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    Position and puppy-dog hands

    This a million times over. Lillie Keenan is the young rider hero du jour on the American circuit, of which equitation classes are an absolutely vital part of coming up through the ranks: Whereas pony show jumping is how the kids come up through the...
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    Is six acres enough for small hacks?

    We have 19 acres, but I fully expect to "hack" on it, as there are two massive hills, a small stream to cross and a "spare" two-acre field, which I plan to load with home-made jumps. We do live adjacent to a 200-acre wood with bridle trails, but I don't plan on using that every time I ride. I...
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    18-18.2hh is too big, isn't it?

    I don't own him, but I regularly ride a 17.2 hh stocky Dutch Warmblood, and really struggle to wrap my legs around and stay centred. I've never had this problem before, and it's a real challenge, especially as I have tight leg muscles from running. Luckily the fellow I ride is both sound (he's...
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    Half a Ton of Fun! Our first rated US Hunter/Jumper show :D.

    I would say that Americans are absolutely fanatical about correct equitation. You don't see a lot of elbow-flapping and "get up" kind of riding. Sounds like you're cleaning up, Firewell. Next year Devon Horse Show? (I've been watching the live stream all weekend--such a fun show!)...
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    How would you rotate these fields?

    We're building a three-stall barn at the end of the year, and next spring will start fencing fields. The drainage is good to excellent, and I know that I'll need to supplement plenty, as they aren't the biggest of pastures, but how would you do it? Three days on each space, poo pick, and move...
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    To those with American-style barns, either at home or at livery

    Ha! Very good point. We have an art studio on the property, not fifty feet away, that has a loo, so no trekking back to the house. Our upstairs is going to be similar, too, with a railing that'll run three quarters of the way round. Did the air ever get musty when you hung rugs upstairs?
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    To those with American-style barns, either at home or at livery

    This is the proposed layout, though the 6 x 14 area will now be the staircase upstairs, and the existing tack area will be split in half for tack and feed. The ceiling will be about 25-feet high. Unfortunately the barn will not back directly onto a pasture, but a circular driveway for parking...
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    To those with American-style barns, either at home or at livery

    Me, too! Huge takeaway from this: I shall keep with the look the builder has proposed re: solid dividers between stables.
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    To those with American-style barns, either at home or at livery

    I have a long list of proposed materials, so I'll get it out later and have a look. I know that the material will be majority hemlock, which is very popular for barns, and I know that it's what the Amish use (they are renowned barn builders). In any case, I love doing all the research, and get...
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    To those with American-style barns, either at home or at livery

    I hear you loud and clear about the wood, Polos Mum, but I think wood is my only choice. Everything is made in wood in Connecticut. Even my house is wooden (and 1770, so it's somehow managed to survive through the harsh winters). You can get metal buildings, but only in specific sizes as far as...
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    To those with American-style barns, either at home or at livery

    Thank you so much for contributing ideas. I guess all the large barns over this way have the bars between stalls, but one horror story is definitely enough for me to reassess. And I'm going to divide the tack room in two, so that the tack and feed rooms are adjacent, measure 9 x 14 each, and the...
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    To those with American-style barns, either at home or at livery

    We are due to build a small barn at home later this year. I'm in the States, but English, and am far more accustomed to shed row stables than I am American-style barns. Needles to say we are very excited, but want to make sure everything is right! We have someone building the structure for...
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    Those of you with horses and small children....

    I live in America, and all of my family is back home in England. My husband's family is close by, but small, and only willing to help out in small increments. I currently have no horses, but I do have children--a two-year-old and a ten-week-old--and I have just employed a lovely "mother's...
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    Whoop! The British are coming, our first show USA style!!

    Well done! I actually had a go at schooling hunters--just a 2'6 and a 2'9 class at my old barn--and I was told that my riding style was "too defensive", meaning I sit to a canter and sit back on landing. So that was the end of that, but I am itching to get out again, only this time in the...
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    I don't know what to do!

