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    Mike Barker...?

    I just wondered if anyone knew anything about a natural Horsemanship trainer called Mike Barker? He did some work with a pony that I own and I just wanted to find out a bit more about him and the work that he does. I've never seen one of his demo's or met him, but my pony was used for a demo...
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    Horse Transport?

    Does anyone have any suggestions of people/companies that would be able to transport a pony from Ayr to Perth before the end of the month?
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    Farriers In Perthshire...

    Can anyone recommend a farrier that covers Perth area? Mine appears to have dropped off the face of the earth, and after a month of trying to get hold of him I'm giving up.
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    Livery/Grazing Urgently Needed Perthshire Area.

    I am desperatly looking for livery or grazing in the Perthshire area for my 2 ponies. Where I am at the moment isn't working out. I've been looking for weeks but I've not managed to come up with anything. Does anyone have any suggestions or yards or local farmers who I could contact. I've...
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    Fancy Dress Ideas...

    The questions in the title really. Rosie and I are entering a fancy dress so need suggestions for outfits. She's a 14.1hh grey Highland mare. It can be either mounted or Inhand. There is a possibility of us teaming up with another similar pony. Any ideas?
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    Feed Recomendations...?

    I have a 2 year old Highland filly. Currently she is out 24/7 with access to haylidge. She will be moving to a field with better grass in the next month or so. She's not currently getting any hard feed however I want to start giving her garlic as she's developed sweet itch. I plan to give...
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    Does Anyone Want A Chicken?

    Read this on another forum and though would put it on here as well...
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    Dressage/Drill Ride Music/Themes

    Any sudgestions for drill ride music and or themes? Something modern and energetic. What have people used before that has worked?
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    Drill Ride Help...

    On Sundays I teach a group of 5 pony club kids. I've been off the last 2 weeks and yesterday had it sprung on me that all the different pony club groups have having a drill ride competition at the end of March. So at the moment I have 4 weeks (so 4 riding lessons) to make up and perfect a drill...
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    Drill Ride Help...

    On Sundays I teach a group of 5 pony club kids. I've been off the last 2 weeks and yesterday had it sprung on me that all the different pony club groups have having a drill ride competition at the end of March. So at the moment I have 4 weeks (so 4 riding lessons) to make up and perfect a drill...
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    Just when I thought yard was getting slightly better, it appears that my ponies have been given a bale of silage instead of hay. Am I right to be worried about lami and colic? I can't take it out myself as is a big round bale put in by forklift.
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    Canter Advice.

    I'm going to be trying out Le Trec in the spring this year, and as I understand it there is a control of paces phase where I need to canter as slowly as I can, then walk back as fast as I can without breaking pace. The walking part shouldn't be a problem as Rosie marches on in walk and should...
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    Price Of Hay.

    How much would you expect to pay for a large round bale of hay. Am just wondering as YO seems to be charging a hell of a lot this year.
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    Rosie vs The Forklift.

    When I went up to check the ponies today I found Rosie face to face with a forklift. One of the lads that work on the farm had put a new bale in, then been told a couple of hours later to move that hay rack to another field, and put a different hay ring and a new bale. Rosie can be quite...
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    Does anyone know Hepplewood Cappachino?

    Last I heard he was still in Scotland somewhere. Is a wee chestnut section B. Would be nice to know how he's doing now if anyone has any info.
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    Livery in Perth/Crieff/Auchterarder Area.

    Any sudgestions? Am having problems at current yard so need to get moved ASAP.
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    Grooming Bags...

    Can anyone recomend a good make of bag for holding grooming kit? OH has given up trying to get me non horsey presents for Xmas, and thought this would be a good idea for shows.
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    How would you deal with...

    on Sundays I teach at a local Riding school. It's a pony club centre and I have one pony club group every week. As it's near christmas I only had 3 kids this morning. A couple of the ponies were being a little lazy, but was 10mins into the lesson so still on warming up. Asked the first girl...
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    People In Perth/Crieff Area...

    Following on from my previous post can anyone give me contact details for local livery yards...? Can't get hold of contact details for anything near me.
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    Stuck Between a Rock And A Hard Place...

    I've been at current yard for nearly 9 years now. YO is a very strong minded person and there is no way in EVER telling her she is wrong. I got my first pony 2 years ago, then my yearling in Spring this year. Last winter my mare dropped some weight, but then hay went out into the field, the...
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    Lame Yearling...

    ON Monday got a phone call to say my Highland yearling looked a little lame. Went up at night time and after a hunt about found her lying in the mud. Took her up and put her in a stable for the night so I could ahve a better look at her in the morning in day light as there was no cuts or...
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    100g Turn out Rugs - Sudgestions Please.

    Does anyone know of a 100g turnout rug? Rosie is too cold in her Landa Lite, but too warm in her medium weight 220g rug. Finding it impossible to find something to keep an unclipped Highland happy but clean.
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    Dressage Salutes.

    I have a dressage test on Sunday. Have to enter at medium walk, halt at X and salute. Then do test, and come back to G, halt and salute again. Have never done one where I've had to salute at the beginning of the test before. Would the just be the same way as I salute at the end of the test...
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    Gel Pads.

    Have recently bought Rosie a Thorowgood XXW Cob Dressage saddle. It fits her fine, but want to have a gel pad underneath it to help her back as she's not been doing a lot of proper work recently, so we need to start building up muscle again. Had a word with saddle fitter who agrees that it...
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    Hayfield In Aberdeen Closing.

    Have just read it on HHO. Does anyone have anymore info on this or know where the horses are going or when they're being sold off? Would be interested in giving an old friend a good home. If anyone doesn't want to discuss it on an open forum please PM me.
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    Flexable Stirrups...

    Does anyone have these? Or use hinged stirrups. Any opinions?
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    Prelim 12.

    Does anyone have a copy or tell me what's in it?
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    Rosie's New Dressage Saddle.

    After a year of looking for a dressage saddle, and all the major saddle fitter problems I've had have finnaly got my dressage saddle. Went for a wee plod round the school in it today. Didn't do a lot due to hard ground, heat and flies but it's really comfy and Rosie seems happy in it. Have...
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    Wintec Webbers.

    Any opinions on these? Have just bought a Thorowgood Dressage saddle for Rosie but want as little bulk under my leg as possible. Has anyone used these or tried these?
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    Pregnancy Tests...

    This may be a stupid question, and don't want anyone to laugh at the image of me chasing mares round the field till they pee on a stick. But do you get pee on a stick pregnancy tests for horses. Someone has sudggested to me that a people one may work on a horse. Have my doubts. Oppinions?