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    Hi all, I am looking for a bit of advice.A friend of mine recently bought a 4 year old thoroughbred who has been roughing it on a mountain since the previous owner had him and he had quite alot of weatherbeat all over his body.Can anyone recomend anything or anyway to get rid of it. Help!!!! Lee
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    I need some advice...I recently bought a 16.3hh German Warmblood and he has a bit of a naughty habit of rearing.He has never been on a working farm before as he has always mainly been used for dressage and has come from a dressage yard.He has never seen cows or sheep before so is very wary of...
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    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice,My friend recently bought a 17hh German Warmblood and she has asked me to enquire about translating his passport from German to English.Can anyone help???? She would like to find out you have to pay to translate it and will it effect...
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    Hi all, I have recently bought a 16.2hh irish sports horse and could do with a bit of help.He is quite a strong horse but personally i feel the bit that the previous owners were using isnt working at all.I am currently riding him in a Full Cheek Jointed Snaffle.Could anyone recommend a...