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    I have just recently got a new job and am getting someone to help me on weekdays with the horses to take a bit of the pressure off, she is going to put them out in the morning muck them out leave the feed haylage etc in so I can have more time riding them as its tough enough to get three done...
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    Stable Mirrors

    Hi All, I havent been on for ages as have been ill but all better now I am looking for the best stable mirror to buy for one of my horses who is a bit upset in the stable, anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance, Natalie
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    new show jacket needed

    I have finally admitted to myself that my jacket is a bit tight and I need to buy a new tweed jacket, I know Alexander and James have some lovely ones does anyone else have any ideas where I could look online? Thanks in advance, Natalie
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    showing gloves

    Anyone know where I could buy these online, want brown leather but light ones, (as in weight) have a really nice pair but all it says on label is esquus glove co? the s could be a c too its hard to read it could be Ecquus???? thanks in advance , Nat x
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    RIHS Results?

    Anyone know the results of the Ladies and the Amateur Lightweights? My old horsey competing and I dont like to bug his new owner but would love to know how he went Anyone even point me to where to get them, I still cant find it , N x
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    help needed please???

    To cut a massively long story short my horse ended up over a 6 bar gate the other day he did not make it, his front end did but his back end fell on the gate and mangled it beyond belief!!! On checking him we found he was suprisingly ok with only a few v minor grazes, had vet out to check him...
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    RIHS results

    Anyone know where I can get results and when todays classes will likely to be posted up? N x
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    HOYS qualifier cancelled.

    We have had our one and only qualifier cancelled, what happens in this situation is that it just gone they cant reschedule as no other possible dates Nat x
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    REalistic price needed please

    for my 5year Old Intermediate / Small Hunter, he has absolutely fantastic movement, great temperament and conformation, full up 158cms chestnut gelding, Jumps for fun! been at a number of shows this year and always first or second (County Standard) ANyone have any ideas????? Thanks in advance, N x
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    fretting in stable....

    My 5year old is fretting in stable and wont put weight on!! I am trying very hard!!! Anyone have any suggestions, fields needs rolled at the moment so he cant go out all day as he will be in a few weeks! Nat x
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    Showing hats....

    Ok Admin promise this is not an advertisement, But I would genuinely like some advice where I could sell my Locks showing hat, I ended up with 2 (v V long story) and it has only been used I would say about 4 times! I was going to put it on ebay but not sure if there will do justice as I paid...
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    Small Hunter Or Riding Horse Showing People please help???

    hi everyone I had my horse out at his first show at the weekend I put him in the Small hunter Class and he was an extremely good boy and won his class, however I am unsure as to whether he would be a small hunter or a small riding horse, can anyone help?? I know he needs more weight on but I am...
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    Chihuahua trouble windpipe collapsing...

    Hi everyone, My wee chihuahua has been having problems recently with this choking like behaviour anyway took her to vets and he gave anti biotics to rule out infection back on wed night no better so they decided to scope her yesterday and do xrays etc, Anyway turns out she has a condition...
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    Puffy ankles lol on show horse...

    Hi everyone as post explains my gelding continually has puffy ankles, these dont go down with work or being out all day etc etc I know propbably winegals but does anyone think bandaging would help or the wraps, would there be any benefit of using bandages over wraps, would prefer the wraps as...
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    just had worm count done..

    and the mine came back <50 epg and my friends came back 50 epg, what would anyone recommend? I know they dont test for tape worm so should I worm for it? Thanks in advance Nat x
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    Donkey trouble

    Hi Everyone, I have two donkeys 1 approx 30-35 and the other 35+ The younger one (female) always had a huge bulge on her side so much so after a month or so after we got her we got vet out as thought she was pregnant 2 years on it has got a lot bigger, its soft huggggeeeee and looks almost...
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    calmers for early season shows???

    Hey everyone, had my (extremely green) 5 year old out at the weekend and he was a little superstar he came third in the workers out of about 30+ so thrilled to bits! He took everything in his stride and never looked at a jump which had loads of fillers! However!!! When I took him out of the...
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    non horsey hubby......

    Wants to show 3 year Old at RDS Dublin in Aug! he keeps saying he will do it for me but the joke is I never brought it up in first place (had only intended showing her next year under saddle!) She is well bred out of my TB mare and by Crosstown Dancer but I have never been that keen on showing...
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    3 year old home from being broken so she was to be put out on her hols, she doesnt 'do' out overnight like her mummy so after the first few nights of her jumping out of field to go back to stables we have it sorted that she goes out everyday and in at night! Field like a mud bath at the moment...
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    bit help please....

    Boring I know but.. Have been riding v green youngster in hanging cheek, he is quite strong but lately he has been riding too low and tanking with me that way! I know this can be the thing with these bits as it encouranges them to ride low, I however need something to basically lift him up so...
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    After you have had a fall...

    Do you need a new Hat, I was wearing my new hat on Tue night when I had a fall, didnt think it was bad at the time but have had bad concussion I remember someone telling me once that when that happened you needed to get a new hat? ior did I dream that? Nat xx
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    Horsey losing weight!!

    Hey everyone, I have a very green rising 5 year old who was broken late last year and had done v little before I put him out for a break! I felt he was ready for the break as he had gone very lethargic and not interested. he is back in about 8-9 weeks and we are really starting to get...
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    Pink Powder

    Hi everyone, Did a bit of research recently and decided to go for pink powder for my horse thats rising 5. I would just like to hear from anyone thats used it and what they thought of it? What was outcome/benefits etc? Also it says 30 day course whereas I was under the impression it was a...
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    jumping question??

    Hi everyone bit of help needed with my 5 year old that tbh has nothing virtuallly nothing!! On our approach to the fence we are perfectly straight but as he jumps he twists to the right, this means he is jumping at an angle and jumping is not great! When we do the poles on the side and large X...
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    changing from haylage to hay?

    Hi everyone, Our haylage just ran out (we had made some small bales from the fields this summer) and now have moved on to hay! We have got really good quality hay but what I was wondering is quantity. I was feeding about 3 sections night and 2 in the morning (sorry dont weigh I am a bad...
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    Had my very green 5 year out like last night..

    Hi everyone, Had my 5 year old out for first time last night after his break, he was only broken late and did nothing last year, just before he went out he was working well in a nice rounded well balanced outline, well..... he appears to have forgotten everything! The canter was very...
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    Pessoa Help Please?

    Hi everyone, My youngster was out on a 6 week break there and has just come in last week, I will be lunging him full time for another week or so. The last couple of times I have used the pessoa, Question is on the right rein he is trying to avoid working with his head and leaning out the ways...
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    gelding losing weight :(

    Hi everyone! My 4 year old has been out on a well deserved break, he has two rugs on him and has a constant supply of good quality haylage, he is also fed the following twice a day, 2 scoops Kwik beet 1 scoop Alfafa A (changing to ALfafa Oil this weekend when feed merchant gets it in) 1 scoop...
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    Kinda golden oldie question

    My girlie is getting on now, she will be 17 soon, She had her ovaries out this summer and has come round really well! I rode her for first time 2 weeks ago but with work I didnt get on her again that week! Last week she came in lame, not by any stretch of the imagination crippled but very...
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    How much post sorry to be a pain,

    Hi Ya everyone just need a bit of advice here, what would you pay for a 4 year old rising 5 Small Hunter, Been out a few small sj classes and wh showing excellent promise 2nd first time out at workers, Coming along very well in the schooling department with an excellent step and nothing bugs...