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    Alternatives to TB base mix

    Having fed TB essential base mix for some years, and given by what is currently being reported regarding those products, what would be a good alternative? Any good ideas?
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    Pain relief

    My dog is elderly, 14 going on 15. Unsurprisingly she has a bit of arthritis and has been on a maintenance dose of Metacam for 6 months and this has helped her a lot. I also give her Yumove. I am a bit bothered about the Metacam in the long term and it's possible effect on her digestive...
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    I am in a bit of a quandary. Would you ride a horse of 27 years old that had been out of work for a long time? Horse is sound and in good order, but over weight, and vet has given cautious but clean bill of health. I'm fairly sure what I am going to do but interested in other views.
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    When this virus situation is over we will be looking for a rescue whippet or possibly 2. We don't want pups (we're too old) but older dogs/bitches would be nice. If anyone can point me in the direction for any needy little souls that would be grand. We are on every rescue list going but...
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    What to do

    Do I finally stop riding or not? I'm over 60, horse is 23 yr old Arab. Fit and well and up for it. I've had him a very long time and whatever I decide he will stay here with me so no pressure there. Thing is, I really can't feel any enthusiasm anymore. I could hack out but would rather do it...
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    Cushings meds

    Horse is on 1 tablet of Prascend a day. I am almost at my wits end of how to get him to take it. We have tried, apples, carrots, polos, other treats, feeds of various concoctions both sweet and savoury. Concoctions include, mixes of grass nuts, sugar beet, treacle in it or a little salt. It...
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    Sebastopol Geese

    Does anyone know if Sebastopols stop laying early in their life? My goose is 8 years old this summer and has laid each year, with varying numbers. One year she only laid 5 and last year 30!! I don't mind if she has decided to retire but my old Chinese goose who is now 28, laid until she was...
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    Turkeys as pets

    Does anyone have them? What is involved with their care? How long do they live on average? My goose is 28 years old and I don't want to start with another long lived bird at my age. 12 years ish would be okay. What do you feed them? Are they grazers, scratchers rummagers?? What?? Cost of a...