty shower proof after long spells? Thanks
  2. Kenzo

    HKM Saddle Cloths?

    Is it me or do they come up quite small in the sizes? I stumbled across 'thee one' and snapped it off it's hanger quicker than you could say Willy Fox-Pitt , it was beautiful, it's was's was soo Mr M, in like a metallic grey/blue colour, I looked at the size only to discover it was...
  3. Kenzo

    Mr Mackenzie - Barefoot Update (pics)

    Right, following on from my last thread (below) Please could I have some feed back/advice again from you guys again that kindly replied before, are they any worse, better? He had some...
  4. Kenzo

    Naughty Ethel

    I think she knew! lol
  5. Kenzo

    Barefoot/unshod Experts - Opinions please

    Hi I would like some feed back please on my horses feet. Firstly I will apologise now if this does not make a lot of sense, typing on my phone so bare with :) Bit of background first - he's been unshod now for a year I'd say, was shod up to then and always has been since he was 4...
  6. Kenzo

    Pug Pool

    Keeping nice a cool in the garden :)
  7. Kenzo

    Wear a Hat!

    Well it tickled me and it does have a good point!
  8. Kenzo

    Love the new one for the Royal Asscot

    Another genius racing advert, this time for the Royal Asscot In case you've not seen it...
  9. Kenzo

    Ethel Bean

    Enjoying the garden (between the rain showers that is!) and snuggling up with her sister Pugzie on the errr *coughs* bed, think there's a bit of spooning going on there!
  10. Kenzo

    Puggies checking out the form

    .....and making a good job of screwing up my H&H mag!
  11. Kenzo

    Quick Question re saddle weight

    Just wondered if anyone could give me the approximate weight of 17-17.5 leather jump saddle, it's a Kieffer by the way, having said that I can also check out the website. Thanks
  12. Kenzo

    Puglet Photo Shoot

    Tried to take some photos of the puglets at the weekend, well what a mission that was :rolleyes: First of all getting them both to sit still was one thing but posing together in the same shot was not on their agenda, obviously they didn’t want to share the same limelight! Finally they...
  13. Kenzo

    Your Professional Dog Photos/Wall Hangings

    Please can you share :)
  14. Kenzo

    Help/Advice - Luxating Patella

    Anyone have any experience of this with their little dogs? We noticed when we got Little Ethel (the next day when we took her for a walk) that she bunny hops and runs with a one of her back legs, never had a dog that has done this before but have seen god knows how many doing it, usually...
  15. Kenzo

    Little Ethel Update

    Well she’s certainly settled in and made herself at home, the house training has improved (although I don’t like speaking too soon in case I put my foot in it) like my husband nearly did the other morning when she left a parcel outside our bedroom door, shouldn’t laugh but it was quite funny…...
  16. Kenzo


    Little Ethel Who came to join us on Monday evening. :D:D:D
  17. Kenzo

    Tips/Help on a bed wetting

    Hello guys, We have recently bought another pug, she’s just turning 3 and is a delightful little thing, if you know much about pugs, you’ll understand me when I say she’s still very puppy like. Anyway, the problem I think she’s a bed wetter,now I can’t really comment on what previous...
  18. Kenzo

    50 Shades of Steel Gray

    It seems Mr M has acquired another mare to his heard while he's busy doing jack all, I went up this morning to turn Mrs M out aka The Crab but as I was walking up to the field gate I looked over to the next field and noticed my friends horse wasn’t there, after the start of a mild panic attack I...
  19. Kenzo

    Evo Sport Horses - Notts

    Anyone bought from the above, not heard of them personally (hence my post) so was just wondering if they are recomended at all, pm if you prefer. Thank you
  20. Kenzo

    Tekna Saddle Questions

    Afternoon, hope some of you may be able to help me as I'm thinking about buying a Tekna 17'' dressage saddle as I've heard some good feed back on them as I'm after a dressage saddle that won't give my hubby a reason to file for divorce! Those of you who have these saddles, how many of you...
  21. Kenzo

    Rider aches n pains

    If you've had for example a hard lesson or done more jumping than usual, the areas where you might ache or feel a little stiff/sore the next day, does this tell us anything in particular about how we ride as an individual? Not talking about riders that are not generally fit, more about if it...
  22. Kenzo

    Rider aches n pains

    If you've had for example a hard lesson or done more jumping than usual, the areas where you might ache or feel a little stiff/sore the next dsy
  23. Kenzo

    BE Dressage Tests

    Can’t find the BE 92 (2009) on dressage diagrams (I am subscribed to DD and perfectly willing to purchase the test online ….in case anyone thinks I’m touting a for a freebie) but it’s not on there, however it does say BE tests can be downloaded free from the BE site, but I can’t find them on...
  24. Kenzo

    Best Saddle Cloth?

    Can anyone recomend any saddle cloths with good wicking properties and made with materials that help to prevent a horse from over heating under the saddle. My TB can be a bit of a sweaty madam at times, most of the time she's fine but if she gets a bit more excited sometiimes, or worked a...
  25. Kenzo

    Best Hoof Boots ….lots of questions

    Hello Peeps, Debating on getting some hoof boots, think I might try them on Mr M’s hinds to see if going unshod will help with his spavins (as well as having a well trimmed hoof that is) it’s something I’ve talked about doing in the past (I mean years ago just to save on shoeing costs) but...
  26. Kenzo

    Middleham Open Day

    Just thought I’d share with you our visit to the Middleham Open Day in North Yorkshire last Friday, how I managed to coax the hubby into looking round yard after yard of god knows how many race horses I’ll never know but some how he agreed and can safely say he actually very much enjoyed...
  27. Kenzo

    OH NOOOO....a tractor!!!

    *thinks* Oh god, a tractor is coming towards me, hope it slows down, oh well here goes! *Looks* for nearest possible large driveway/entrance to another juction to hide in or possible wide grass verge to stand out of the way and seek shelter .......then I realise I'm in the car...
  28. Kenzo

    Lightening the load a bit

    After slipping the irons on and off saddles, it made me more aware of the fact that I could do with finding a new pair of stirrups, it’s surprising how much weight you add with a pair of irons but I guess you don’t really give much thought when it comes down to stirrups unless you’re into a...
  29. Kenzo

    Kieffer saddles - Tree Adjustment

    I've just got a lovely Nobert Koof FL jump saddle for my little TB mare, just wondering what the cost is to alter the tree (if I ever need to), apparently they can be altered but do they have to go back to Kieffer or can a good saddler do this? Thanks
  30. Kenzo

    Bates Saddles

    I tried a brand new Bates Caprilli saddle at the weekend (along with several other makes) question for those that use them, are these saddles on the large side? because I was given a 16.5'' to try (all labled and stickered etc) baring in mind I'm 5'6 (size 8/10) however she's a small mare and...