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    Hunting and Equine flu

    That doesn't sourd very responsable,we are Also in the breeding season or at least as far as the thouroublood world is concerned ,a little unfair for the foals and broodmares.I would not send a mare over from the continent if she or her progeny would be in danger of catching the desease.....
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    Hi everyone,its been a while!

    Hello everyone, its been à while, I am just popping in!
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    Where is Woodlander Farouche?

    Farouche is not a palomino?! When I last asked news about her(about18 months ago) I was told she had got some good results in The Spanish Sunshine tour, since then there has been no news ,so I pressume she must have hurt herself and is now, hopefully recovering?
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    my daughter had a very bad accident, broken femurs.. help please

    Oh good, I am glad your daughter is better,thank you for updating us and I hope the road to recovery will not be to lengthy.
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    Fat or in foal

    Hi, I tried being a lurker but can't help getting involved! I agree with Clodagh that buckets are a no no, foals DO get drowned or badly hurt.As you know they are very wobbly when first trying to get up to keep their balance, most of the time they keel over, sometimes on their nose straight into...
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    Yearling ready for showing (and colour qu)

    She looks like a silver dapple, She might become a rich dark chocolate colour with a lighter mane and tail, the dapples and colour take about three years to get established.Its a colour often found in American miniatures and comes in différant variaties ie chestnut based ones or bay and the...
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    Cheltenham Day 2

    If Ruby Walsh felt the horse wasn't right, for Heaven's sakes why didn't he pull up? Surely he must know the horse well and his wellfare should have come first, the horse missed judged several jumps, the writing was on the wall, it was painful to Watch the pair were Lucky to come home without a...
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    What breeds of horse do you NOT like?

    Ah the Criollos, They are wonderful,small compact,great fun! The Brazilian "Mangalarga" which is their idea of an Andalusian is really quite horrid,narrow ,spindly and quite neurotic,or at least the ones I came across!Here in Europe I most deslike the french trotter;they have great big...
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    Is this woman being hounded unfairly?

    Surely not!
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    very poorly foal, any ideas or thoughts?

    Thank you Maesfen for your advice,I must confess I realise that I was already feeding him Podolac starter by Pavo and not by Cavalor's as I had previously stated,I also give him a handful of sure grow daily,normally I would never feed such a young foal especially as he is still with his...
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    very poorly foal, any ideas or thoughts?

    Thank you Paddy555,I will add micronised linseed although he already gets linseed oil,I have tried giving alfalfa pellets,but none of my horses like them.For the time being he enjoys Cavalor's Podolac or foal creep pellets ,probably because they contain milk pellets!I live in Belgium and Copra...
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    very poorly foal, any ideas or thoughts?

    You do not offend at all,that was the reason I posted in the first place,as for not looking after it ,you could not be furthest from the truth.This foal and its mother are brought in twice a day and fed separately so that I can check how much the little one gets to eat.Having in the past had a...
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    very poorly foal, any ideas or thoughts?

    Hi,I am interrested about a foal having a compromised immune system,what are the symptoms? I have a four and half month old foal,his mother had little milk but this improved after a couple of weeks,he was given plasma and bottle fed for the first ten days,the mare is on good pasture ,receives...
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    Wormer ivermectin- devastated

    I am so sorry for your loss,I was warned by my vet that ANY form of horse wormer is a potential dog killer.We are very careful with them,I have minis which means some tubes are only partially given so the rest is always carefully stored away. Care should also be taken in not allowing them to eat...
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    Western riding 'kinder' than English?

    This is quite revolting,those poor horses,It's even quite difficult to watch if any of my animals were moving like this I would be on the phone calling for my vet. Disgusting.
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    Just for fun... Favourite pics of your horse!

    What a cutie,love this thread there are some lovely and much loved horses and ponies...
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    Just for fun... Favourite pics of your horse!

    Adorable Alice They really do you credit,but wow that hunter of yours,l am off to fetch my drawing pad and pencils!
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    Just for fun... Favourite pics of your horse!

    What a lovely,happy looking pony!
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    Shocked by this from WFP

    I agree,what has happened to freedom of choise everyone is going on about!
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    Tack room clearout - I'm still in shock!

    Oh,I am so sorry to hear this;it happened to me seven years ago,I still haven't recovered.Some favorite tack simply cannot be replaced. I hope you have better luck and catch the filth that did this....
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    Where to watch missed Olympics?

    BBC Iplayer.
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    Olympics streaming?

    You will be able to Watch ALL Olympic equestrian events on 'STREAMHORSE.TV' on your lap top; they are also streaming quite a few other horse related events throughout the year.Its a link well Worth saving......
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    Rio 2016 - how to watch equestrian sports

    I don't know if you can get STREAMHORSE TV in the UK (I don't see why not) but they are advertising live streaming of ALL equestrian events in Diadoro.It might be in portuguese but I believe they will also have a English commentary.....They are quite reliable ,I follow many events they diffuse...
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    hi, an update on "Misery"

    I know this might seem confusing, but if you have the courage and the time you could look up the post'mare has foaled but has no milk' its about 4 pages away. The little fellow was tiny when he was born,we didn't really expect he would make it; he did pull through and has surprisingly caught up...
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    hi, an update on "Misery"

    Oh great, that's good news thank you LJS, I shall soldier on.....
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    hi, an update on "Misery"

    I am not sure if you recall my post on my mare who foaled but had no milk? Well the little one is now nearly two months old;with expert help from the stud and vet, the mare's milk finally came through around ten days later.The foal was tiny,skinny and had to be bottle fed for the first two...
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    Dormosedan Gel verses intravenous sedative

    I am another who finds it works far, far better than Sedalin,I use it on the youngsters who are a little shy with the ferrier or are difficult to transport, getting it Under the tongue can be tricky but I found that smearing the Jelly on the gums ,can be just as effective as they are obliged to...
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    Uthopia to stay with Carl Hester

    Great news,and thank you for whoever made this possible....
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    Broken shoulder owwww

    Oh no, ouch the shoulder, that's really painful. The only thing that worked for me was taking Tramadol, but then be very careful not to drive and Watch out for balance issues. As you will be out of action for a few weeks, why not send him off to boot camp, it will sort him out and make him a...