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    Looking for a certain bit, help?

    Hi, We've just gotten a new horse, and have run into a bit of a problem with bitting. His old owner had him jumping in a bit that was kinda like a spanish gag, crossed with a (really flexible) mullen mouth, he seemed to go very very nicely in it and we would like to keep things the same...
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    So I've got one of your typical 11 year old, ex racehorses with too much wear and tear, still young and should be in his prime but gets v/stiff (esp. in the cold weather) and has a bit of arthritis in his hocks. A fabulous vet diagnosed him with the arthritis and had us put him on monthly doses...
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    Is this too many events for a horse?

    Hi, So I have a bit of a dilemma here, there's been a bit of gap on my and my horse's eventing calender, we did our last ODE about a month ago and there aren't any near by for about another 6 weeks, and then suddenly there 3 ODE's and a cross country clinic in the space of a month that I would...
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    Am I just being a wimp, or was this totally against competition etiquite?

    Hello everybody:) I just wanted some other people's thoughts on something that happened at the event I was at this weekend, as IMO there was some incredibly bad conduct from some other competitors (and okay, a part of me just wants to vent it out). But anyway, at this event, it was the Friday...
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    Ice boots

    Hi, I'm starting to get more seriously eventing and I'm beginning to do a bit of research on ice boots, to ice the horse's legs after cross country. I was wondering what opinions people had on certain brands and styles, and what they would recommend, pros and cons, that kind of stuff. From...
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    saddle rubbing

    hi everyone:) I've noticed my horse is starting to get some fairly nasty looking rubs on his back, where the back of the panels would be. Its not down to skin yet, thank goodness, but the hair is definatly being rubbed away, and I think this is probably because of his saddle. The thing is, I...