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    For CALA and all Akita lovers :)

    Some pics of Blaze my American Akita . She's 9 months now . Just after getting her about 8 weeks old . At about 13 weeks old . The wind in my fur About 4 months old
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    Has anyone else got an American Akita ??

    As it says on the tin My 9 month puppy Blaze is a fawn and white she's huge.
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    Q about Full clip's ?!?!

    Had a sweeny todd moment on sat and fully clipped my boy and took the saddle area off too !!! eeek one of those oh s**t moments. Is it ok or should i do something after riding to stop sore or am i being daft ?!
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    Best electrolyte to use ?

    I've a busy weekend next week anglesey to kingswood arena on friday jumping sat and sun then on way home on monday going to warrington show so does anyone know of a good electrolyte to use?
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    can you use ...

    Can you use a standing martingale with a grackle noseband ? My trainer said today to try a standing martingale on my boy not sure about using it with a grackle? any ideas? he goes best in a grackle than a flash.
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    Anyone going to kingswood arena 23/24 may?

    As it says on the tin . Is anyone else going to stable there on friday/sat night or is it just me lol. Cant wait british novice second round
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    Horse transporter essex to anglesey any ideas?

    As it say really need to find a good transporter to bring one maybe two horses from essex to anglesey one is a poor loader thou .I do have my own transport its just a very long trip !. HELP
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    yes another bit post !!

    Simply HELP ! v. strong irish draft who showjumps hes in a grackle noseband. Hes just come home from a week with a dressage rider for brushing up on ground work she schooled him in a waterford snaffle or his cherry roller snaffle but if poles were in the arena he pulled like a train! He simply...
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    Selling help re deposit !!

    hi i've sold my youngster taken a deposit people really keen. i've had an email today saying they dont want the horse anymore and would appriciate the deposit back however i have used the deposit to put a deposit on a new horse !!!! do i have to give their deposit back? HELP
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    selling question help!!!! *DELETED*

    Post deleted by aj24