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    Check ligament rehab experience?

    Mine went 9/10ths lame and his whole leg blew up last year after hunting. The next day I couldn’t even get him out of the stable. Turns out he had whacked himself overreaching (bruising came out in a few days). It then rapidly went down and within 10 days was able to be scanned and was sound...
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    Eventing Keysoe ceasing to run BE

    I am genuinely gutted by this. Was my favourite BE venue by a mile and not too far away. The ground was always reliable, something that can’t be said for some of the East Mids all grass events, so we favoured Keysoe over most others. Loved showjumping in the main arena too. The BE calendar is...
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    Keysoe no longer doing BE

    Ah Thankyou! I did check before posting but typically missed it :rolleyes:
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    Keysoe no longer doing BE

    Gutted at the announcement that Keysoe will no longer be running BE. A loss of another great venue in the East Midlands. Was always a great one to run at with dressage all on a surface now, showjumping in the main arena and XC course always well maintained. Was hoping to get there last year and...
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    Omg cjd Pumpkin has been sold

    Reading between the lines of the post it was an offer she couldn’t refuse in order to keep progressing in the sport and was definitely a lesser evil than selling to another nation/competitor that may then lead to Pumpkin appearing at the Olympics! Sad as they were so ‘almost’ perfect at the...
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    WWYD Dressage test. Wrong score!

    I didn’t mean to offend you, your OP said you hadn’t ridden a test in seven years so wrongly assumed you didn’t have much test experience. :)
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    WWYD Dressage test. Wrong score!

    Are you sure you’ve taken into account the collectives and double marks when working out the percentage? If it was me, I’d get a friend experienced with dressage sheets to double check - I’m sure someone on here can for you. And then I’d tell the venue. Less to get a placing but more just a...
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    Do we over clip our horses

    When I had more than one horse in varying levels of work I still swayed towards fully clipping, as: - I find it easier to rug them accordingly as a fully clipped rather than partially clipped horse - I like clean horses so bath quite often, even in winter so they need to be able to dry quickly...
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    Kissing spine ‘lig-snip’

    All good points above but I’d also be concerned about if the horse was ridden slightly differently, had a slightly different routine, slightly different terrain (hill or flat), slightly different physio and exercises ec. That all these slightlys add up to the back muscle not being maintained the...
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    Feeling downhearted.

    If he’s a boy it’s much easier to tell if they are neutered and if he’s not it’s a very straight forward op. CPL are normally very good but normally run solely on volunteers. I’ve found them better over the phone than via email etc. They have been very sensible and my family and myself have had...
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    PTS a feral pony - best way?

    Slightly out the box idea but can you get him onto a lorry if he leads in a chifney? Lorry partitions work great as a temporary crush (where he could have IM sedation and then IV sedation once more down), led off and the deed done. I would speak to your vets, I’m sure they could come up with...
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    Competition home only??

    I don’t think it’s the owner doesn’t want the horse to be wasted, perhaps the horse needs an active, varied life with trips out to be kept sane to ride or that the horse has only ever been treated like a competition horse and they are unsure how it would be scaling down. Not all horses suit the...
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    Help me make a rational decision!

    If he was mine I’m afraid I would PTS, as the likelihood of finding something treatable for you to enjoy him as a riding horse is minimal. I second what people have said about he may well be in pain in the field and just doesn’t show it. Horses are hard wired to not show pain (else they’d get...
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    Exercising in winter

    Normally arthritis is better with movement. I would definitely forget the lunging for a horse with those issues, and 15 mins a few times a week won’t get her fit anyway. I would hack out on the road, don’t pound her, go on the verges and use tracks when you can. Straight lines and hills are good...
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    Locking patella/slipping stifles for us oldies!

    I have a big horse that has a locking stifle. Never causes him an issue provided he is turned out regularly/in the day (summer out 24/7), in a large stable so he’s not spinning, kept fit if in and correctly muscled. He may of outgrown it now but you used to occasionally go to move him and it...
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    Opinions on "novice ride" please..

    Agree not ideal behaviour from the dealer and doesn’t sound like this horse is for you. Keep searching, your unicorn is out there they just normally appear in the most random ways. And remember it doesn’t matter if the horse is a novice ride or not, the horse needs to be YOUR ride. You should...
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    Owner of obese horse found guilty of suffering

    Saw on the Your Horse Magazine Facebook page. A step in the right direction? Admittedly a small one...
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    Farrier Retiring 😭😭!

    Most farriers are familiar cold shoeing. My OH hot shoes but also spent two years of his apprenticeship on racing yards cold shoeing. Most are fine to do it.
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    Anyone clipped yet?

    Full clip almost two weeks ago. Will redo next week!
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    Travelling - Boots or bandages?

    Nothing unless the horse is a self harmer. That said if they are really silly, still nothing as I don’t want to go near their legs if they pull the boot down or bandage comes down. I would never travel in bandages personally as if they slip and tighten you’ve got a real issue. And boots make...
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    To me the solution is to enforce the message that pets are not an initial cost and that’s it and that their lifelong (10,15,20 years) care is the owners responsibility. It sounds silly to responsible owners but never over estimate knowledge in pet owners. I would welcome pet selling sites to say...
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    Vet practices are seen as unfair for not offering payment plans/needing payment upfront but I have been there doing debting for practices and it is normally an eye watering amount. Some of the vile comments and attitudes I have been on the receiving end of after asking someone to pay a bill, for...
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    Travelling help..helppppp

    I’d say either sore from a physical issue that gets worse with exercise, too hot after work (3.5t boxes can be very warm) or is mentally wound up. So agree perhaps sedating etc may be worth while but doesn’t work that well if their blood is up as the receptors are blocked. I’d be tempted to bute...
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    Towing up steep drive

    I had to tow up a similar driveway at a yard I worked at, I made it with a Defender and with two horses in a large iFor trailer but I wouldn’t want to do it if I was in a less powerful vehicle. I also have half road/half off road tires on so more grippy than those just for the road. Low gear...
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    The bill is different for an owner and a staff member as the staff member can take off the labour costs involved as they are working there and doing it themselves. The owner can’t do that. It’s not a new thing for pets to be signed over to the practice, if anything with my anecdotal experience...
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    Contacting private yards?

    Thankyou this is all really useful and I am glad that there is a consensus that a polite note or knock on the door is not out of place. I have no issue with being turned down but as many have said, you don’t ask you don’t get! I have ridden with the hunt for that area before and was considering...
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    Contacting private yards?

    I am moving around 25 minutes away from where I live now when our house sale goes through. But despite it being a very horsey area there seems to be a real lack of livery yards and of the very few that are with a 15/20 minute radius they have dealbreakers such as, not offering turnout in the...
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    What do YOU want in a livery yard?

    Lots of replies above so will keep this short, I would add: -A washing machine - absolute godsend to chuck a sweaty numnah, dirty boots etc. In after riding. -Solarium - my horses get bathed a lot and having a solarium greatly speeds up the drying process! Fairly cheap to put in. I prefer my...
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    Bridle shopping for the “common” head

    Thankyou for all your suggestions. Have spent the past few days looking at them and trying to decide what I like. But think I’m going to order some parts for my broken elevator bridle. I love the quality and they come in some nice padded thick pieces.
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    Bridle shopping for the “common” head

    Thats interesting. I’m a bit unsure about the flash as seems to sit higher than a normal one? Thankyou for the suggestion. Just had a look and from the website she seems to be quite open to putting together whatever would suit. Are they good quality?