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  1. minesadouble

    Second dog - or bitch?

    We have a 7 year old entire male Vizsla and have just joined a waiting list for a 2022 Vizsla pup. In this position would you opt for a dog or bitch pup? I would not want to castrate a dog but would want to spay a bitch, obviously this would mean the bitch would have to have a couple of...
  2. minesadouble

    Personalised jacket (from photo)

    Is there anywhere that makes these? My daughters would each love a jacket with picture and name of their pony on but I'm not sure whether it's possible to get such a thing TIA for any ideas.
  3. minesadouble

    Fun games/exercises for kids and ponies in an arena

    I'm mainly looking for fun things to do/games that enhance control and steering please. My children are 10 and 12 but really only dabble in ponies. Walk and trot only please as one is proficient in canter and the other very much less so 😉
  4. minesadouble

    Dilemma - pony buying

    I have 2 daughters aged 9 and 11 years. Height wise there's very little between them. My 11 year old has a cracking 12.2 that she adores. He's very much her own pony, not bought to share with sister and she pretty much does everything with him herself. She's a nervous rider and this lovely pony...
  5. minesadouble

    Ruby Walsh retires

    I for one will definitely miss him!
  6. minesadouble

    Smart (swanky even!) boots for yard and riding

    As title please? Anyone have any suggestions?
  7. minesadouble

    Dressage legal Pelham replacement?

    My mare was in a Pelham when I bought her and I have just stuck with it. What would be your first option dressage legal bit to replace it? She is sometimes prone to leaning TIA 😊
  8. minesadouble

    Positive pony buying post 😊

    In light of all the recent threads about the horrors of buying and selling I thought I’d counterbalance them with a positive story. Daughter (11) recently started riding again after quitting at 5 years to do competitive gymnastics. Her old lead rein pony told us in no uncertain terms he was...
  9. minesadouble

    Daughter’s first dressage advice

    My daughter (11) is doing her first ever dressage test on her new pony im a couple of weeks and I am clueless! It’s only an unaffiliated Intro B (though run under BD rules) but we are very much showing bods! So... are we OK in showing gear (pony and child) or is velvet browbamd a no no? Also...
  10. minesadouble

    Encouraging daughter (10) to hold whip

    We have just bought a fabulous new pony for my daughter. He's really forward out hacking but in the school....not so much! When we tried him his owner offered my daughter a stick but she didn't want it, she's never used one before. Last night at home, I gave her a schooling whip - just because...
  11. minesadouble


    Just wondering how you go about training a dog for canicross and how you discourage leg cocking, sniffing etc.?
  12. minesadouble

    Official Measurement (JMB) advice please

    So, we are now in the position where we are going to need a height certificate for one of our horses. All of our ponies had JMB certs when we bought them and we've never needed a height certificate for any of the horses. We have a coloured mare who is measuring 15.1 at home (smallest we can get...
  13. minesadouble

    Feather mite question

    Being died in the wool blood horse enthusiast I've never had to deal with feather mites and know absolutely nothing about them. We sell rape straw bedding and a few people have asked whether it's suitable for horses with feather mites. How does bedding material affect horses with or prone to...
  14. minesadouble

    And the colour for this year's haylage is.....

    Purple!! After the excitement of last year's pink wrap in aid of breast cancer this year we are wrapping in purple for well child! Things are really starting to move on here now. We have some second cut ryegrass hay (first cut was haylage for a racehorse trainer customer). We...
  15. minesadouble

    What show saddles to people have on their high withered TBS?

    As above really. Struggling to find something suitable as most are M/W to Wide fitting.
  16. minesadouble

    Q for YOs and liveries...

    Hmmm, one of liveries has really annoyed me today. We have a large (50+) DIY livery yard. Along with our standard stables we have 5 extra large (enormous tbh) stables. Most of our liveries are ponies and of the large boxes 3 house 16hh-16.2hhs, 2 contain a few Shetlands living together and one...
  17. minesadouble

    My kids seem to have acquired a pony for Christmas....

