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    Yards with no owners on site

    Just wondering how many (if any) stable your horse on a yard that doesn't have anyone living there? so when you leave thats it until you go back the next morning. If you do what security do you have in place? Do you leave your horses out overnight? What areas of the country are you in? (just...
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    baby cobs first dressage coming up.

    I am taking my just 4 year old to his first dressage outing this weekend. In fact it will be his first outing full stop! I am hoping to do intro C on him. I have no expectations but just want to get him out, its a pony club dressage comp so i'm hoping it will be fairly quiet and its not too...
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    Looking for the impossible!!

    I am looking for a 16.5 inch brown working hunter saddle for my daughter's cob. I think I stand a better chance of winning the lottery! If I wanted a 17 or 17.5 I could take my pick. Unfortunately having one made is a bit out of our budget but I think it may be the only solution. Have tried...
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    Don't know what I should do

    Sorry in advance for the long post. 3 weeks ago I lost my beautiful horse in a freak trailer accident. She was diagnosed with PSD in June and had been treated for this and turned away, although this was not at my yard. I was bringing her home to start ridden rehab when she cut her leg in the...
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    Anyone with a Bateson Deauville Trailer?

    Just a word of advice to anyone with one of these trailers. Please check the inside door handle on your grooms door. Unfortunately I lost my horse 2 weeks ago in an accident where she had pawed out and kicked the handle and pushed the whole lock back about an inch resulting in the door not...
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    Turning away for the winter

    Long story so here goes, my mare was diagnosed with PSD earlier this year and has spent all summer stabled and undergoing a controlled exercise programme. 2 weeks ago I was given the ok to jump on and begin ridden work in walk, great I thought! Unfortunately my poor mare has so much energy...
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    PSD turning away.

    My horse was diagnosed with psd in both hinds this week. She is currently on 8 weeks box rest and then 8 weeks of controlled exercise before the vet wants to check her progress. The vet has also suggested turning her away for a few months at this point and I'm happy to try it but we have very...
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    home boarders?

    Hi can anybody recommend a home boarder based in the northwest? I am going away in July and am desperately looking for someone to have my 2 gsp's. I don't think they would cope in kennels and they are active dogs. X
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    thinking of going bitless

    As the title says, I am thinking of trying my mare with a bitless bridle. Have tried all kinds of bits over the last couple of years and I just don't think she's happy. Can anyone recommend any books, websites etc. Thanks
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    Sorry another bit question. Huge Tongue

    As the title suggests my mare has a huge tongue, even when resting it bulges through her teeth, she also has a low palate. I am currently riding her in a neue schule team up but she is not consistent with her contact and constantly opens her mouth, crosses her jaw and flings her head. I have...
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    Poor traveller - any advice?

    I recently bought a trailer, after having hired one several times to make sure the horses were ok with it. My daughters little cob is fine on his own or with another horse, but my mare! If she is with little legs she is better but on her own I think she is going to sit down, fall over or stamp...
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    Barefoot begins!

    2 years ago we bought a little cob who was barefoot (although I don't think he was intentionally barefoot, just turned out and left with no shoes on) He had great feet and so we have kept him that way. Apart from a bit of thrush in one hoof earlier this year we have had no problems and he...
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    Showing a traditional

    This year is my daughters first season showing. She has a coloured traditional cob and has been competing at local riding club level and has now qualified for a championship. We are novices at showing and would appreciate any help or tips you may be able to give us. Also any tips on how to grow...
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    is there a "correct" colour for a coloured traditional cob?

    My Daughter has a traditonal coloured cob who she is just starting to show under saddle. She has entered him in ridden coloured an ridden cob. I was just wondering if his colour would go against him, as he is dun,white and has black points eg: his knees ad in his mane and tail. He is still a...
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    Horse not going forward - help!

    Ok so not exactly a competetion thread but if I can't sort this out then its not going to happen. My lovely mare will hack out quietly behind anything, she will not bother if they trot/canter off and is calm and relaxed. She will also go in front in walk, but as soon as I ask her to trot or...
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    Is it possible to change a passport?

    I'm sorry this is a bit of an odd post. We have a little coloured cob who came from Ireland with a white Irish passport. Whilst all the markings are correct in it, the colour and height are incorrect. His breeding is unknown as is his exact date of birth. Is it possible to get him a new...
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    Help please - how to get my lazy mare moving!

    I have a 9 year old ISH and she is sooooo lazy in the menage its driving me mad, I feel like I am constantly nagging her, which I know I shouldn't do. If I don't keep on at her all the time she will just stop! I know she is taking the mickey because if something distracts her she will often use...
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    Chance of a lifetime or too big a risk?

    Sorry its a long one, but I'll try and keep it to the bare bones! I keep my horses on DIY livery on a medium/large livery yard (approx 30 horses), we have limited summer turnout, very limited winter turnout (a muddy paddock) a small all weather school and are fairly close to the bridleways...
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    Schooling exercises while hacking.

    Hi can anybody recommend some simple exercises to do whilst out hacking. The awful weather has played havoc with our menage and our lessons have had to be put on hold for the time being. My daughter and I hack out about 5 times a week on a variety of bridlepath and road (fairly quiet). I need...
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    Simple Show for Traditional Cob

    Can anybody help us with a simple but effective ridden show for my daughters little traditional cob. She has just started to show him in ridden classes and they are both fairly novice. We would like some advice as to what to do to show him off to the judge. We are only doing a few local...
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    Kicking horse (not mine) - what would you do?

    Hi I'm after some advice. A horse has recently moved onto our yard which has been known and seen to kick. It tries to kick at its owner when its being groomed and it kicks out at other horses if its tied up outside. It has also kicked a couple of horses and in its attempts to get one kicked a...
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    Fixing against her left rein

    I'm having a few problems with my mare, namely that she is fixing her neck to the right and becoming dead and heavy on her left rein. She is worse when out on a hack. In the school I can push her off my right leg and get her to soften in her left rein but on a hack she just seems to fix her...
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    Hacking on my own.

    I have finally come to the conclusion that my mare just doesn't like to go on a hack on her own. Whilst not dangerous, she is clearly stressed at being on her own and will snort, spook and power walk, even on a route that she has done many times before. However if I ride her with my daughter...
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    Measuring Bone

    We've just got a little cob and I've heard people talking about how much bone a horse has. I just wondered how do you measure how much bone a horse has?
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    Left side problem

    My horse has suddenly decided that she does not want to bend to the left. She will happily go on the right rein and given a free rein will go this way, but when I ask her to go left she turns her head to the right and locks. I have tried doing lots of bending, circles and transitions and she...
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    New Pony - turned into a project!

    We recently bought my daughter a pony. He came from a dealer with a good reputation and was sold as suitable for a child. He's a little 14hh Irish cob. His temperament on the ground is fab, he will let you do anything with him, loves to be groomed, will stand and be bathed etc. But he is...
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    Anxious Mare

    Hi, I'd be very grateful for some advice. I have had my 8 year old ISH mare since November. She was in need of some weight and muscle when I got her and I have been slowly building her up by hacking and schooling her. She has a lovely temperament in the stable and in hand. She will hack out...