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    Ideas for elderly arab

    Jasper is a 28 yr old arab gelding who we have had for 9 years. He is in great health, and is still in light work, although, we stopped jumping him a few years ago due to stiffness behind. He is very lively and willing when ridden. About 6 weeks ago we found him unable to get up in the...
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    What colour is our foal ?

    Here is a picture of our 1 day old friesian x anglo arab foal. Her Mum and Dad are both black. As you can see she is rather a silvery colour (it is not a trick of the light - on her belly and backs of her legs she is vary pale indeed) - would you call her a grullo or a smokey black or something...
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    Failed fetlock flexion test - advice please!

    Hello, I've just been to have the most delightful horse vetted. He is a 12 yr old french trotter gelding (never raced) with perfect manners. Everything was fine apart from he went slightly lame on his right front after the flexion test. On repeating the test he was worse. The vet tested his...
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    Sarcoids & Sarc-Ex

    Hello, I am considering buying a horse with a sarcoid and would appreciate any advice/opinions on the subject. He is an 8 year old gelding who has had the sarcoid between his front legs for several years. It does not interfere with the girth at all. It is bleeding after he is ridden so the...
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    Eyelid abscess gone wrong....

    I have a 23 year old arab who has an abscess in his lower eyelid this summer. The vet came he was tranquilised, treated and, although the eyelid never completely lost all swelling, all appeared normal until..... several months later the wind and rain came and his eyelid swelled up again and his...
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    Normady cob/percheron

    I am thinking of buying a normandy cob x percheron - does anyone know whether they get more problems with lameness due to their size? I have only known one normandy cob before and he had severe arthritis of the knees and was unrideable by the age of 15. Any thoughts/advice very welcome...
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    Mud fever prevention

    Does anyone know of anything I can feed to my horse to prevent mud fever? I don't mean a feed supplement like 'Mud Guard' as I can't get that here in France - I was thinking more of something I could make myself or buy from the 'health food shop'!!! Many thanks again!
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    Saddle slipping forward

    Hello, I have a pony whose saddle slips forward onto her shoulders and makes her uncomfortable. The saddle is a wide fit. I have tried a crupper but she bucks and she is for novices to ride so... does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance, Sarah
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    Back protection

    I have two old horses and would like to get them some back protection for under their saddles. The first gets ridden by some heavy beginners - he is a 19 year old ID x TB and is a medium fit. The second is a 20 year old selle francais (also meduim fit) and only gets ridden by experienced riders...
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    Can I feed wheat?

    I have an endless supply of free whole wheat and was wondering whether I could soak and boil it (to split the husks) and feed it to my horse. He is old and needs a bit of condition (rather than extra energy). What do you think? Thanks, Sez PS I live in France and do not have access to all the...