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    Chicken question

    We have a cockerel, 4 chickens and 5 bantams. They all have scaly leg mite. I bought cream from Mole Country store together with mite powder and spray for their house. Now the cream says to apply every 2-3 days, but not for how long! I read that the scales won't fall off until they moult and...
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    Kennel cough vaccine

    What do I need to know about the kennel cough vaccine? I have owned dogs for nearly 20 years but have never had them vaccinated against kennel cough. I recently got a letter from the boarding kennels we use stating that from now on dogs must be vaccinated. The vaccine to have been given at...
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    A very sad sale >>>>>

    If the pony is so perfect wouldn't it be a good idea to send her to a stud (or more knowledgeable horsey person) to have the foal and until weaning and then have the pony back again? I can fully understand being overwhelmed by the prospect of an unwanted foal but it seems a bit extreme and a...
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    3 horses stolen from Bransby found

    This is good news, although there was no other information bar the fact that they had been found safe and well.
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    Should I get my working cocker .....

    Should I get him trimmed now that the shooting season is over? He will be 2 yrs old in a few weeks time. He's never been trimmed or clipped before, but his trousers, backs of front legs, and ears are rather scruffy. Not had a working dog before, so not sure if it's the 'done thing' or not...
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    Following another thread - girth & stirrups included - bargain!
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    Table Top Sale

    25 January. 1pm. Elms Farm Equestrian Centre, Caythorpe, Grantham, Lincs.
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    Pony rescued from slurry pit! Poor thing. Thank goodness someone saw it had fell in there! It doesn't say how it fell in though, presumably the pit wasn't covered!
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    Horse Rider Insurance anyone?

    We no longer own a horse and daughter is now at Uni. She has joined the riding society there and rides once a week at an equestrian centre. I am assuming (but will check) that she is covered by the centre's own insurance. However, over the Xmas holiday she may help out with some horses...
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    Susannah's daughter shot a duck - oh my!

    What utter tosh the DM publish (nothing new). So I guess hundreds, possibly thousands of us mothers are having their parenting abilities questioned when we send our children off out with the hunt or to a shoot...
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    Anyone else sensitive to negative comments?

    Yesterday we followed the hunt and took our working cocker with us. Someone rode by and said "ooh what's that? Spaniel crossed with basset?" My husband replied that no, he's a proper working cocker. The rider said "pah, it's very long must have been backyard bred." Rider rode away at that...
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    Horse shot in the face!

    Poor girl. Hope she recovers soon. And really hope this was an accident as stated. The loan horse we have just given back apparently got shot in the face some years ago. He was always a bit 'antsy' on shoot days during the season, but was kept in the stable on those days...
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    I will be horseless :(

    My daughter went off to Uni a week ago and today I am taking our loan horse back to his owner :( a sad day, he is such a lovely boy. I debated whether to keep him on or not, but really I know that without my daughter here, I don't want a horse just for myself and with winter coming up and paying...
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    In honour of WW1 horses
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    Josephine P-T has died

    So sad. I loved all her books, and her sister's.
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    Recommend a Hotel please

    My OH and i would like to go to York for a weekend in August for our anniversary. Can anyone recommend a good hotel in the centre, near the 'tourist attractions'? Prefer a hotel than a B&B and prefer 4 or 5 star. Also, good restaurants nearby too as we don't necessarily want to eat dinner in...
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    Lovely outcome for a blind horse
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    Why do people have to 'big things up' even a fall? Bit of a rant

    Sorry, changed my mind after taking a deep breath, but not sure how to delete completely.
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    My two boys in the sun

    Here are my two boys taken last weekend when it was hot and sunny! Cody, the spaniel, is one, and Alfie is 8.
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    What time does BS start at ....

    What time does BS start tomorrow (2march) at Markfield Equestrian Centre, Leics? They have two schedules showing on their page, one says 9.30 and the other says 10.30. Neither of them are dated 2 March. I emailed them but have not had a reply. I have tried phoning them, but it is automated...
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    Loose horse Lincs/Notts

    Apparently a horse escaped when the hunt went by. It is grey with a blue rug. Missing from White Gates at Brant Broughton. Hunt staff and supporters will be out again first thing looking for it. If anyone is in the area, please keep an eye out.
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    Loose horse near A17 lincs/Notts

    Apparently a horse escaped when the hunt went by. It is grey with a blue rug. Missing from White Gates at Brant Broughton. Hunt staff and supporters will be put again first thing looking for it. If anyone is in the area, please keep an eye out.
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    Approximately how much does it cost to get a horse microchipped?
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    Can someone help me with a falcon saddle?

    I bought a second hand saddle last year for my daughter's young horse. It didn't fit him, and now he has passed so i am selling the saddle. The plate by the stirrup bar says Falcon, and the stud has a bird imprinted on it. On the saddle flap where you tuck your stirrup leather end in, there...
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    Trailblazer SJ at Hargate

    Does anyone go? Just wondering how busy it gets there. Daughter wants to do 95cm and over. Sometimes we go to a venue more local to us and there is no-one wanting to do the classes after 95cm. Don't want to go all the way there and find she can only do it as a schooling round.
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    BS record?

    Hi Anyone on here a BS member? I wonder if you could get me the record for Peter Piper 360969, who I have just got on loan. Daughter is going to do some BS but we haven't joined yet and need to know what's on his record. PM me. thanks.
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    It is so difficult .....

    As many of you know, we had to have our lovely boy, Jay, pts 2 weeks ago. As daughter is hoping to go to university in 2014 we have decided not to buy another horse, but to get one on loan. Well, they are like hen's teeth! They are either older and looking for hacking only homes, or are...
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    Can a BS member do me a favour please?

    Not currently registered for BS but want to see a horse's record. Horse is called Chester VIII, not currently registered, No 363178. Pm me for my email so you can send it to me. Many, many thanks. X
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    Goodnight baby Jay

    Well my baby horse, Jay, was PTS this afternoon in the sunshine, in sight of his friends and with his head in a bucket of apple and carrot. Right up til last night I was still trawling the internet to see if I had missed a cure, but I re-read the same articles and came to the same...
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    Feeling like a murderer now

    :( Have just made the arrangement for my horse to be pts on Friday afternoon, and realised after the call that Friday is his birthday. What a c**p week this will be. Put the phone down from making the call and just cried buckets. It is so unfair, Jay is only 5 and we had so many dreams...