    Have you started riding US hunter style, cantering in two point and remaining forwards on landing from a jump? Do you think that might have something to do with his newfound desire to zoom? Horse-keeping is so different out here. We are about to start building a three-stall barn at home, and I...
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    California dream! Update from Ginger Jae and I :)

    It's so pretty out there! I think your observations about the shows are pretty accurate. Also, don't you find that people all tend to ride in a very similar fashion? I remember the first time I watched the classes at the Hampton Classic, and there was very little in the way of quirks among...
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    UK to US?

    I moved to the US from the UK eleven years ago. I lived in NYC for ten years, and just moved to northern Fairfield County in Connecticut. It's a fairy horse-dense area, with some great riding trails and high-end competitions, especially if you're into the hunter/jumper scene. I did not take a...
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    Is anyone happy with what they have got?

    I will be :) We are building a three-stall barn this year, with attached all weather paddocks, and fencing off some fields for pastures. I have fantastic hacking through woods and fields right behind the property, so will never have to ride on a road. Only thing I need now: the horses :D
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    Big freeze in USA - how are the animals coping?

    My neighbours have had their pony and horse outside during the daytime (in CT) but rugged up to the eyeballs. I took my dogs out for about twenty minutes today, and while my pug is a bit of a woolly mammoth and loves it the colder the better, my Boston terrier had both a fleece and a down dog...
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    Bang goes my 24/7 turnout :(

    It's absolutely the norm in these parts to have all-weather turnout pens. Mine won't be huge (three in total, 30 x 35, 50 x 25 and 25 x 35) but I figure it's better than nothing, and besides which, we may very well build an arena before we buy two horses and a pony, which can double up as a...
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    Is Living out 24/7 365 really best for your horse?

    I do think it's best, but I doubt it'll be possible for me. We are about to start building a three-stall barn and two paddocks, one an acre and the other three acres, to be used when the weather is okay. But I know that field turnout will be damn near impossible in my neck of the woods...
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    USA! Outsider part 1,2,3... always an outsider?!

    Never say never re: the hunters. The first time I saw a hunter class (at the Hampton Classic) I wondered why the horses looked like they were going in slow-mo, thinking maybe the ground was really soft or something. But then a lovely photographer enlightened me. Anyway, I did end up doing a...
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    How Much Hacking Do You Actually Do?

    It is quintessentially English. In this part of America it is popular, but it varies town by town, and takes a lot of effort and co-operation on the behalf of private landowners. The trails cut through woods and fields, so once you box up to your destination, there is zero road riding involved...
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    US Adventures Part One - Outsider :p

    The farm where I currently ride in CT keeps its horses the same way--dry lots for most of the time, and turnout in fields for five or six hours. I must ask the owner if she ever lived in California, as it's more usual for horses on the East Coast to live in indoor barns, and not in turnout pens...
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    Absolutely Shocked at Parelli!

    That's been my experience, too. Apart from pockets where there are great trail systems (Bedford NY; North Salem NY; Pawling NY) nobody I know hacks. They are all in the arena, or sometimes walk on a loose rein around the property where they board the horse. These are typically hunter/jumper riders.
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    Any opinions on this horse for sale?

    I know, I know. My first loan pony was still bombing around fields at the age of 35. I shall add him to my maybe list :)
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    Any opinions on this horse for sale?

    He's lush! I just wish he was five years younger.
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    American prices

    I think I shall. My whole family is in England, so it'd be easy enough for me to try before I buy.
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    American prices

    I suspect it was my thread that got you looking ;) Seriously, it is depressing how much horses cost over here, at least on the East and West coasts. Prepare to be felled by the prices here:
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    Any opinions on this horse for sale?

    PS Paddi22, the more I see of horses for sale in America, the more I think about importing a horse from Ireland or England (I'm an ex-pat, and have yet to ride something nice that doesn't cost upwards of 50k).