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    Good 'light' or food for losing weight.

    Our collie has porked out a bit and needs to lose some weight. He's currently fed on Arden Grange Chicken and Rice with half a pouch of JWB wet food as a topper - can't really cut down the amount as he's pretty much on the bare minimum so would like to change dry food. I know AG do a light...
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    Surrey Dog Training - any thoughts?

    Good or bad - pm if you prefer. Mine can be a bit dog aggressive and they have been recommended to me to help address these issues. I'd be interested to hear peoples thoughts if they've had any experiences with them. Thanks in advance :-)
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    Showjumping on tv tomorrow??

    Does anyone know if the individual showjumping is on tv tomorrow and if so, what time and what channel?? Getting really cross with not being able to work out when things are on - HHO seems to be the only reliable source of information!!
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    Numpty quesion!! Measurements for dog coat - how???

    Hmm, following all the rain we've had/having, I've decided to get the mutt a waterproof coat. Found one I really like (danish design with zipout fleece which fits the bill) but the measurements are in inches and I am not sure how to measure the dog!! Does it go from shoulder to tail or...
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    Does anyone know why PF has withdrawn from Badminton?

    Just curious really - I know Redesigned is injured but she had two other's entered - Mirage D'elle and one who's name I have forgotten and they have all been withdrawn. V sad that she will miss the Olympics too.
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    Dilemma - introducing dogs

    Hi All, Looking for some advice as I can't decide on the best scenario... So, we have been invited around to our neighbours on Friday for a BBQ (weather permitting!) which is great. My parents are also coming to stay with their 2 labs. Normally F comes with us as he loves playing with their...
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    Any dog physio's out there?

    I am thinking of a career change and wondered about dog physio. I have looked at a few courses but any advice on potential earnings, recommended courses/colleges, general working life/experiences etc would be great. I am based in the south-east if that helps. Thanks for any potential...
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    And what on earth does this mean?!?!

    Ad says something like - £400 to take now they are on food so as to not upset their stomachs?!?!?!?!? I REALLY need to not look at Preloved - I think my BP has just gone through the roof! Beautiful...
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    'Westipoos' and 'Yorkipoos' - WTF?!

    Bit of a head desk I think - Toy poodle registered as a stud producing 'westipoos', 'yorkipoos', 'cockerpoos', 'papipoos' - basically if its got a 'poo' at the end of it, they'll breed it!! Oh and not forgetting the...
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    Just wanted to share good news :-)

    Freddie was diagnosed with mild hip dysplacia before xmas. Daily hot cushions and massages along with weekly swimming at the local hydrotherapy unit followed and today he was back at the physio for his second assessment. She was really pleased with him and said he's made great progress...
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    Help - Recommend me a joint supplement please :-)

    Freddie has been diagnosed with fairly low grade (I think!) HD. He is swimming weekly (which he loves) at a local hydrotherapy centre and I massage him every night and do some physio with his bad leg - which he also loves!! I spoke to one of the therapists about putting him on green lipped...
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    Feel like a failure :-(

    We've been evicted from our basic obedience training :-( Not for being disobedient but because Freddie fixates on the other dogs too much and I can't get his attention - or have to work really hard to do so even with ultra tasty treats. The main issue is being on the lead. Off the lead (as I...
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    Tom Quigley and Flint Curtis??

    Hi All, Polly Stockton was the subject of H&H's 'first and last' feature that they run every week. In it she said that Tom Quigley had to be PTS last month :-0 Does anyone know anything about this?? There doesn't seem to be any news anywhere about it. Also, in the eventing section, it...
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    Help please! Fairly cheap good dried food for labs??

    Hi All, My parents have 2 labs - both full brothers, coming 7, both working gundogs (though I suspect coming season may be their last). The dilemma is food... They have been fed on Dr Johns (I know...!) but are looking to change onto something different. I feed Arden Grange and am trying...
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    Arden Grange - what do you think??

    Hi All, Switched from Burns to Arden Grange as I believed it was better quality (and it was cheaper) food just after xmas - and it has received good reviews on here. Dog looks good on it - though did a bit porky as forgot to adjust the quantity which I have now done. Lovely shiny coat...
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    Advice please - dog funny with other dogs when on lead...

