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    Has anyone broken in Stravinsky offspring?

    Yep I had one arrive Christmas 2012 rising 4 just backed (2 weeks) mare actually moves really really well and is nice enough. The owner does dressage on her and she is a nervous amateur. Trouble is the dam it was out of- owner bred her out of a grumpy nasty cob mare and has sadly inherited a lot...
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    Help! Slamming on the breaks after a jump..

    Meant to add earlier that the other reason the one I had did it was that he as over jumping and it slightly worried him. He had so much power behind. (SJ bred wb) but couldn't contain it. With my trainer we loose jumped him over some combinations ending with big oxers so he could figure out his...
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    Help! Slamming on the breaks after a jump..

    I had a young horse that did this same trick once. 2 strides after slammed brakes head between knees... First thought pain related but never did it in ring or on own only in company but we did all the normal vet, teeth saddle checks anyway. It wasn't pain related it was being nappy in an...
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    Opinions on 4yo classes

    I had a bunch of 4yos both this year & last year. The one that did the finals (show jumping) was one that actually had done the least amount of prep. She never jumped green or ballooned anything and although she was sharp thinking ,she was never silly or spooky so going into the main ring and...
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    Video posted by HHO...thoughts?

    The guy who is backs my youngsters here in UK does this. Not as XC course per se but logs and small ditches around his farm. He is fantastic. All the young horses I have sent to him come back straight, careful, brave and easy even though they have all sorts of temperaments ranging from laid back...
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    Addington - Dec 13

    Lot 17 7.5k n/s
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    Addington - Dec 13

    Lot 8 34k n/s
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    Addington - Dec 13

    Brightwells sales? I have all the auction prices if you let me know which ones you wanted to know :)
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    Holsteiner studbook q

    Also posted in breeding! Does anyone know how you can issue a name with the holstein verband stud book? I have looked on their website and can't find any kind of horse registration info. I have a 3yo holstein bred mare just come over but she has not been issued a name. She got everything...
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    Holsteiner stud book question

    Does anyone know how you can issue a name with the holstein verband stud book? I have looked on their website and can't find any kind of horse registration info. I have a 3yo holstein bred mare just come over but she has not been issued a name. She got everything else ie brand & no. fully...
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    Removing equipak

    Eeeeek! Will see how brave I am tomorrow, or should I say see how steady my hand is!
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    Removing equipak

    Without farrier taking shoes off? Is this possible? And if it is what's the best way to go about it? Thank you :)
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    What height do young showjumpers compete at

    I jumped my 4yo at age classes champs which started at 1m05 and in the final she had to jump a full up 1m10-1m 15 course. The 5yo started at 1m20 amd finished at 1m30 and the 6yo class had fences at 1m47. Most wouldn't jump that height on a regular basis. Mine had never done above 1m05 and...
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    Experience of Tildren?

    Yes & no side effects & horse came 100% sound. (There was no soft tissue injury) every horse will be different I guess! The client who owned this horse had it paid by insurance.
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    Wellington BE...why so many wds before the xc?

    Yes they went steady, so did I, (mare wasnt happy about that lol) it was still hard after all but just think it was as good as you would get in the circumstances is what I meant, and if you we're desperate for a final trip it was good enough. Can't believe I'm saying this after last year...
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    Wellington BE...why so many wds before the xc?

    William FP Paul Tapner and numerous other pros ran autumn 3 day bound horses fast so wasn't bad at all! I ran my Blenheim bound horse. Yes it is firm but it was sandy and good grass covering and even. I didn't think it was rough and I'm really picky! A lot of people have already run their 3DE...
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    Advice needed please on our horse

    I had a breaker earlier this year that would round her back and stick her head down like she was about to bronco. She did it thru the backing process when you first got on but never actually bucked just a couple of bunny hops and then was fine. Although she did let rip the first time I rode...
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    Farrier recommendations Gloucestershire

    Until he disappears of round the world on a whim. Which he does. Haha just realised how old this thread was... Lol was funny seeing his name....
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    Event dealer recomendations please

    Vere Phillips and or Donal Barnwell. 2 of the best.
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    Somerford Park - tough or easy (or average!)

    Was a very big 1* last year but extremely inviting so enough clears not trappy and ground is great.
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    Ground at Solihull...

    I live near. You wouldn't even hack your horses on the ground. Doubt Solihull is any better its never great anyway!
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    Need need boots - show me your poshest long riding boots

    Parlanti they're the best! Or Equiclass do Secchiairi boots also bespoke and great!
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    Help please with the worlds most difficult to bit horse..

    Nathe combination, found them great for difficult in the mouth horses and not too severe
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    How much more bad luck can Piggy have?

    I think yes LEC was a wee bit blunt but there is truth in it. Piggy is an incredible rider absolutely no doubt about that but there does seem something amiss in her team that allow so many horses to break. There are more horses you can add to that list as well... It may not even be Piggy...
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    Laura Collett Tweseldown today

    According to twitter and someone close to Laura they said the air jacket went off and was of 'massive assistance' So pleased to hear positive updates, she's a toughie and will be back on board in no time.
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    Arc Equine - new leg pads?

    Sounds great! :)
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    Arc Equine - new leg pads?

    I am sure people are using this in the most professional manner, I know I am. I rave about it and have used it on other horses with little or no problems what's so ever however it is clear that for some horses it proves to cause reactions- even if you have followed Ian's advice step by step...
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    Arc Equine - new leg pads?

    Sadly one horse was to sore from the reaction to use it! Not just white hairs it took the skin off. However it is a fantastic product and I totally support it but it seems to have side effects for some horses so it would be great to hear if the new pads are a little friendlier. I thought I...
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    Arc Equine - new leg pads?

    Yep my grey horse reacted really badly. Try a different leg & move the pad to a new place each day or as much as possible. Sadly this one senstive horse seems to react to it what ever I do. Ian does have alternate pads but he was out of stock last time I asked
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    Buying from the Netherlands

    Sadly like all sales it's buyers beware! However big yards in Holland probably have the same 2 week exchange policy maybe ask them if you buy from a dealer. However privately like over here or anywhere it's at your own risk. I've bought 4 from Holland and never had 1 single problem. Including...