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  1. miss_c

    Pictures Remember Genie?

    Well I still have her (she's never going anywhere!)… it's now been 2 1/2 years since she damaged her suspensory and Monday was D-day - we have tried two or three times previously to bring her back into work and it sadly hasn't happened. She's had over a year off in the field just being a...
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    'New' pony

    Hi all, it's been a while! So some of you may remember that I had a nasty accident last year and that Genie has been off long-term with a suspensory injury. Well yesterday I finally bought myself a new horse. I say 'new'... 4 years ago I sold Fanfare, a 15.2hh Welsh Section D mare due...
  3. miss_c

    It's been a while... rather large update from us!

    I think I last posted months ago about everything that's been going on, although those of you who read my blog will know! It's been a tumultuous few months... You may remember I bought a lovely new mare, Bug, in November 2016. Well on February 14th of this year I tacked her up and normal...
  4. miss_c

    First comp report in many many months...

    Yesterday I did my first competition in about 7 months... and it wasn't with Genie! Sadly back in May she damaged the lateral branch of her suspensory ligament and we are still on the long road to recovery - I can now ride her and we have introduced a few short trots. So, everyone say hello...
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    Your inbox is full!! :D
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    Alternatives to Oestress?

    As above really... My hormonal mare has been on Oestress for years with great results, but they have now added turmeric to it which she cannot have. What would people suggest as an alternative (not regumate) and is it as good?
  7. miss_c

    Time between tests?

    Just wondering... what is the longest time you would wait between tests? At what point would you think the gap was unreasonable?
  8. miss_c

    Right then! Home International roll call!

    I believe there's a few of us going! I'm riding for the South West (and of course England!) at Novice Restricted.
  9. miss_c

    Senior Home International

    Got a phone call today calling me up to the team for South West England! :D I knew we were non-travelling reserves, but with 27 on the reserve list never dreamt that I would be called up as thought I would be right down near the bottom, not right at the top! Bouncing up and down and...
  10. miss_c

    & PICS: A cob wins Badminton.... and a delayed Regionals report

    Ok, not the horse trials.. Yesterday Genie and I competed with two lovely friends in the RC Team class at Badminton. We had drawn nice late times - after 1pm with the class starting at 8.30am, and they also ran a little late. When we saw the start times we were all rather surprised to see a...
  11. miss_c

    Sparsholt Regionals

    Anybody going? I'm heading over tomorrow to compete on Tues. Would be great to meet up with some other HHO'ers if anybody is about!
  12. miss_c

    What a weekend! BD Inter-County Challenge!

    I had an interesting run-up to the ICC, first being a Novice reserve, then a Novice individual, then a Prelim team member, then back to Novice individual, and finally back to being a Prelim team member due to a lame horse. Then on Friday, two days before the competition, I seriously hurt my...
  13. miss_c

    Anyone going to Badminton?

    I'll be there on Sunday. :)
  14. miss_c

    BD Inter-Regionals

    Today is the day of the announcement of teams... so who is going? Genie and I will be there, riding for the South West. :D So excited!
  15. miss_c

    A bit of a Genie update

    I don't think I've posted any comp reports since winter regionals, so here goes! Apologies for the quality of the photos - zoomed in from my phone. After RC Areas which were unfortunately a few days after regionals G had a month of just chilling, being a horse, and hacking. She always gives...
  16. miss_c

    Mum crashed my lorry...

    She's not even licenced to drive the thing (she's 73)! Reversed my lovely purple lorry Barney into the path of a car, I think she wanted to move him closer to the pavement where he was parked. Is it bad that my first concern was for the damage to my lorry rather than if she was ok? I was SO...
  17. miss_c

    Bad pony

    I have nothing else to say on the matter
  18. miss_c

    Our Merrist Wood Regionals... man I love Genie!

    We set off on Tuesday for Merrist Wood and I was pleasantly surprised with the journey - very easy! Genie travelled in her usual relaxed style and felt much the same about her stable... Well, it did have food in it! A comfortable night was had by all.... She warmed...
  19. miss_c

    Merrist Wood Regionals - times are up!

    I had a gut feeling I would be first in, and I was right!!!!!! Fortunately I'm in Section B though so not until 11.40am instead of at 7.30am, but still gutting as would much rather be in the middle of the section instead of right at the start. Hey ho.
  20. miss_c

    Merrist Wood have put up schedule estimation for Regionals...

    I don't envy some competitors, with classes beginning at 6.15.... AM!!!! The earliest mine will start is 7.30am and I've got a gut feeling I'll be first in so at least it could be worse! The schedule is on their FB page if people are wondering how early they may have to get up... x
  21. miss_c

    Merrist Wood Regionals - Who's going?

    I'll be there on Tues to Weds with Genie. :) Just received my competitor information pack via email and was surprised to see that overnight stables are only 6pm-9am, a bit of a pain for the pony who will be spending the rest of the Weds on the lorry as I am not paying an extra £20 for a day...
  22. miss_c

    The diary of Arwen, aged 6 1/2 months

    Dear Diary, It has now been 10 days since I emigrated to England from my native Wales... all the people here speak English and so it is a bit confusing. They also have weird accents. Why is this, diary? I have now decided that the funny human that I called the Foody-one who I see a few...
  23. miss_c

    May have a new welshie....

    Meet Cilsane Daioni, a 6 month old Welsh Section D filly by Kilgour Welsh Magic (Thorneyside The Jackpot) out of Cilsane Medina (Fflur Garnon). She's to make 15.1/15.2hh, and is an absolute sweetheart! Still rather nervous but coming round more every day, I don't think it will take long...
  24. miss_c

    Team Quest Finals Report - Genie channels Valegro!

    Wow, what an exhausting weekend!!! We left my yard at 9.20am on Friday morning, picked up a team mate's horse en-route, and then headed up to Bury Farm. A fairly smooth journey apart from bit of traffic around Oxford, and we arrived at about 1.30pm. Very pleased to find we had permanent...
  25. miss_c

    Team Quest Finals roll call!

    Less than 2 weeks now! I'll be there with Genie on team Veni, Vidi, Vici. Who else will be there? Rather excited!!!!
  26. miss_c

    Any H&H'ers near Bury Farm? :)

    Bit of a plea really... I'm taking G to the Team Quest Finals end of October/start of November and there is a possibility she may end up in a temp stable which is no good as she is allergic to something in grass so I dare not risk her eating it away from my home fields which I know are 'safe'...
  27. miss_c

    BRC Nationals Report! Fabulous FABULOUS Genie!!!!

    Well, a 4 1/2 hour journey to Lincoln wasn't my favourite way to spend a Friday, however all 9 club horses arrived at Lincoln safe and well. We had a riding test team (on which I was riding the Prelim test), Intermediate Show Jumping team and an individual in the Open Show Jumping. She...
  28. miss_c

    BRC Nationals roll call!

    So... who is going to be there and what are you doing? We're doing Senior Prelim Riding test at 10.29 on Saturday. Club has also qualified a showjumping team so travelling up in convoy on Friday and staying until Sunday!
  29. miss_c

    Best comment EVER from a judge!

    Just wanted to share as I am over the moon. Took Genie to Team Quest at Allen's Hill yesterday - a hell of a trek but the team needed the outing. She posted 76.4% (winner was on an insane 80%!) which was particularly impressive as I am rather ill at the moment - if she'd done anything I would...
  30. miss_c

    Kings EC?

    As I'm away for our local Petplan Area Festival I'm looking at alternatives that aren't absolutely hours away, and the one that seems to fit the best datewise and distance wise is Kings at a mere 75 miles away... So... what's it like there? I couldn't see much from the website. Thank you!!