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  1. Slinkyunicorn

    RIP Sweep

    He has gone today :( We had 15 long years together - am totally heartbroken Love you always little man xxx Sleep well and see you again xxx Can't make the photo...
  2. Slinkyunicorn

    St Sweep

    I know I don't come in here much anymore but just wanted to let the old timers know that St Sweep's time has come :frown3: He has made the grand old age of 15 and a couple of months. His legs are going and he is deaf and his eye are failing :fron3: he fell down the whole flight of stairs the...
  3. Slinkyunicorn

    Rockingham Horse Trials

    Anyone going this weekend?:confused::D I will be there with my trade stand - hopefully:rolleyes: so pop along and say hello in between the action! :D William Fox Pitt, Mary King and Mark Todd will all be there - to name but a few! :D
  4. Slinkyunicorn

    Horse magazines - which ones do you read?

    Just wondering really:D Over the years I have gone through phases of reading them all at one time or another - now very occaisionally pick up H&H - usually when there is a big event on like Badminton or Burghley. So which ones do you read and why?:confused::D
  5. Slinkyunicorn

    Livery yard in North Cheshire

    Hiya I wonder if any of you can help - my friend is in the middle of moving and needs to find somewhere for her horse - so i wondered if any of you lovely peeps may be able to help:D She is looking for somewhere in the Frodsham/Daresbury area but would also look at Warrington/Widnes/St...
  6. Slinkyunicorn

    The 4 Schools of Classical Riding Show

    They are together for the 2nd time only - I think it is pretty much sold out - I have 2 tickets for it which I can no longer use due to work commitments - if anyone is interested please PM - I am really disappointed but would rather the...
  7. Slinkyunicorn

    The 4 Schools of Classical Riding Show

    They are together for the 2nd time only - I think it is pretty much sold out - I have 2 tickets for it which I can no longer use due to work commitments - if anyone is interested please PM - I am really disappointed:( but would...
  8. Slinkyunicorn

    Second hand rugs

    Has anyone had any luck selling them on ebay recently?:confused::D I have some that are surplus to requirements - just wondered if anything was selling on there as its been a couple of years since I used it:D I have Jelly Tots for any helpful replies:D Thankies:D
  9. Slinkyunicorn

    LifeForce Supplement

    Anyone use it?:confused: Any problems with horses eating it?:confused: Any feedback good or bad gratefully recieved:D I have Twirl bars for replies:D
  10. Slinkyunicorn

    So what did you think? for those who have been to ANY of the Olympics

    I went to London today and was on The Mall for the finish of the Road Race:cool::D:D:D Whilst being totally gutted for Mark Cavendish:o the event itself was awesome:D The atmosphere was amazing - really friendly and packed with people from round the World. London looks amazing and the...
  11. Slinkyunicorn

    So who have you met from HHO?

    Following on from a couple of recent posts where people have met as a result of being on here who have you met from HHO?:confused::D Especially the people who you didn't already 'know' in real life:) Thinking about it I have met quite a lot now and have been lucky enough for some of them...
  12. Slinkyunicorn

    William Fox Pitt retires Macchiato

    Macchiato has gone of to have a nice retirement:D
  13. Slinkyunicorn

    How to keep cool........

    The boys have been paddling in their favourite brook.... :D:D:D Post piccies of your pooches cooling off.......:D
  14. Slinkyunicorn

    Leicestershire peeps/doggy walk today - piccies

    So we picked the most fabulous day for it:D There were 5 of us in total - Mollichop, Hedwards, Nickijem, Jake10 and myself - and we had 10 dogs between us:D The walk was about 2 and half hours - the dogs all had a fab time chasing hares, each other, sticks and generally sniffing and...
  15. Slinkyunicorn

    Kauto is pulled up!