    Hi All, I'm looking for some advice here so would be great to here from you... Basically, off lead, Freddie is great - good recall, good heelwork, sit, down, stay etc. When we meet other dogs off lead he is also fine - he won't walk past without paying them any attention at all if we are...
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    Pride of Dulcotte PTS at Haydock :-(

    Fell in the Betfair Chase at Haydock today (at least I think it was Haydock, they were showing racing from Haydock and Ascot). Fell awkwardly and broke a leg. Sympathies to all the connections - such a shame, he was only a novice.
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    Should my dog eat dog food? Article in Ecologist

    Hi all, This is preaching to the converted but its an interesting article and I hadn't heard of Joe Inglis's Campaign for Real Pet Food before (which I'm about to go and check out). It does make...
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    Random post but anyway...

    Walking the mutt this morning and had a look at his morning dump like I normally do (dos anyone else have obsessive tendancies to peer at their dogs poo? I do it with the horse too!) and noticed some little white bits in it... He is a bit overdue to be wormed so got home and put some...
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    Rath IS Totilas new rider

    Sorry I'm rubbish at links but there is a thread in latest news with links to an article on Eurodressage confirming that Michael Rath is indeed taking over the ride. Will be interesting to see how he gets on, he has very big boots to fill after Edward Gal.
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    Totilas to get new rider - to be announced next week

    As per H&H news page. Paul Schockemohle (sp?) has said Totila's new rider will be announced next week and he will be competed from next Spring. To go to a German rider apparently. Any ponderings on who this might be? Isabell Werth perhaps? Although she's got Satchmo and Warum Nicht but I...
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    Kelly Marks vs Richard Maxwell

    Ok,well not quite Kelly Marks vs Richard Maxwell but I just wondered if anyone had any experience in their methods and which one they got more out of? The reason I'm asking is that I'm quite interested in learning a bit more about 'intelligent horsemanship' and their methods in particular...
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    Help! tv obsessed BC now licking the tv?!?!?!

    Hmmm, ok so our Border Collie Freddie has always been a bit of a telly addict (I think i've posted about his tv addiction before!)... When it goes on in the evening, he'll normally watch it on and off for most of the evening - some things excite him more than others i.e. he'll turn his back on...
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    Numpty moment and question re grooming?

    Morning all, Well my Sunday has got off to a banging start when I put my clock forward instead of back... So instead of getting up at 6.30, I was actually up at the 'new' 4.30 instead wondering why it was so dark when it should in fact be lighter in the mornings. It then took me nearly half...
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    What makes a good livery?

    Well, following on from the 'what makes a good YO' thread below - I'd thought I'd post the opposite side of the coin and ask what makes a good livery. I am a 'livery' now but have worked on yards in the past. I like to think I'm a good livery, generally don't make a fuss (don't need to...
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    This might be a really dumb question but I'll ask it anyway...

    ... Can you get a spray or anything to put on a dog to neutralise doggy 'odour'?? I don't like to bath him too often but he gets filthy dirty when we walk in the woods now and smells a bit strong too! I do brush him but obviously that doesn't help with smells. To add - its not a major...
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    Following on from the 'how much is your wardrobe worth'...

    ... I was inspired to dust off the credit card and burn a very large hole in it by kitting myself out with some new gear! No longer shall I be the yard tramp but a leading trendsetter in equestrian fashion :-) Well, maybe I wouldn't go that far but I will look a look smarter! So I got...
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    Does anyone feed Burns - any thoughts??

    Hi All, Took Freddie to the Vets yesterday for his jabs and was discussing diet with vet. He is currently fed Wainwrights dry and she recommended switching to Burns - I have looked it up and it doesn't seem to contain any cr*p. Just wondered if anyone fed it or had any thoughts on it...
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    Is Burghley Really...?

    .. only on BBC2 for 2 hrs on the Sunday and that's it? No Red button, no sky coverage (not that I have sky but that's beside the point), no nothing else??? Just looked on the Burghley website and that's all it said :-(
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    Feather Mites - best way to get rid??

    Hi All, My Sec D seems to have mites in his feathers. I know there are a few peeps on here with 'feathered' friends (sorry couldn't resist!) so if anyone can tell me the best way to get rid of them, I'd be eternally grateful. Cheers :-)