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    Prolite girth experiences or alternatives?

    I could not get on with a Prolite girth for whatever reason, not rubbing or anything but it never seemed to sit right or be tight enough or even enough - I dunno, I seemed to be battling with it all the time - I got another one of a different length cause I thoguht that would help, but it didnt...
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    Do we over clip our horses

    I know clipping is for welfare when in work but also for convenience for us when managing them, less time drying off etc so for me I prefer a full clip or hunter clip because I hate dealing with the shedding so again its for my convenience. I normally do a hunter clip first because I always...
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    Goals for next year? Please share!

    Ohhh so many things! There are few things I would love to do before the end of this year... Jump a 1m fence at home & maybe jump a 90cm SJ round competitively (we are currently 80/85cm) Go the beach and come home alive! Go XC schooling over some of the 'bigger ones'! Save and upgrade my...
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    Have I made a mistake?

    I would take the YO's word over the other liveries - you have agreed terms with her on turnout so if it doesnt happen the way you were told, you can take her to task over it. But only deal directly with her once it becomes an issue - I wouldnt go to her saying 'the other liveries have said...
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    How much do you get for yard chores

    I know you say you have years of experience working at your own and professional yards but unfortunately you have to understand that the experience of a 15/16 year old until they are 18 is not the same life experience as a 20-something year old who has the same 'years' of experience. As they...
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    Horse “not ready for dressage?”

    Sorry just out of interest - was it an actual dressage judge even?? A yard in our local area does what you describe and holds a 'yard' show for the liveries and anyone else local but the judge isnt an actual judge - its the yard owner! Sometimes they get a local high level dressage rider to do...
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    Mind blown!!!!!!!!

    I think we have experienced a moment of madness when it comes to horses and done something that only with hindsight (and usually some helpful friends!) you realise might not have been the best idea! I think everyone has covered all the bases here on opinions about 'professionals' etc and I do...
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    Producing show horses

    I couldnt say I've produced a show horse but I'm new to showing and when I got my horse at 5, I wanted to compete in a big national show arena so I did just that! I just started a Riding Club level and went to as many shows as possible then - big, small, all just for experience and to learn as...
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    HOYS - Showing the world that a lame and obese pony can be a champion

    So in the pros column for showing - I would agree with @sarahann1 there is nothing nicer than getting fancied up with your horse and going out to perform the best you can! For me the training for showing really bonded me & my horse & taught us both alot of skills - trotting up nicely in hand...
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    L-Tryptophan calmers, thoughts?

    I did use a calmer with L-Tryptophan (Nutri Science anxicalm) and did find it beneficial but I read the same thing about L-Tryptophan so changed to Science Supplements ProKalm which doesnt have it, which I did find much better but I cant say that the other one was awful! I think it can depend on...
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    Thinking of moving to PE rugs - where do I start?

    I found PE rugs insanely heavy compared to Horseware so something to consider but yeah starting with a no fill or 50/100 gram rug and then adding your liners and hoods etc is a good start!
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    In need of a new skull cap! Recommendations!

    I have a Charles Owen Pro 11 plus with the removable liner & its really worth it to be able to keep your skull cap smelling like death after a while! A friend just got the Charles Owen 4 star though - woah, seriously comfortable and the safety creditantials are amazing! I would be very tempted...
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    Minor Irritations

    The cooing of 'oh my god your horse is soooooo good, he just stands there/doesn't leave his stable/stands to be mounted/stands where he is put.'.... Response... dont worry he didn't come that way, he is just really well trained! Queue the chorus of 'well my horse would never do that hahaha...
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    Buying from Ireland, recommendations?!

    You might find the same problem in Ireland - everything seems to be selling really quick!
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    They say never meet your childhood hero....

    I think professionals get bored of teaching/clinics really easily because of their addiction to adrenaline but then if you are that fed up, stop taking peoples money & insulting them... that is completely unacceptable. I did a few eventing clinics a good few years ago and it was just...
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    Instant calmer

    Science Supplements Pro Kalm works very well! Why no cookies? My horse stopped eating them but they did work - so I put them in a blender with some water & used a syringe to give them to him! Also worked a treat!
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    Help! Riding instructor is (not intentionally) destroying my confidence!

    My instructor is someone who has seen me through my lows and praised me at my highs! And even though she knows the struggles I've had, each lesson is its own new start if you get me - she doesnt allow me take my 'issues' into the lesson with me each time & will always focus on what is going on...
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    Breasts the size of footballs!

    I'm 34G and I highly recommend the Freya sonic moulded sports bra - otherwise I used to wear the Freya underwire sports bra with the Shock Absorber over it! Or sometimes a normal bra with a non-underwired sports bra can do the job! Back protector also another way of keeping them in place but...
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    Acavallo Sensitive Bits - any thoughts?

    My instructor tried one for one of hers and instantly hated it - she lasted about 5 mins with it in. I asked to have a go of it but once I had it in my hand, its hard, unforgiving and doesnt feel nice at all so I passed even trying it!
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    Buying a young horse

    Young horses do young horse thing no matter how level headed and sensible... it can take alot of help, support and an instructor looking at you ride more days than not!! If you want something VERY safe, get something proven to be VERY safe and sensibility usually comes with age... there is...
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    New name ideas

    I love Neil too! I would definitely be in the Gavin & Stacey camp aswell - Neil, the Horse! Best. Name. Ever. If you dont like Neil though, what about Nile or in Irish spelling (pronounced the same way) Niall or I like the idea of NT either, thats a nice way of keeping the original name...
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    interesting views on dressage

    Just to note that 'report' is just reporting people comments and opinions and it not actual facts and figures of convicted doping. Lots of terms like 'felt' and 'suggested' and 'alleged'. There is no doubt that every top athlete in any sport will try everything for marginal gains because as...
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    My horse is killing the yard chickens

    Maybe this is a little devious, but white lies are sometimes the best thing to protect everyone. Would you maybe consider rehome like a chunk of them, not all but a significant portion & just tell the owner you came in one morning and a few were dead and the others must have escaped/ran cause...
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    bit advice please

    If head down is the problem and tanking, I wouldnt advise a gag either - have a look at the Neue Schule Elevator and you can ride it with double reins so you only use it when you need it! Also really work on softness and flexion, when they tank they are setting on the bit so you want to be...
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    Topspec - what are your opinions

    Honestly I wanted to love it but I couldnt get on with it at all - I was advised to feed it for showing because it adds condition without blowing their heads, however I just couldnt get my horse to eat it all and found his condition got worse. I subsequently found out a rider that is...
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    paint and colours for stable

    Look for low VOC which means its less toxic. Waterbased is better - it doesnt have that horrible solvent smell. And you are better off paying for quality paint, otherwise you might aswell piss on the walls for all the good it will do!!! Most importantly for exterior paint or for outdoor...
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    Irish horses - how much do they grow?

    If its got Irish Draught in it - they are knowing for not finishing growing until about 8 & turning into tanks!
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    Nick Skelton on Tokyo...HHO article

    The eventing wasnt up to full height or 5* standard as they were worried about the impact on less experienced countries so it was reduced to 4* because of the high human casualty element and statistics of eventing. Not so for the showjumping as they constantly pointed out in the commentary -...
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    Riding in a Dressage Saddle - help please

    So your shoulders are infront of your hips, so your hips arent actually absorbing the movement of the horse through the saddle, you can try pushing your shoulder blades together & put them in your back pocket! (little visual cue my instructor tells me!) Your hips need to be engagement more and...