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    Breaking a pony to drive

    yes you can drive in a snaffle. please don't buy really cheap harness .. you will just have to buy better as you get into it. look for 2nd hand zilco, rene schoop, tedman. dragon driving has harness for sale and carriages. as he has already got steering and brakes, and is reliable to ride (?)...
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    Advice please - new cat

    just leave the doors open and alow her the freedom for the next couple of weeks. you cant rush time!
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    What should I feed my welsh D 2year old filly?

    slow grow on grass and hay is the best option for horses. if worried give a handful of blue chip or other good balancer 3 to 4 x a week. they would grow on the hills on grass and hay! maturity isn't until 5/6 yrs so no rush!
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    Best feed to feed for weight gain without fizz! !

    linseed. add lib grass t/o 24 hrs a day and consistant work. and be strong and put some manners on him.
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    suggestions on good quality bridle

    the john whitaker have a nice range reasonably priced. I have a black f/s grackle bridle for sale as a wrong order. pm if you want more info.
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    A food question for those used to big puppies

    if you feed rottie puppies too much good food/puppy food they grow too fast and can end up with lameness issues as the growth plates get out of balance. if your puppy is hungry I would give him some low protein/low cal bulk with his food. they are better to be on the light side whilst growing...
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    Mr Clipper man

    wolsley blades don't fit on lister machines! would think its an old wolsley machine. plenty of oil and screw tension down til the noise changes then release about half a turn. did the person who serviced/PAT tested them not know what make they were? make sure you have a breaker fitted on your cable!
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    Permitted development rights - how do I find out what mine are?!

    you can put stables up within the garden curtilage without planning. permitted development rights allow you to extend the house by 4 metres without planning but with building control. all the relevant planning should be on the household title deeds.
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    Clipping foals with lice ... advice please!

    just give them a good brush to get loose stuff off then apply coopers fly repellent along mane and back bone and tail repeat in a few days. or tri tec 14. get them in the sun lice only appear at this time of year. but worming as well is also good.
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    Help! Hay/Grass alternative for thin 40+ years Shetland

    fast fibre and kwick beet are good for the golden oldies and a glug of oil
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    Intensive training for pony club a test

    where abouts are you? I take it you have done the lunging one?
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    Planning permission to reduce roof height

    I wouldn't think you would need planning p. I would just do it as a re roof mend and wait for any reprecussions. just my opinion.
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    female farriers?

    Caroline woodward is very good! she is in derbyshire
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    Should I clip Shetland pony

    I have a Shetland. he is hunter clipped from August til march/april. he always gets too hot. he is in at night out in day and never wears a rug. he is never cold even when temps are minus. he gets sweaty itchy and grumpy when due another clip. I would clip and wash. rug if req but it is very...
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    correct attire for kids hunting?

    mars bar or similar in her pocket. if you follow when they pull up you could have some quick snacks/drinks available. picnic and flask of soup/tea for on way home in lorry and a change of clothes in case she is wet. rug and haynet for pony
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    Lister legato Clippers?

    brill trimmers but wouldn't do a clip with them. heigner progress clippers are quiet.
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    electric shower for horse washing

    I had an electric shower but even being sited inside the frost killed it. bought a hot horse shower which runs on gas which is much better as got a lot more water pressure through whilst maintaining water temp. I paid 180 for mine from 3 counties show. it is wall mounted and very easy to use...
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    Yellow tail nightmare on grey horse!

    steradent tablets dissolved. soak your washed tail in the steradent liquid for as long as you want to hold the bucket. or keep dunking it til water used up. Also make sure you wash the tail in hot hot water as it gets it much cleaner.
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    Has anyone heard of Toptani/Parkers Saddlery?

    I had a toptani saddle. fantastic. comfortable and dropped onto most horses. I was devastated when it was robbed out of the tack room 14 yrs ago. never found a saddle as good to replace it with.
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    A6 Clipper Blade Query

    new blades quite often don't cut well till they have been lapped. once they are done I am sure they wll cut fine. I hate new blades as they always feel a bit scratchy till bedded in.
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    Farrier in Chorley/Preston area

    Anthony Wilson is in chorley and very good.
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    How much to fix clippers?

    depends on what is wrong with them. how much work have they done since last serviced?
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    Clipping & Rugging question

    hair regrowth is governed by daylight hours not amount of rugs unless temps are very cold (-) and horse is cold. a rain sheet will be fine til temps are consistently below 8 degrees.
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    Using arena fence as one of my jump wings?

    hanging wings are so easy to make I have loads! wood with holes in for the cup, and a metal hook bracket which goes over top rail of school fence. means you can build grids/doubles/combinations in a 40 by 20 with room for other fences as well!
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    Livery for the less than perfect horse?

    have tried to pm you! message me and I will get in touch re livery and accommodation nr stratford upon avon!
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    Ringworm on the yard.. Advice?

    it is self limiting and sunlight will dry it up fast. just don't share anything with anybody else. you can wash/dip everything in a virkon e solution, and also use this to spray your stables if he infected horses have been near them. not everything will catch it they do develop a resistance if...
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    Insurance Help

    Tesco is very competitive price wise and good at paying out.
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    please advise. lead rein pony threw total hissy fit today.

    I would cut out anything in a bucket, and reduce /stop his hay when he is stabled. the autumnal flush is here for the next 8 weeks. I would also lunge him hard once a week til he is sweating and puffing and empty his petrol tank out! does he have friends he goes out with and interacts with?
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    The itty bitty kitty has arrived!

    beautiful! the markings on her back look like a big paw. she will be so entertaining in the next few months. make her a tin foil ball up they love them!
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    It's going to be a long night :(

    that's a worry. doesn't sound like the fencing is adequate or safe. best check that the new yard has good public liability as they as the landowners would be responsible should an accident occurs. I would have shut her in her stable for the night to be on the safe side.