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    OMG have my first ever show next Saturday!!

    I'm 36 and I have my first ever show on 2 September!! It's at Eccleshall, Staffs (all support welcome) and Milly and I are entering the Novice Rider Working Hunter! Fences only 1'6" and Milly is a 16.3 ex eventer. so hopefully SHE will be alright! I'm bloody terrifird and have NO idea what I'm...
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    Horse Ball

    One of my vets is getting up a horseball team and one of the nurses asked me this evening if I'd like to join. I'm going to have a proper look on the internet, but from the way she was talking, it sounded extremely dangerous! "Like rugby or Quidditch (something to do with Harry Potter?) on...
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    Dangerous Driving - what do you do?

    Encouraged by the response to my earlier poll about hats, I thought I'd ask another question posed by recent events (but without trying to be funny...). I was taught from an early age to always acknowledge with a nod or wave all other road users as they passed me. This included people who...
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    Who wears a hat?

    I was at my friend/instructor's house today (doing her ironing, incidently) and she rode one of her horses in the school without a hat! I was shocked, I can tell you, as she won't even let me round her x/c course without a body protector! Mind you, that might be because I'm rubbish... Anyway...
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    Vaulting Roller

    Hello peeps, can anyone tell me where I can buy a vaulting roller? I've tried all the usual websites and googled it, but the only one I can find is eBay for £65. Is this a reasonable price for new? Does anyone want to flog me a second hand one?!