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    Update after a long time away.

    It's been over a year since I last posted here and I thought it was about time for a quick update for those who know and remember me. After the awful time we had with Ruby and Four we are now content and happy with the 5 retrobates we have at the minute. Norman, our Fjord and my...
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    Make your own..........

    It's been a while since I posted but I've lurked now and again. Been too busy with life. Anyway what I wanted to ask.... Who on here is very handy and makes their own stuff? Talking about rugs, bandages, headcollars, saddle pads etc. Show me pics of your makes. I started out repairing my...
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    Project Pony Now Permanent Pony

    Oohhh yes! We bought Breitlingh as a project horse whilst Ruby was out of action with Four. 5 years later she is still with us as she is too quirky to sell on and we don't want her falling into the wrong hands. She is going better than ever and my daughter hopes to try her back out on the...
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    Anyone fed cayenne?

    Are you sure it was cayenne and not curcumin you were advised to feed?
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    How stupid am I?

    Just a quick update for those interested. We have been working very hard the last few days on this problem and it is getting better. Now at the stage when I can stand in one stirrup with my knee on the saddle or on her back. I have also been swinging the stirrups around so that she doesn't...
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    Anyone NOT use fly spray/rugs/masks?

    I have fly masks and fly rugs and fly spray but only ever use them occasionally as we live near the sea and always have a sea breeze which seems to keep the flies away. My daughter on the other hand has to have her 2 covered from head to tail as where she now lives, they have the biggest and...
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    I had a mare who would colic every 3 - 4 days. She was hospitalised and after a colic operation, she was diagnosed with chronic active eosinophile colitis/typhlitis. Unfortunately the diagnosis came too late for her and she although she came out of the colic operation with no problems she died...
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    Aftercare for Gastric Ulcers... advice needed

    Camomile flowers. That are really good for the gut as well as having a calming influence. Plus totally natural. You can buy them in 1.5kg tubs so they will last a while. I usually get mine form Pegasus Health.
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    I need a like button for the post above!
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    How stupid am I?

    Haven't tried getting off on the wrong side but maybe worth a try. Today's training was good. She wasn't so stressed and I actually managed to hang over the saddle with my foot in the stirrup and lying over her back and then stepping back down to the mounting block and that was no problem. Even...
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    How stupid am I?

    Thanks for the ideas about the air cannisters. Definitely will include this in her training.
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    How stupid am I?

    I am so angry with myself as I have unintentionally caused a huge problem with my young mare. I ride with an air jacket as I no longer bounce but break when I fall off. (Body keeps reminding me I'm not a teenager anymore) Mare was coming along very nicely in her training and we had even...
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    I'm officially pathetic

    Nope not alone. Reminds me of our gorgeous boy we lost so suddenly 6 weeks ago. Can't watch it anymore.
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    Help! pulling my hair out over pastern dermatitis.

    My palomino mare also had this on her 2 back legs which are white. My vet told me to rub Vaseline into her legs every couple of days and within a week it was completely gone! Now if I discover a small crust on her fetlocks and pasterns I immediately get the Vaseline out.
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    Skin problem - Nodular necrobiose

    Does anyone else have a horse which suffers from this? How did you treat it? Did it come back or have you managed to keep it in check? I have a 5 yo Fredericksborg Palomino mare who has had this since I bought her. She seems to have very sensitive skin as she can get terrible dry skin on...
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    Nostalga -- old magazines

    I have boxes full of both horse & pony and pony. They even survived the clearout when we moved countries! Some still have the free gift attached!
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    Grooming jobs

    Thanks Bonkers, I wasn't sure if it was allowed as I'm not really giving many details just asking people to contact me.
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    After all the heartache, time for some good news!

    Thank you Tobiano. Hope things pick up for us now.
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    Grooming jobs

    Not sure where to post this so if it is in the wrong place please move it admin. There is a top international showjumping stables here in the Netherlands desperate for home grooms and a show groom. Accommodation is provided on site. Anyone interested please contact me for further details...
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    No fill rugs that are actually waterproof?

    I bought 4 Amigo Mios for my lot and they have proven to be a god send through the recent storms. Very very light and definitely waterproof.
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    After all the heartache, time for some good news!

    2015 has been a terrible year for us so far. 6 weeks ago we lost our home bred very very talented Vivaldi x Wolfgang gelding to Botulisme. He was one of 10 horses who died within 4 days of this terrible terrible disease. The stable owner lost 3 of his own and all his liveries lost their...
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    Botulism and horses. Healing vibes AND positive stories needed.

    Four died at 07:00 this morning. The 2nd of 4 so far. The serum has just arrived and being administered to the remaining 4. Devastated is not strong enough to describe what we feel.
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    Botulism and horses. Healing vibes AND positive stories needed.

    Didn't mean you WelshD but people will be people and there will be some who thought this!
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    Botulism and horses. Healing vibes AND positive stories needed.

    Thank you WelshD. There are possibly some of you who will jump to conclusions that we are not feeding our caring for our horses correctly to have a life or death situation again. When it comes to my horses and their health, I spare no expense. They get the best care possible and there are many...
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    Botulism and horses. Healing vibes AND positive stories needed.

    I can't believe I am asking for this again. Some of you may remember it was just over 2 years ago when my beloved Ruby was fighting for her life and didn't make it. Her son, Four Seasons, our up and coming dressage star and the only thing we have left of her, is now fighting for his life and I...
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    After 23 years I said goodbye to my pony today.

    So sorry for your loss. One of the hardest decisions we will ever have to make but its also often the last act of kindness we can do for them. (((Hugs)))
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    Does this exist?

    I have always been fascinated with nature's medicine cabinet and have quite a few books about herbs for horses and how to use them. I would love to do a course in Equine herbal use but don't know where to start looking. Bear in mind I live in The Netherlands so my choice is also limited. Is...
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    Falling off - why you shouldn't get old...

    I actually have a point 2 and mine does protect my neck. I love it! I presume you had it fitted properly before buying.
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    Those with non horsey oh's

    My OH comes to the yard when I need him to repair, move or fix something! Luckily he doesn't complain about doing this and is convinced the horses think of him as 'carrot man'. Don't push him to get on any of them and he is quite happy pottering about doing the things I ask him to. Although he...
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    Falling off - why you shouldn't get old...

    I came off in October. My own fault but thank god I was wearing my air jacket. It got its first proper test and I am delighted to say that instead of thinking Ouch! I thought OMG that didn't hurt. Best money I have ever spent! Had I not been wearing this I would have definitely had broken ribs.