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    Lucinda Green 2 day Clinic 2moro - Warminster Wilts

    Anyone Going. I have to be ready very early both days, 0815 thurs and wait for it....... 0730 for x-country friday. My poor boy will be going round with his jim jams on. Luckily I'm based at the venue but I feel sorry for anyone that has to travel there whose in the same group as me. I am...
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    Classical Dressage Trainers Within an Hour of South Wilts??

    Hi there. The title says it all really. Does anyone know of any classical dressage trainers within an hours travelling distance of South Wiltshire. Thanks
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    Devastated - No Longer Able 2 Go 2 Olympia - 2 Spare Tickets

    God am I miffed. This was to be my first trip to Olympia. I'm not a dressage person at all but I had chosen to go on the Wednesday evening so I could watch the magnificent Totillas. Due to work committments I am now unable to go so if anyone is interested, I have 2 spare tickets.
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    Cost of Backing A Youngster

    Has anyone had a youngster professionally backed this year. I know every answer will be different and of course it all depends on the horse and to how "broken in" you want him/her to be. I'll be having my youngster backed next year and I was wondering what to expect with regards to costs and...
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    Is there a market for 5.5 ton 2 horse lorries.

    I currently run a car and a 5.5 ton 2 horse lorry. I'm considering trying to cut costs and just have a 4x4 and trailer. Is there a market out there at the moment for 2 horse lorries.
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    Scope/Gutteral Pouch Flush - Strangles Test -Extortionate Cost

    Has anyone recently had their horse scoped and gutteral pouches flushed to test to see if horse is a carrier of strangles. If so, how much did it all cost??? I was moving to a new livery yard and my horse needed testing for strangles. Needless to say, the blood test was just over the AHT safe...
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    3.5 Tonne Self Drive Horsebox Hire - Mansfield/Notts/Derby

    Hi everyone. A friend of mine is looking to hire a 3.5 Tonne lorry for the day from the Mansfield/Notts/Derby area. Does anyone on here know of any companies that provide this service in that area and if so what is the likely cost going to be. Thanks
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    Horse Needs Scoping - Gutteral Pouch etc for Strangles

    I'm moving to a new yard shortly but my horses needed blood tests for strangles. Was devastated to learn that my youngster has a high antibody count which means at some point he has been exposed to strangles. I've had him since he was 5 months, my older horse who has been with him all this...
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    COST of Castration

    Hi everyone. I'm planning on having my 2yr old colt castrated soon but was wondering what its likely to cost me! Has anyone had a colt castrated recently, if so, how much did it cost??? Thanks
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    Where Are You?? Hovis and Sids Friday Diary!

    Its all in the title, where are you, I'm missing my friday fix????
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    Andalusians Cant Jump! Or so they say!!!!!!

    Took my fabulous Andalusian Jalisco to a local show today to do some showjumping. He hasnt done coloured stuff for 18 months, usually just do Hunter Trials. First class was 2'3-2'6 and he came 3rd. Second class was 2'6-2'9 and he came 5th (silly mother took a flyer at the last fence and...
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    Yet another Sarcoid post! - Sorry

    A couple of months ago I discovered that my 2 year old had a small sarcoid between his butt cheeks. It grew to smartie size and has not changed for a month or so now. He's been away for a month being prepared for a couple of shows. On his return, I checked him over thoroughly and to my horror...
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    Cherrytop Stud, Exeter - Hunter Producers - Thankyou

    I would just like to thank Helen and Chris, not forgetting mum and dad at Cherrytop Stud for their excellent production of my 2 year old heavyweight hunter colt Silversons Theodor for two county shows. He was only there for a month but they turned him from a big hairy dope that was dragged out...
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    Royal Bath and West Show - Lorry Passes etc etc

    Hi everyone. Has anyone received their lorry passes atc etc for the Bath and West Show? Have had my Devon County stuff for a couple of weeks now and theres only a week between both shows.
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    Lucinda Wins At Lexington

    Well Done Girl. Just a pity you changed your nationality! A well deserved win on a super horse!
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    Should I have to pay for brand new rug to be altered to fit!

