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    Looking for livery in Altrincham/Bowdon area

    I'm looking for livery for a 16.1 gelding in or around Bowdon, Cheshire. I'd ideally like grass livery but DIY/part considered. Don't really need facilities but AYTO and decent hacking essential. Any recommendations?
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    How much should I pay for this horse advice needed

    I think if you saw a horse advertised for £4k and you went to view it having no intention of paying more than £3k you would most likely be wasting their time and yours. However if you were to call them and say, 'My absolute maximum budget is £3k, I don't want to waste your time but that is all...
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    How much should I pay for this horse advice needed

    it's very difficult to price a horse without actually seeing it or sitting on it. She may well be worth £6.5k to someone - maybe not to you, I don't know. What I will say though is if I was selling the price would be agreed before you took the horse on trial (I personally would not allow this...
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    Advertising on just H&H online - any good?

    Has anyone had much success with adverts placed on just the online section? Missed this weeks mag booking (and it's expensive!) - wondering if online only advert worth it? Do any of you browse for horses on the online bit or just the mag?
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    How much would you pay for a horse like this?

    It was up for 6k no offers but just been changed to 'TBA' so maybe they are re-thinking that...
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    How much would you pay for a horse like this?

    Is this the one on Clip Clop?
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    Fly Free? Does it really work!?

    After a couple of weeks my horse had no more bites on him. The flies still hang about but don't seem to bite so worked for my horse.
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    Kate & Wills attending Rodeo...

    Well, we're not going to change each others opinions so no point arguing! Night all :)
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    Kate & Wills attending Rodeo...

    People are getting very touchy. Must be bedtime.
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    Kate & Wills attending Rodeo...

    Blimey, some women will do anything to please a cowboy. I'm obviously on the wrong forum.
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    Kate & Wills attending Rodeo...

    And how would you know if i've never seen it?! No one is dictating what they can and cannot do just whether it's necessary for our Royals to be seen as endorsing it. So just because a horse has a sheen on its coat and only is subjected to a few minutes of abuse now and again it's ok?
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    Kate & Wills attending Rodeo...

    This is not a 'get at Kate' post for Goodness sake! Far from it. Each to their own I suppose...
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    Kate & Wills attending Rodeo... but the other part of the family are. Not having a go at Kate just don't think it's necessary to be endorsing this 'sport'.
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    Kate & Wills attending Rodeo...

    They will be visiting the Rodeo in Calgary. Quite appalled at this really given the cruelty involved. What do you think?
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    people wont pay for my horse

    How they get the money to you should be their concern not yours. Just tell them the horse doesn't leave the yard either in your transport or theirs until the money is either in your hand or in your bank account. And give them a timescale to complete the transaction!
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    I think I want my horse back

    How long was your agreement for? Did you discuss how long you were thinking of loaning for? Don't put off tackling this. It might be awkward but you'll be relieved once it's all sorted. It's probably on your mind all the time at the moment!
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    I think I want my horse back

    Absolutely. I'm sick of hearing how people say they've 'put all the hard work in and now owner wants it back' - so buy it - 'can't afford it'. Ok, but you were happy to have a free horse for however long and now want to moan about it. Rant over. See if she wants to buy, if not, agree a...
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    Horsebox valeting/steam cleaning Sussex/Kent/Surrey?

    Does anyone know of a company that steam cleans horseboxes in SE?
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    If you could keep your horse at home, would you?

    To be honest I think it depends on individual circumstances. I've done both at home and livery and can't wait to get back to livery! I think if you have a family who are all horsey and can help out if you need to go away for the weekend etc then it can work out, otherwise it's all on you and...
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    Best time to advertise a hunter?

    It is difficult to know whether to wait as he's fit and fabulous now! Maybe I'll just advertise locally and see what happens...Thank you.
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    Best time to advertise a hunter?

    When do people start looking for a new hunter? I realise most aren't wanting to buy now but when would I be best to advertise, July/August or once the season begins/Autumn hunting time? He does everything but most of all loves hunting hence wanting to find him the right home!
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    Who keeps a mini shetland with big horses?

    I have one as a companion to a 17hh! He is a gentle giant though. Just be careful with introductions, maybe graze in adjoining paddocks till used to each other to avoid injuries when hurtling around!
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    Livery yards in Zurich (Switzerland)

    Hi, Have you tried A post on there in the pets section may help you find out more. I went riding a few times but didn't have my own horse there, and we were more Bodensee way so can't help more really. There are some fantastic looking yards there - hope you find...
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    Hersham livery yards...

    I know about 2/3 years ago one of them was run by Sarah Gledhill, probably still is. She's an eventer and on facebook, so you can contact that way I guess.
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    How much do pro BSJA riders charge per ride?

    I think our closest would be Duckhurst Farm. The Kent/East Sussex area.
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    How much do pro BSJA riders charge per ride?

    That sounds quite reasonable. Also If anyone can recommend any suitable riders in the South East I'd be interested. Thanks.
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    How much do pro BSJA riders charge per ride?

    I'm looking for a BSJA rider to compete my horse, just Discovery initially. I'd be meeting them at shows with the horse. How much do pro riders charge to ride for you in a class? Any ideas would be helpful. Thank you
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    Best place to buy a ploddy cob in South East?

    I'm looking for a safe, 'ploddy' cob that any of the family can ride, no jumping etc just plodding! Not looking to pay more than 2k. Does anyone know of any decent dealers in this area? Thank you.
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    Farriers Dogs?

    Had a new farrier once who turned up on his fist visit and let his dog out without so much as asking, he hadn't even seen me at this point. it jumped over the fence into my garden and was lucky not to be savaged by my very territorial dog. When I actually got out to the yard to see him he had...
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    Starter motor cost?

    Anyone any idea how much the fitting of a starter motor will cost? For an Iveco Daily.