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    Hi everyone,its been a while!

    Hello everyone, its been à while, I am just popping in!
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    hi, an update on "Misery"

    I am not sure if you recall my post on my mare who foaled but had no milk? Well the little one is now nearly two months old;with expert help from the stud and vet, the mare's milk finally came through around ten days later.The foal was tiny,skinny and had to be bottle fed for the first two...
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    Mare has foaled,but has no milk?

    As in the title, my mare finally foaled two days ago, she was well overdue and has been cared for in a very good stud, especialising in embryo transfer and ensemination. She took everyone by surprise as she showed no outward sign that the foal was coming,her udder was non existant she didn't...
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    stallion valmy de la lande

    Has anyone tried the grey stallion Valmy de la lande? He jumps well,looks like a nice sort, but I have no idea what kind of temperament he throws. Is he still competing? Would anyone know at what level? Thanks, any info would be gratefully recieved as my daughter would like to put him to her...
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    stallion Le Coultre de Muze

    Hello; I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about this Young stallion. He is by Presley Boy/ Vigo d'Arsouilles/Latano.He is a grey about 16hh2,I saw him jump in Belgium and thought him a lovely stamp of a horse;balanced,with a good pop to him.Someone told me he had been aquired or...
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    flat puppy syndrome

    Hi, everyone; Three weeks ago I had a litter of wire haired teckels,there were only three of them and the bitch had alot of milk resulting in very well fed puppies.They where very quiet and soon became very fat, I cut down on the bitch's food intake hoping this might reduce her milk. The...
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    Hi all, from a chilly, windy and depressed Belgium; I was just wondering if there was any news about The lovely mare Farouche ? I don't recall having read anything about her lately,I know she must be in that awkward age for a dressage horse,but with her temperament I would have thought it would...
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    Any info on the stallion ' Finest'?

    I was interrested in using this stallion on my Pavarotti warmblood.Anyone have a foal by him?
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    Mare scanned in foal but still attracted to stallion?

    Hi, my warmblood mare has been scanned in foal last thursday,she and three of her companions are due to be moved to a new field at the end of this week, she was coverd and has lived with the stallion for the past three months; so after the scan she was returned to the field awaiting her...
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    Uvéitus which transformed into a iris mélonoma?

    Hi; I don't often post, but have been confronted with a problem which I have difficulties dealing with. Firstly I live in Belgium, and my English is somewhat rusty, so please bear with my many spelling oddities! I own a 8year old Jack Russel, she is part of a pack of six dogs; Three jacks...