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    First comp report in many many months...

    Lovely horse :)
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    Winter weight loss

    Get rid of the tub of lucerne if you want him to lose weight.
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    Copd / rao

    Completed :)
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    Gatehouse HS1 Hats - Any good?

    I really like mine, very comfy and I don't find it gets unbearably hot in the warmer months.
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    Opinions: Showing him as a show cob

    He is a lovely type and I'm sure will do well at the level you wish to compete.
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    Dealings with Elite Equine and Meadow stables in Essex

    I've seen various videos of their horses online and most of them are obviously unsound. Unfortunately they aim their sales at very novice owners wh know no better.
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    Rambo Dry Rug/other coolers

    Apparently Rambo advise you shouldn't leave a horse unattended in the stable in one of these because if they roll in one you can never get the bedding out of it agai !
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    Premier Equine rugs

    Have given up with PE as have had a couple that leaked plus they are getting so expensive now. I buy Maxima Equestrian turnout rugs now as they are much cheaper, lighter when wet, don't leak or rip and come with detachable legstraps.
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    Any tips to stop manes rubbing in winter?

    Some horses do seem to be more prone to mane loss than others but some rugs are definitely better for reducing rubbing than others. I use Maxima rugs now and find they don't rub out mt horses manes.
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    Another horse killed...selfish driver!!!

    What a terrible thing to happen. I hope the driver is brought to justice although the penalty is unlikely to be harsh enough to fit the crime. Poor horse and poor owner.
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    Help me name my new boy?

    Leo Lexus Zeus
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    The question of sporadic overnight stabling

    If a horse is in the stable for some hours of the day and out for some hours of the day and getting some hay and some grass in the field then I can't really see why there would be a problem if they had to stay on a few more hours overnight, whether that is for a show, veterinary reasons or...
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    Joint supplement

    Feedmark do a good one, I think it is called Extraflex. My older horse seem much less stiff when on it.
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    Innovative ways to get drugs down a fussy one?

    Another thing to try is to mix the drugs with Angel Delight, usually does the trick.
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    Washing off after exercise

    I've always washed saddle patches off and never had a problem.
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    What colour saddlepad on a grey horse? Help

    I think dark navy would look super on a grey and is certainly a dark conservative colour.
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    Teaching a youngster to wear a rug.

    Baby steps - a towel first, then a lightweight rug, perhaps a summer sheet, before progressing to the fly rug. And make sure he gets used to the fly rug in the stable first so he has no room to fly off in a panic.
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    Can I do whp class on my haflinger?

    You will be fine to enter the class if you fit the height criteria. However if all the horses/ponies go well over the jumps and on the flat and have no major conformation faults then the judge is likely to put the more conventional hunter types up the line. But if you jump clear and the others...
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    To buy - lightly backed or not sat on?

    I'd be dubious of one that had everything done bar the actual sitting on too. Pleased to hear he was happy to have you on board. :)
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    Horse killed dog

    For this to happen as a one off might be classed as an accident but if something similar happened again you would probably be liable as you knew the horse had attacked previously. I'd get the horse out of this field pronto.
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    Fed up of selling my horse!

    I agree with the general consensus not to advertise her as a confidence giver. Even reformed nappers tend to start napping again in a new home particularly with a less than confident rider. If the new owner then happened to read posts about her on here I would think they probably would have a...
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    Premier Equine - Is It Worth Complaining?

    I've found that Premier Equine rugs leak too and no longer buy them. It's not like they are cheap rugs either even when on sale, so you would expect better.
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    Three weeks later for the old TB

    Great that he is feeling better :)
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    Ragwort - spray or top, WWYD?

    When I bought a field with an existing ragwort problem I sprayed with roundup using their pump sprayer pack. The spray is quite direct rather than a wide spray so was quite easy to avoid getting much on the grass. That got rid of most of it and any that remained I just pulled when the soil was...
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    Building up top line

    If he doesn't work in a correct outline you will find it difficult to build true topline that comes from muscle rather than fat. Get a good instructor to show you how to get your horse working properly and you will find his topline will improve. :)
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    Anyone else's horses lacking spark?

    I have the same problem so glad it is not just me. Had reduced the feed but going to put it back up again as not really warm enough for the grass to be growing much I think.
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    Fantastic but late outing

    Well done :)
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    Jftd ponies missing

    Glad to hear they are OK, must have been a scary experience.
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    Best fly rugs

    I bought a Maxima fly rug last year, it wasn't expensive, did a good job and fitted my TB nicely.