    One race to many :(
  16. Slinkyunicorn

    Herpes virus - help/advice please

    I wonder if any of you can help shed some light on this please:) An in foal mare here has been bought back from the stud she went to fo foaling as they have a type of herpes virus which cause the mare to abort:confused: three of the mares there have already aborted - one was for the track and...
  17. Slinkyunicorn

    Leicestershire peeps - meet up

    I know its been discussed before but as the days are getting longer and the weather is better and the shooting season is over I thought it might be the ideal time to finally meet up for a walk:) Was thinking a Saturday and the venue to be Exton Park - the walking is great - its a couple of...
  18. Slinkyunicorn

    Dog sitting/walking

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...............................:mad: I have spent most of today trying to find someone who will either walk the dogs for me from my parents house while I am away or will have them at theirs as a lodgers for a week rather then using kennels or even come here and house...
  19. Slinkyunicorn

    St Sweep has been immortalised!

    Sweep - my lovely old spangle boy - is 14 this year:) So I have had PapaFrita paint him for me:D:D:D I can't wait to have it hanging on my wall!:D:D:D It is an amazing picture of him as she has totally captured him - from...
  20. Slinkyunicorn

    Unexpected benefits of feeding RAW...*update*

    So I went to the butchers again today and......................................... asked on a date!:eek::D:D:D
  21. Slinkyunicorn

    Please vote for this HHOer

    Please go to this thread and vote for her:D She has a good reason for wanting the prize - please look at piccies:o So all of you that support wearing hi-viz, believe in safe hacking etc vote:D:D:D Thankies:D
  22. Slinkyunicorn

    The unexpected benefit of feeding RAW.....

    I get on well with my butchers and they give me bags of bones, offal and other bits for £1 a carrier bag. The dogs love it - Max is especially keen on the pigs heads......:):D:D Anyway I tootled in there today to pick up my latest bags and............ got...
  23. Slinkyunicorn

    Bit Butter - anyone heard of it or used it?

    They have pots of it for sale in my local saddlery - it contains aloe and mint and other things to help the horse salivate and help heal any bruising:o I have never heard or seen it before and wondered if anyone had seen it or used and what difference if any it makes:) and what is really the...
  24. Slinkyunicorn

    Shooting peeps - advise please

    In short my neice has started going beating (with new boyfriend - she gets to take his old very well trained spangle ) so for Christmas I thought I would buy her some of these - she is 16 and is quite girly ie like pink whlist being a bit of a tomboy/horsey/country girl Are these good bad or...
  25. Slinkyunicorn

    Spudlet - beach walk......

    Have discussed it with the boys and Mollichop and her boys:D We are all well up for it:D How is sunday 4th December for you?:confused::D Anyone else up for a hoon at Holkham?:confused::D
  26. Slinkyunicorn

    Dogs revenge

    How to wash a cat 1. Put both lids of the toilet up and add 1/8 cup of pet shampoo to the water in the bowl... 2. Pick up the cat and soothe him while you carry him towards the bathroom. 3. In one smooth movement put the cat in the toilet and close the lid. You may need to stand on the...
  27. Slinkyunicorn

    Shooting peeps - chasing phessies......advice please

    Ok as you know I live on a farm which is part of a shooting estate. The shoot has a couple of cover strips on the farm and when the phessies are out (from chicks) and during the shooting season I keep the dogs - well Max - away from the cover strips BUT we are allowed to walk around the other...
  28. Slinkyunicorn

    A flea question......

    Well I think I saw one on St Sweeps head tonight - there was an injured hedgehog in the yard at the weekend and I took it to the hedgehog hospital but sadly it had to be PTS:( - and I suspect that the hooligans probably had a close encounter with it:rolleyes: Anyway working on the basis of...
  29. Slinkyunicorn

    Happy Birthday St Sweep!!!

    My lovely old man is 13 today!!:D:D:D Obviously he has been milking the attention - but he hasn't been forgiven for demanding his breakfast at 5am this morning!!:mad: with behaviour like that he is lucky to have made it to being a teenager!:eek:eek:D:D:D Happy birthday Sweep:D:D:D
  30. Slinkyunicorn

    Side effects of a raw diet......

    Is that it has turned St Sweep from a lazy toad into a hyperactive pain in the arse!!:mad::mad: So far this week he has stolen food:rolleyes: taken himself home halfway through a walk - giving my sister and I a heart attack until he was spotted on the muck heap looking for horses toenails to...