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    Holsteiner studbook q

    Also posted in breeding! Does anyone know how you can issue a name with the holstein verband stud book? I have looked on their website and can't find any kind of horse registration info. I have a 3yo holstein bred mare just come over but she has not been issued a name. She got everything...
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    Holsteiner stud book question

    Does anyone know how you can issue a name with the holstein verband stud book? I have looked on their website and can't find any kind of horse registration info. I have a 3yo holstein bred mare just come over but she has not been issued a name. She got everything else ie brand & no. fully...
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    Removing equipak

    Without farrier taking shoes off? Is this possible? And if it is what's the best way to go about it? Thank you :)
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    Coat condition dilemma.

    One of my eventers has had a few skin issues this winter (vets not sure what it is but awful rash on belly, a bit on neck, under saddle that was super itchy and hair all came out so very sore & painful she also randomly had it last Spring as well) my thoughts could be sweat reaction that got...
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    Sweat patch appearing on flank

    I have a 2yo warmblood gelding that I have noticed develops a weird sweat patch on his flank after he has exerted himself or if he gets hot. It appears in a line downwards from his flank approx 15cm long and 1-5cm wide in a jagged type pattern. Very very strange and I am worried he has some...
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    Dressage saddle help please!

    I have a dressage saddle conundrum. I have a 6yo mare in desperate need of a dressage saddle and need some advice on what second hand ones are best. She measures at +1 which is Amerigo's medium wide. So no way I can make any of my other saddles fit her as they are all Medium-narrow. I...
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    BS/HOYS 6yo Qualifiers

    In a nutshell (to save reading the below bit!) can someone explain BS 6yo classes for me as I am normally an eventer and i'm still getting to grips with BS qualifiers! I jumped a few 5yo classes on the mare last year just did it for fun and to have a crack at the Brightwells extra prize money...
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    re old thread about young horses (5yo's) competing at Intermediate level....

    I was browsing the Le Lion d'Angers website to see the entries for the event and came across the 6yo ranking list. I was interested why the top horse had 95 FEI points at such a young age and over twice as many points as the horse in 2nd. Well I looked at its record on the FEI site and it had...
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    Goresbridge broodmares, yearlings and foal sales next week (12/10/11)

    Has anyone any experience of buying a foal/yearling from these sales? What sort of money does a foal at auction go for nowadays? Many thanks if you can help :) ps also has anyone any experience of Watermill Swatch offspring?
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    XC Boots & Premier Equine Sports Boots

    Does anyone have any experience of going XC in sports boots like the ones Premier Equine sell? I am looking for a xc boot with a bit more support for a very exhuberant jumper but worry they would hold water and get hot and heavy. However I have seen a couple of pro's horses with them on and a...
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    BE 5yo question

    Does anyone know if you can compete a BE1005yo class on a day ticket? Thank you for your help! :)
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    Goresbridge sales last week

    Is there any way of finding out what the top/average lots went for? Thank you if you can help! :)
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    What does this mean after a horses pedigree information on 2007: KWPN fokwaarde springen 131 33% (3096e pl) 2007: KWPN fokwaarde springen 137 33% (1881e pl) What do these percentages mean? Sorry I am not very clued up on Dutch breeding!
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    Loss of appetite, scouring, ideas?

    My friend has a 16.2 tb x gelding 14ys that has recently lost his appetite and over the last 24hours he has had diarroeha and seems very out of sorts he has also lost alot of weight within a small space of time She called the vet straight away who said he looked like he is scouring and could be...
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    Badminton 2011

    Well I have some work to do now!! Recieved this email, thought many would be interested :) The Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials has decided to strengthen the qualifications required for entry to the event in 2011. In addition to the standard requirements for a 4 star...
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    Bitting but without poll pressure

    I am looking for a bit that is stronger than a snaffle but with minimal effect on the poll? I'm sure I should know one and I have searched but alas not found, so any wise bitting experts out there please! Thank you :)
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    Ok have a little dilemma with a 13.2 pony on my yard at the moment. Opinions would be brill as at a bit of a loss of what to do. Its long to give you the whole story! He is a stunning 13.2 Irish sports pony, came over from Ireland a few years ago and sold on to current owners last year. The...
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    Pau CCI****/CIC***WCF

    Saw this printed and thought it was rather exciting. I am aiming to do the CCI**** there this year- should have a brilliant atmosphere with the World Cup Final running alongside. The International Equestrian Federation and their partners HSBC join together for the finals of the two most...
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    Ideas and Opinions on stallions please!

    So my advanced event mare is going for ET in Spring 2010 and I would love to hear what you guys suggest as i'm sure you have some great ideas! She is impeccably bred for the job and her first ET foal (by Mill Law) will be on the floor next Spring. She is very fertile as it was very easy! She...
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    Totally Speechless, shocked and stunned

    at you HHO lot!!!! I am lost for words!!!! I can't thank you all enough!!!! Today Tink101 came to collect her lovely mare from my yard and presented me with the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. A fantastic, stunning, life like painting of my beautiful mare Connie at Saumur. She is...
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    Witton Castle HT

    Does anyone live in the area? Very worried that it will be to hard to go eventing. Not sure if there has been any rain up there. I can't bare eventing on hard ground! Thank you in advance
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    Dear Connie

    Dear Connie, Today autumn came. The leaves were glistening golden brown, shining in the balmy crisp sunlight, reminiscent of your beautiful conker coloured coat. Today is the day that I miss you. You’ve left me now, but your presence in my life is eternal. You were my light my soul and...
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    Can I come in please?

    Just to let you all (most anyway ) know thank you soooo much for all the lovely messages and kind words. You all rock. I don't have time or the space in my life for any negativity and after throwing my self at whacking great big fences I reckon I can take most of what life throws at me on the...
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    Another safety musing & an incident

    I was looking thru the FEI yellow card list on the FEI website and was suprised to see so many professionals on it. Including top pony riders and young riders. They are being caught riding tired horses, abuse of horses, incorrect behaviour and dangerous riding. It seems crazy that our...
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    Really gutted, why does selling horse never get any easier?

    Pointless post but Just really really sad to see my lovely mare go to her new home today, didn't want to sell her but couldn't say no in the end. (Thanks to all who helped me with the how much post!) Have sold lots of ponies before but this one was special and i've got a broken heart!! Here's to...
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    Can someone please buy me some super glue! (and luck)

    Well we did a half decent dressage anyway! Even with lots of mistakes! Think we're cracking that one..... Connie liked being stabled by MdS's Ernie! XC was a great course for my girl and she was back to her normal self after her pulled muscles at Badders and we were flying round clear and up on...
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    Tedious I know... but another 'how much'

    So sorry I know everyone must sigh when they see a how much post but I find it so hard to put prices on event horses, so I thought I would ask you guys. Infact, I won't post it if it drives everyone mad but if anyone does want to help me out then perhaps I could PM you? Would that be...
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    Mr Fox-Pitt

    Now being an avid 'pro mares eventing' person I am incredibly jealous and suprised to see William is eventing not one but two rather lovely mares. I would kill to have one of them in my yard to event. Sonate V would be my weapon of choice, I remember watching her at Cleobury Mortimer ages ago (I...
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    I seem to think some HHOers are going? I am currently contemplating this event after being offered a lift over. Might take both girls to the CIC***. Any info on this event? Thank you!
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    Just why is the sport of eventing so heartbreaking? Badminton...

    As most people know I had to pull mare up xc as felt very wrong, knackered and off. I cannot tell you how low and devastated I felt yesterday, (I don't think I have any tears left!!) but as soon as you step away and realise everything is going to be ok and we are both going to be fine compared...