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    How much to rent a field in SE?

    Just wondered how much you all pay to rent a field? Obviously varies area to area but am thinking in the South East within an hours commute of London but still pretty rural. A smallish field, say 2 to 3 acres with safe hedges/fencing.
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    Show Shine

    What do people find is the best show shine or is there an easy home recipe for one that gives good results? I'm already giving linseed to feed shine from within and doing lots of strapping.
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    Stopping horse getting love bites.

    Two of my horses are turned out together but one keeps coming in with marks on his cheek and neck where the other keeps biting him. They are not aggressive bites more rough mutial grooming and play bites. How can I prevent this happening as I want to show them both this spring. Don't want to...