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    Loading problems- are they ever solved?

    My old girl can be a ****** to load sometimes, sometimes she will walk straight on. If i know i have to take her somewhere i will spend a day just loading up with her to remind her what it is all about. I don't think she will ever be ab easy loader.
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    Squeaky saddle

    Lots of oil will stop it from sqeaking. My saddle starts when i haven't oiled it for a while
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    What are 'the basics' in your opinion?

    Knowing some stable management and knowing what is a healthy horse and signs of illness. It really bugs me when peope ask what a lump is on their horse's legs, learn the points of the horse would be good so you don't worry about nothing. Also peope who think that they can leave their horse for...
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    Would you breed from this mare?

    It would really depend on why she has the changes going off and if it is still very mild so it wouldn't be unfair on her to breed from her. As you want the foal for yourself then i would say yes if she is upto it. Will you be happy with a horse that isn't really capable of doing the job you...
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    Spotty foal born this morning

    He is a gorgeous looking boy
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    Pregnant mares, foal gender, and the "nail test"

    Don't suppose anyone will see this post as it is an old thread now but out of interest i tried the nail test on my girl just to see what happens with a mare that isn't in foal. I got some serious vibration going up the string and it moved away from her back and then started to go in a small arc...
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    horse heights and peoples perceptions

    When i had my horse up for sale he was advertised as 16.1hh. He was measured with 2 measuring sticks and was definietly just 16.1hh. Someone viewed him and told me was too big as he was at least 17hh. He has grown since then(2 years ago) and even now he is just coming upto 16.3hh, he's quarter...
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    How much

    If the pony is right for you then i would get the farrier to take a look and see what he thinks about the feet. My daughter's pony has to wear hoof boots sometimes on stony ground and he is a welsh section B. He copes without them most of the time but not all of the time and he has never had...
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    When horse searching, how far from "perfect" would you stray?

    I strayed very far from perfect. I wanted a gypsy cob, piebald filly, between the ages of 18 months to 4 years old to make 15hh(ish). I bought a grey IDxTB 17 month old colt that has made 16.2hh. The only bit i got right was his age!! If the horse you have seen seems right for you then try her...
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    I need a bit of advice please

    Thanks everyone. I will see how he copes with the first ferry crossing and if he is fine then will leave him in the car for the second one.
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    Letting other people ride you horse

    I have a lass ride one of my horses. I asked her to get rider insurance before she started riding him.
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    I need a bit of advice please

    I am going on holiday in a couple of weeks and i really need to get some stuff sorted for my dog. He pulls when being walked and is currently on a halti, which has made him easier but i am looking at getting a Mikki anti-pull harness, the one in the link. Does anyone use this for there dog? Are...
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    Finding a horse to hack or school

    Shame your not near me. I am wanting someone to ride my horse.
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    Went to ferret rescue tonight!

    Finnishlapphund that Eurasian Marbled Polecat is stunning. I love all those set ups that you have put on. TheresaW glad you have managed to find some friends for your boy. I quess you are going to be having ferretsfor a very long time :D. I started with 2 and i have 4 now, did have 5 but lost...
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    Need help from anyone living in Perth

    Thanks everyone. Dry Rot i would have loved to call in and see you but we wont have time as we are on a tight time for the ferry. It is going to take ages to get up there but we are all looking forward to going as we haven't been to Orkney before. Only got about 3 weeks till we go :D.
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    Riding in this heat?

    I haven't ridden for a couple of weeks now because it is too hot. I am uncomfortable in the heat so i'm not going to work the horses ad make then uncomfortable. Be careful clipping out in summer as you take away their natural protection from the sun, not bad if they wear a fly rug all the time...
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    Need help from anyone living in Perth

    Thankyou. It's good to know there are a few :). There aren't many where i live. lachlanandmarcus that's what i like about this forum. It can get a bit heated at times but if anything happens everyone tries to help :D.
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    Need help from anyone living in Perth

    I am going on holiday to Orkney soon. We are driving overnight and will need to get petrol when we got to Perth. Could someone tell me where a 24 hr petrol station is. I've looked on the internet and i have found that Asda store is open 24hrs, is the petrol station 24hrs? Thankyou to anyone who...
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    Ferret People. Some advice please

    They are a social animal and i don't think they should be left on their own. I was in the same situation when 2 of my first lot died. The one remaining one was ok on her own but i could tell that she was lonely, she just wasn't her normal bubbly self. I went and got another 2 young ones and she...
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    Ponies neighing when separated - neighbours fed up! Help!

    I used to keep my 2 at someone's house. I used to take one out jumping on a Friday night in the winter. On a Saturday when i went into the chippy the staff used to ask me how we had ot on. They always knew when i had been out as my other horse used to call until i got back. They used to like to...
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    Problems after castration

    Poor boy. I hope he heals well. Hope the drains work and he has no more swelling. The only problem i had is my boy started to swell a week after being done, the vet came out and gave him some antibiotics and he was fine after a couple of days.
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    Stupid rugging question....

    If it was my horse i would see how the weather is going to be. If it is dry and warm then i would leave without a rug and if it is raining i would use a lightweight as you taken her natural protection away.
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    Still too many people without High Viz

    1) No it isn't very nice looking but neither is your body smeared down the road. 2) Driver's do need you to be brightly dressed as the roads are a very dangerous place to be these days. £) Perhaps you really do need to get educated about the roads and the dangers there. No one should be...
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    Buying a horse with 'treated' sarcoids.

    One of my horses had 3 sarcoids turn up when he was 2 years old. They all got treated with bloodroot cream, except one that was left because of where it was, and they have all cleared up and so far not come back, that was 4 years ago. My vet doesn't seem to thin they will be a propblem now as no...
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    Would you refund the deposit?

    I wouldn't return the deposit. I sold my horse onece and took a deposit and then the buyer pulled out of the sale. I wasn't going to give the deposit back until she came back the following week to buy him. I then pulled out of the sale as i didn't feel my horse was going to the right owner so i...
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    'old fashion' things you still do ...

    I still use a stable cloth after giving them a good grooming, it leaves a lovely shine. I always walk the beginning and last 10 minutes of a ride, i would hate to injure my horse because i am too busy zooming around on them. I gradually fitten a horse up not jump on and expect an unfit horse...
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    He looks like a grown up horse!

    He looks a lovely boy. He could still go up a bit yet as he is only just coming up 4. He will look great next year when his muscle starts coming on aswell, they alter so much between 4 and 5 yrs.
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    Breeds / types... variety, or are you sold on one?

    I adore gypsy cobs, whether colured or solid colour. I did go looking for another one when i had my old one pts but ended up buying a IDxtB. I have now put him on loan as we just don't click for the riding side and i have another coloured gypsy cob. I also own a gypsy cob x tb that i bred and my...
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    I have read all the thread and yes he does come over as not that bad, after all there are plenty of bad dealers out there. He has answered alot of the questions but he hasn't replied to this one, i know it's not a question but he should still reply to it. I would be very happy to hear his answer...
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    Do I give up ?

    I was in the same predicament recently. I'm not on a livery yard, i keep them at home, but i had 4 horses to do everyday and i wasn't getting the chance to ride my youngest horse and i didn't enjoy riding my biggest horse, who is a fantastic horse but a bit much for me to ride as he needs...