    Despite already having one each and me certainly not being on the lookout for another! In a definite case of heart ruling head we have today ended up with a 22 year old 13 hands'ish local pony whom I've known for a few years. Pony is beautifully bred and I've always admired him and when I...
  18. minesadouble

    RSPCA Employee going hunting?

    How does this sit with you?? Personally I don't really get how you can work for the organisation that lobbied to have hunting banned and then decide to have a bit bash at hunting yourself. It's something I feel fairly strongly about so is my view skewed by my beliefs??? Personally I would...
  19. minesadouble

    Riding and strict liability

    Just seen this and thought it of interest - not to mention sensible! Edited to add I didn't...
  20. minesadouble

    Equine Dentist - why???!

    Do people who wouldn't dream of using an unqualified Vet or Farrier seem to think it quite acceptable to use an unqualified EDT?? I just don't get it - would you be happy to let an unqualified dentist loose on your own teeth? We have a large livery yard and had one dentist who was 'qualified...
  21. minesadouble

    Long term laminitis prone mare - no longer prone??

    I have an old mare, 28 years old now. I've had her for 12 years, she has always been prone to laminitis and subject to very careful management, despite which she has had 2 bouts whilst with me. I bred a foal from her at the grand old age of 22, the time she spent in foal/feeding her foal was the...
  22. minesadouble

    Doggy Day Care?

    Does anyone use Doggy Day Care? If so would you mind telling me how much you pay and what facilities the centre has? Also I'd be grateful if anyone would describe their 'perfect' doggy day care set up. Many thanks in advance :)
  23. minesadouble

    Anyone else's yard have a 'special' measuring stick??

    Because it appears mine has!! We have a livery whose horse needs one of our bigger stables because 'he is over 17hh', ermm he's actually smaller than our genuine 16.1 .....! Another livery once asked me how big my mare was, when I answered 15.1 (which the mare in question most definitely is...
  24. minesadouble

    Anyone had a lesson with Gwyneth Lewis?

    How did you find it? We are not 'dressage people' but reschooling ex-racehorse for showing and heard she is good. Thanks in advance.
  25. minesadouble

    Best straight(ish) cut saddle for high withered TB

    Sorry to continue what seems to be today's theme of saddle posts but we have typical high withered TB that we are starting out in RoR classes. Our older TBs saddle does not fit the newer boy and I just wondered what people have on their high withered but not terribly narrow TBs? We will be...
  26. minesadouble

    Ex-racehorses and 'poverty marks'

    Our last ex-racehorse came to us about 3 weeks after running his last race. He was made up pretty much entirely of skin, bone and muscle. There was barely an ounce of spare flesh on him. (Lovely trainer incidentally who was very concerned about where he ended up and though he was still a fairly...
  27. minesadouble

    Safest way to travel dog in car

    I have been looking at getting a new car to accommodate our Vizsla who currently travels on the back seat of my Audi A4 saloon. I was looking at BMW X3 or X5 but having read up it seems that by putting your dog in the rear of an estate car or SUV you are essentially putting them in the 'crumple...
  28. minesadouble

    Issue with crating?

    We have a 13 month old Vizsla. He's never been left alone for any great length of time. He is probably crated 2-4 times a week for anywhere between 30 mins - 2 hours max. If he's being left alone we never give any conscious sign we are going out (no coats on/lights off type behaviour) but he...
  29. minesadouble

    Farewell Oscar Whisky

    So sad at the loss of the great Oscar Whisky in the Tingle Creek today. Brave little horse who always tried his best. Condolences to the Henderson team.
  30. minesadouble

    Sudden recall failure - what now?

    Our male Vizsla (1 year old next week) has always had decent recall. Perfect unless in the middle of a play session with another dog when it might take more than one attempt. He has had 2 and a half weeks rest due to a flare up of panosteitis. Took him out for the first time last Sunday and he...