    Opinions please peeps! I recently purchased a brand new sweet itch rug to the cost of £200. I rang the company concerned to order it and was asked what size of rug did my horse normally wear. I gave them the size and described the horse in detail ie Andalusian that was gelded late so has big...
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    Avon Vale Hunt - Hunter Trial

    Wud just like to say thanks to the AVH for a super HT today at Bromham, well organised and an absolute treat, thoroughly enjoyed myself. Big thanks to Abbotswood farm for providing the venue, cracking good jumps!
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    What should I feed a foal/yearling that really is a skeleton on legs

    Yesterday I acquired a young coloured cob colt foal/yearling. It was either that or he might die!!!!! Bless him, he has the most gorgeous face, just looked at me, said hello and that was it. Believe me he has bones I never thought a horse had, no muscle at all, and cavities where muscle and...
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    2 Jack Russells - Free to the worst home possible

    I hate my Jack Russells. Why on earth do they insist on rolling in the most revolting smelling gunk on earth. I would have thought that they would have learnt by now that rolling in fox poo means bath ASAP on arrival home. They hate baths so why roll in poo! Bless em, I love them dearly!
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    One and Half Hour Walk to Do Horses This am

    I must have been mad. Couldnt move my car this morning so set off at 07.30 to walk to the farm to see to my horses. By the tiime I got back home again it was 1130. Four hours, I must be crazy. Anyone else have to trek to the stables this morning?????
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    Chewing Tails - Help Remedy Needed.

    Help I noticed that my Andalusians tail was getting a bit thin but didnt take much notice as he has sweet-itch and I thought he'd just rubbed it. When I went for my first lesson for 6 months yesterday on my show cob, my instructor said "Who is chewing his tail". I looked and realised his was...
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    Search For a Star Series - 2009 - Where can I find details??

    Hi Guys I'm looking at entering my Cob for the Search For a Star Series this year but I've been googling like a nutter and I'm coming up with nothing. Can anyone point me in the right direction of a website where i can find the details. Thanks
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    Sodd**g Fireworks

    Damn fireworks have started again! Has anyone else got a five and a half stone dog trying to get on their knee. They should be banned! Anyone agree
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    Flamazine Cream - Best Place To Buy Online

    Can anyone out there recommend a good website from where I can buy Flamazine for Mud Fever. Thanks
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    Equus Health Products- Anyone know where to buy online

    Hi there Does anyone know if Equus Health products are available anywhere on line. I've checked their website but it just gives you stockists. I'm after some of their Winter Glow/Summer Shine. Thanks
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    Why Should I bother going hunting

    Hey guys, why should i bother. Two weeks ago I spoke to the Avon Vale Secretary who assured me she would send me all the relevant information with regards to hunting with them. So far I havent received a thing. At the same time I left a message on the answering service of the hunt secretary...
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    Had a bit of a shock today. I went to pay my livery fees and was told that from 01 Jan 2009 my monthly fee would be rising from £260 to £300 per month. I rent a paddock of about 4 and half acres on a farm where also have 3 stables. The farm owner does nothing in the way of maintenance at all...
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    In-Hand Show Producers

    Help Does anyone know of any In-Hand Show producers in the Wiltshire and surrounding counties. I have a lovely prospect for next years county shows (hunter youngstock) but will need the help of a professional. Thanks
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    Over-height cobs showing at county level- allegedly

    At my first affiliated show my 15 hands and half an inch show cob looked like a shetland compared to the others in his class. How interesting to note that in this weeks horse and hound theres an advert in the classified section for a 15.1 hh (LHC) show cob who is being advertised for sale...
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    Help - Advice on looking after a donkey

    Hi everyone. I've recently purchased a donkey mainly to be a companion but I can assure everyone he wont be left in the field, he will be excercised and looked after as all my equines are, as far as his welfare goes he will be cared for just the same as the others! I was wondering if any of...