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    Future plans - Any advice?

    Hey all, I'm after some sort of input/advice as to an idea I've been toying with for a couple of years now. I've always been told I have a certain 'way' with difficult horses. I'm really not the type to big myself up because it's not in my nature, but looking back, yes I prefer the quirky...
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    (medical) any good remedies for chilblains?

    this is the thing, im 18 (still a wee pup, i know) but ive been out with horses every winter since i can remember and i've never had these...not even last year in the -17 we had. its total madness! today i had on 2 thermal bottoms, jods, 2 pairs of socks, a big coat, hoodie, polo, long sleeved...
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    (medical) any good remedies for chilblains?

    thanks for the suggestions guys! il be running to my local pharmacy at this rate! mandwhy - i did some self diagnosis (naughty, i know) and after further investigation realized they are in fact equestrian perniosis...which are worse :/ do not recommend googling that!
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    (medical) any good remedies for chilblains?

    or 'Equestrian Perniosis'? My upper thighs are covered in these bloody things and not only are they completely unsightly, they hurt, ache & itch...magnificently all at the same time :/ I'm layered up like an onion, with steroid cream to reduce the inflammation/itching but other than that...
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    WTF??? Army surgeons practise on live, shot pigs

    If it wasn't for animals, surgery would never have developed the way it is. example...Galen! Operated on a live pig to discover how nerves control certain things. Without animals, we couldn't develop really. And yes, using criminals would be amazing, but that would only happen in a perfect...