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    HAAS Grooming Brushes

    Do you mean from the HAAS range? If so I have the Military, Schimmel and Diva and used in that order give a lovely finish on my horse. I also have the Mustang which is great for mud and shedding. I purchased mine from :)
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    Nettex try it Club

    I have found this too. I joined when it first started and everything was a great price to get their name out there more but they seem to have turned it more into just a slightly cheaper was to shift their products now.
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    The things you find

    I once had a large metal spring in my bale of hay, presumably from the machinery used to harvest the hay, my horse just ate around it, lol!
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    Fitting Lemieux half lined close contact numnah

    my jumping saddle was fitted straight onto the horses back, then saddle fitter advised me to use a half wool lined saddlecloth underneath, so the saddle wasnt fitted with the saddlecloth on. I now use the saddle with the lemieux half wool underneath and not had any problems.
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    Avacallo Gel out pad query

    I was perplexed by the side straps too, took me ages to work out where they went! Really like mine for jumping and hacking.
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    Accident/pretty shocking driving

    It just brings home how dangerous it really is when we ride on the roads. I was involved in a near miss like this s afew years ago, had we been a foot further along the road we would have been struck. Horses and riders very very lucky not to have been killed, hope they are all okay in the long run.
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    Tekna GP Saddle

    i used to have a gp and a dressage tekna saddle, loved them
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    Bury farm bareback challenge is live now!

    ouch, that's the limp of shame out the arena
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    Bury farm bareback challenge is live now!

    Bury Farms entertaining bareback jumping challenge is live tonight, they're just warming up the crowd at the moment, jumping starts soon. Follow the link and enjoy -
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    Anyone had knee arthroscopy?

    I had both my knees done at a private hospital when I was 14, the operation went well and pain was vastly reduced however after about 18 months I still couldnt kneel and started getting some pain again. They re-scanned and discoverd the scar tissue had grown back awkwardly and I has retorn the...
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    Double drop noseband

    phew, i'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks they're ugly. Can't say any of the photos I've seen of them whilst having a little look tonight have been flattering to the horse.
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    Double drop noseband

    A company popped up on my facebook today selling a double drop noseband bridle. Not ever seen them before so was wondering if anyone knows the reasoning behind them and how they work etc, just interested :)
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    'the one' - when did you know?

    I know it goes against all the sensible horse buying rules but I knew the second I saw his photo on the advert! He was completely not what I was supoosed to be looking for but I couldnt get him off my mind. Basically as long as he didnt do anything disasterous during the viewing I was fairly...
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    Shopping help needed!

    So close, this one is navy where mine was grey, though after hours of searching I think I am going to have to go for this slight variation as I have come up empty handed for the grey one. Atleast navy is a colour that will siut him though.
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    Shopping help needed!

    If anyone is feeling a bit bored and fancies a challenge then I have just the thing..... Kasper's headcollar has bleached in the sun and what was red is now pink and it just doesnt look right anymore. Severely disliking change I want to replace it with like for like (he has a new blue one on...
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    Riding / competing in glasses??

    I am shortsighted and wear glasses as a matter of course. I can't afford the special contact lenses I would need for my 'interesting prescription' (<--- actual opticians comment!) so I have no choice but to ride and compete in my glasses. I've fallen off jumping and xc a few times but my glasses...
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    If you could have any forum members horse..

    Kasper says a big thank you for your kind words :) he didnt know he had admirers xx
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    Aldi jods not waterproof

    Just want to establish that I do know the difference between waterproof and water resistant but the point I'm trying to make is that a large area of the jodhpurs are NOT water resistant as they claim, that's why I'm disappointed.
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    Aldi jods not waterproof

    I know they are water resistant and not waterproof but the problem is that the water resistant part channels the water to the not water resistant part which doesnt happen in normal jods and to be blunt I found soggy knickers incredibly uncomfortable! :( I have since thought about it and will...
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    Aldi jods not waterproof

    I was keen to buy a pair of Aldi's water resisitant jodhpurs as I'm fed up of getting cold thighs when I get rained one! So I wore them for the first time today for a jumping lesson in the rain and am sad to report that they are not as water resistant as they claim :( Well that's perhaps...
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    Best place to buy Haas brushes

    Athleteshop is fairly cheap and they have them on offer but people have noticed this fact so most of them are not out of stock! Worth keeping an eye on though.
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    Grooming Brushes

    I believe that Leistner are wooden backs whereas HAAS are plastic backs (so you can wash them easier)
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    Grooming Brushes

    if it helps I purchased Military, Schimmel and Diva and they have been doing an amazing job. Ignore the different brushes for different colours they all work the same, it's just a marketing ploy by eqclusize
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    Grooming Brushes

    A friend and I purchased HAAS brushes from Athleteshop the week before xmas, we shared the postage and they had everything in stock at that point so we got a good selection of brushes bewteen us for a really good price. I've only ever used synthetic Bentley brushes before so these natural fibre...
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    Saddle selling - bizarre questions

    Selling is a nightmare when you're dealing with the public. I sell aviary birds I breed and despite my adverts always clearly stating 'no cage included' and 'collection only' I 100% always get asked 'does the price include the cage?' and 'will you deliver?'
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    How not to get your horse on the trailer! Shocking behaviour

    I'm sure I read somewhere that she had been at it for 3 hours with this horse :(
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    How not to get your horse on the trailer! Shocking behaviour

    It's the way she gets all up in the horses face, i've seen the exact method used by the Parelli's themselves. This lady clearly thinks she knows what she's doing and attempting a similar method but getting it very very wrong.
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    How not to get your horse on the trailer! Shocking behaviour

    Dont you think it has a touch of the Parelli about it? Stupid abusive training method.
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    How not to get your horse on the trailer! Shocking behaviour

    I've just seen this on facebook...... Dont think I even need to say anything other than......good lord! :(