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    Parkmore Ed

    Anyone know why he keeps flitting between William Fox-Pitt and his owner Philip Adkins? Noticed on BDWP that he's entered various events with William and Philip over the coming weeks (not the same events of course!!) Suprised based on the horse's talent that the owner hasn't kept him with...
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    Possible Senior GB Eventing Team

    Going to get the discussions started early on this one! Who do we think will make this year's European Team for GB? Have a feeling that Sarah Cohen will get another chance of the place (subject to sound horse etc). Hide and Seek went really well (I did like that horse). Great to see Sarah...
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    Radio Badminton

    Who is commentating on Radio Badminton? They sound v familiar but I can't think who they are!! Cheers
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    More Badminton withdrawals

    William Fox-Pitt has withdrawn Idalgo now as well. Just got Balincoola running now. Was really looking forward to seeing Idalgo run, as he looked so promising at Burghley. Hope it is nothing too serious and he's fit and well again soon. Good luck to all those competing at Badminton.
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    More Badminton Withdrawals!!

    In addition to Andrew Hoy withdrawing both of his horses (gutted about this as I love watching him - he makes it look so easy), and the others mentioned over the last few days, the following horses/riders have also withdrawn: Andrew James - Ciao Mario Cindy Rawson (USA) Ashdale David's Way...
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    Cressie Clague Reading

    Cressie Clague Reading and Carousel Quest have withdrawn from Badminton - anyone know why? Hope its nothing serious and that they are fit and well again soon.
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    Miss de Meena

    You get a mention in the Eventing Worldwide Aldon report!! Here you go: "Clare Boumphrey was another returning to a familiar horse, having an excellent cross country round on Swynnerton who was shortlisted for the WEG with Austin O’Connor" Here's to a happy and successful season. Good luck...
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    Eventing - changing horses and riders

    Having a look at BDWP website, and was interested to discover that Harry Meade has the ride on WFP's old ride Birthday Night, which is great news for Harry who is very talented. Also noticed that Zara Phillips has a new ride in Glenbuck (former ride of Sherelle Duke) as well. Parkmore Ed has...
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    British Eventing Team 2007 - who do we think will be on it?

    Ok so its very early to be thinking about this, especially as its only January and we have 2 months till the eventing season starts again!, But what do you all think? Will we see the same lineup as last year or will we see some new combinations on this years' European team??? Personally...
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    Birthday Night

    Happy New Year. Does anyone know why Birthday Night has been taken off William Fox-Pitt's website? Has he been sold on or gone to another rider? There was mention a few weeks ago that one of the owners was opting out so the other owner wanted another part-owner/contributor to costs, but the...
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    Internet companies

    Hi Has anyone used either Equestrian Clearance or for buying rugs? Just wanted to know if they were reliable etc, as buying a new turnout rug for the pony and these 2 sites seem to offer a good price for what I want to buy. Thanks
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    Mid-weight Turnout Rugs - recommendations please

    Hi Decided to buy the pony a new rug for her Christmas pressie!!! Therefore looking for recommendations. I quite like the Weatherbeeta Landa medium weight turnout rug, and just wondered what they were like, do they fit well and keep the rain out etc etc? I've used their stable rugs for...