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  1. StarFell

    Horses at weddings

    I'm getting married next year, and I quite fancy the idea of my pony being brought to the venue so I can have a couple of photos taken with him. Has anyone done this before? The only thing that concerns me is that green slobber and white dresses don't really mix :p
  2. StarFell

    Any other fell pony owners?

    Just curious, are there any other fell pony owners or riders on H&H? I absolutely adore the breed, so full of personality and great allrounders! This is my little man, Waverhead Starboy, who I've owned for nearly 5 years:
  3. StarFell

    Bitless bridles

    My pony has never been 100% happy in his mouth. He fusses around with his head quite a lot, and HATES jointed bits. I currently ride him in a straight bar loose ring snaffle, and although hes still not totally happy with it, it's the best one I've tried. Would it be worth trying him in a bitless...
  4. StarFell

    Footwear when riding

    Just a quick post to say please wear the appropriate footwear when riding! A friend and I were cantering on the beach last week and her horse spooked, causing her to lose her balance and come off. She hit her head and was unconscious for a few minutes, and she also really hurt her leg. Luckily...
  5. StarFell

    Sharing - your experiences please?

    I'm struggling a bit with my lad time-wise at the minute, and I'm thinking about looking for a sharer, but I can't make my mind up. Do you have / have you ever had a sharer? Was it a good or bad experience? Would you do it again? How did your sharing agreement work, and did the sharer also...
  6. StarFell

    People taking dogs into shops

    Twice now I have been in clothes shops and there have been people in there carrying chihuahuas. Why do people think its ok to take these dogs into shops when it clearly says "no dogs" on the door?? Both times, the shop assistants saw the dogs, and nobody said anything I'm pretty sure that if I...
  7. StarFell

    Quick Jasper update

    Jasper went in for his x-ray on Wednesday morning, and it turns out his hips are absolutely fine, there is no sign of any displacia and I was worrying for nothing, like you all said The vet is totally sure now that he just has soft tissue damage. We have to go back again on Tuesday for one...
  8. StarFell

    Taking Jasper for an X-ray tomorrow :(

    I took my bloodhound Jasper to the vets again today for a check up after he hurt his leg a week ago. He's a lot better, but the vet isn't 100% happy - he still cried when the vet moved his back legs around. The vet isn't sure whether he's actually in pain or just being a baby and crying for...
  9. StarFell

    Those of you who can't get to the yard until after 5...

    How do you cope when the clocks go back, with the dark nights? I'm a bit worried because I started a new job this year, and my working hours mean I won't be able to get Star in until after 6, when its going to be dark. I'll have to lead him down a long path which is going to be dark to get him...
  10. StarFell

    Jasper update - not sure whether its good or bad news :(

    I just got back from the vets with Jasper, and I'm a bit worried. The vet was nearly sure he has just knocked himself; he said its common with large breeds, with him being lanky with not much muscle yet. However he also mentioned hip dysplacia He said he regretted mentioning it straight away as...
  11. StarFell

    Need vibes for my little lad please!

    Poor Jasper, my bloodhound pup, hurt his leg playing today We're not sure how he did it; he was playing with my staff and my OH's mams dogs, and we just heard him yelping. He doesn't seem too bad at the moment, he limps a bit when he first gets up and it seems to get better when he moves about...
  12. StarFell

    Scabby knees?

    The backs of my pony's knees are quite scabby, does anyone have any idea what might be causing this? They're like flaky white scabs that stick to the hair, and they're just in a small patch behind each knee. They're not sore to touch, aren't red or weeping underneath, and they don't seem to be...
  13. StarFell

    Your worming regime

    Please could you post what months of the year you worm your horses, and what you use? I've just moved my boy off a livery yard where it was done for me, so I could do with a bit of advice!
  14. StarFell

    Using a crate

    If a puppy is kept in a crate overnight, how much room does it need? Is using a crate the best way to house train overnight?
  15. StarFell

    Do you have a school where you keep your horse?

    As title I'm thinking about moving my lad. I've never been happy where we are now; the fencing in the fields is atrocious, my stable leaks in and there is a LOT of bitchiness. My friend recently moved his horse to a farm about 2 mins from my house (it takes 15 mins to get to my current yard)...
  16. StarFell

    Your opinions of this pony?

    What do you think of this pony?
  17. StarFell

    Keeping ridden horses barefoot

    I'm toying with the idea of having Stars shoes taken off and trying him barefoot, partly because I have trouble keeping shoes on him, and partly for the cost side of things. What are the pros and cons of keeping horses barefoot? Does it take them long to adjust?
  18. StarFell


    Does anyone have any experience with Bloodhounds? What are they like as pets?
  19. StarFell

    Paul Waudby, equine dentist?

    Does anyone use Paul Waudby, the equine dentist, or have you heard of him? Please PM me if you do/have
  20. StarFell

    How far away from your home is your horses livery yard?

    For those of you who don't keep your horse at home, how far do you travel to your livery yard?
  21. StarFell

    "Bleaching" in the sun *pics added*

    My fell pony is black, but during the summer he always seems to bleach in the sun, especially in his mane. Most other fells in the classes I enter have really black manes; is there anyway to stop them going ginger, other than rugging and keeping them in when it's sunny? Black (please excuse...
  22. StarFell

    Hacking to shows?

    Does anyone ever hack to local shows? Theres one near me tomorrow and I'm struggling for a lift, and I was wondering whether to hack there. Its about an hour away I think. The only thing is, I'm worried that it may wind my lad up a bit before I show him, he tends to be a bit "bouncy" when I...
  23. StarFell

    How tall are you and your horse?

    Reading the post below about rider size, it got me wondering - how tall are you, and how big is your horse?
  24. StarFell

    Anyone use the Farmers Guardian website?

    I got a voicemail today saying I'd won a "Summer essentials" competition from the Farmers Guardian website, and I can't for the life of me remember what I've won! Did anyone else enter this? Or does anyone know where I can find the original article on the website?
  25. StarFell

    FAO Chestnut Cob, Diggerbez and TeddyT

    Just wanted to give you a quick update on my lad and say a big thank you - I schooled him this morning taking into account all the advice you all gave me, and he was loads better He still had the odd silly moment, but it's a start! Thanks again xx
  26. StarFell

    Naughtiness or something else?

    My pony has suddenly (as in over the last 3-4 weeks) started being really hard work in the school. He's constantly rushing and trying to canter, especially as we get into corners, and won't trot properly. I'm going to ring my saddler tomorrow and try to get her out to check that isn't the...
  27. StarFell

    What's your favourite breed?

    What is your favourite breed of horse and why? Mine has to be andalucian, they're just so beautiful and intelligent, I'd love to own one one day ETS: Ok, since everyone is cheating and choosing more than one I'm going to have to say fells too
  28. StarFell

    OH wants me to sell my pony and get a "proper horse"!!!

    My OH doesn't really like my pony. He tolerates him, but has said from when I bought him that he isn't a "proper horse". Star is only 13.3hh, and was bought as my first horse; never as a serious competition horse. He had a lot of issues coming from a riding school - he used to look like a...
  29. StarFell

    Went to look at some rescue dogs today

    Some of you may or may not remember a while back I was asking about rescue greyhounds and lurchers, as I am hoping to adopt one when I move into my new house. Well, we're hoping to move in in a couple of weeks, so we went to a rescue centre today to have a look after we saw some lurchers on...
  30. StarFell

    Puppies being sold in petshops

    There are two petshops near me who are selling puppies Where would you say they are getting them from? In one of them, the puppies are all KC reg, and have been vaccinated and vet checked, and in the other they aren't KC reg and are not vet checked (a friend bought one from there and she had...