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    I hate this new forum layout

    I agree - i absolutely hate it - i really enjoyed coming on here now its getting on my nerves.
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    Advice please before I travel for 2 hours!

    Agree with LHS it doesnt ring true at all to me. But if you did take him on then hacking is excellent to build - you can school whilst out on a hack and i usually get better results than in the school! Ask him to work in an outline (working forward in an outline not pulled in) try some leg...
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    Ages & Heights for BS(JA)

    Thanks for the detailed reply that all makes sense !
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    Ages & Heights for BS(JA)

    Just a query - when i rode bsja as a junior i had a 148 pony until i was 16 years old. Now i ride as a senior on a 16'3 horse. Are the rules literally that under 16s ride 148s and under and after the age of 16 you move into horses over 148cm? I wondered if ever an under 16 year old can ever...
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    wardrobe prep

    Hi if your going for the whole spectrum of shows i would go for white/cream jods/ long leather boots / shirt with stock and pin. Show jacket and hat. I would try and match the hat with the jacket ie blue and blue or black and black. Also gloves & hairnet.
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    Suppling exercises?

    Try spiralling in and out on circles in walk and trot. Shoulders in/ out. Transitions (meaningful forward ones!) Serpentine 5 loops with changes from walk to trot in different places. If i think of any more i will let you know.
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    What do you think of this advert?

    honestly thats a nice little horse but i wouldnt pay that money for a 16yo of that type esp being not a nov ride - max i would say for a horse like that £500 -800?
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    Isnt there a market for safe horses any more?

    Do you have a link to the ad?
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    Loan horse....sods law!!

    When i got loaners i used horsemart and stabletalk and was inundated with people that were interested (not all suitable mind you!) But lots of people to choose from.
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    Hi - My friends Husky escaped last night and they are beside themselves trying to find her - she is a 5 year old grey/white siberian husky - please please contact me if anyone hears anything - many thanks x
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    BD tests - buying e-copies?

    Yes You can download them and print them off from there.
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    Insurance when travelling 16.3 horse in HB506

    I dont know 100% but trailers give recommended heights not compulsory limits - im sure ther arent any laws or stipulations stating you cant carry a horse 1 inch higher on the withers. My 16'1 horse is bigger overall other than withers than my 16'3 so it would be open to so much controversy if...
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    Odd advert pictures

    What in gods name would posess you to use that pic - does that horse do that so often that they can get a camera ready and take pics?
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    Window shopping is dangerous!

    He is gorgeous - if i was looking i would be tempted.
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    Ebay Weirdos !

    Okay so i listed a top to sell - plenty of pics etc then i immediately get an email saying can i see a pic of the shoulders/neck & face - so i sent a clear one up the neck and they now they are asking to see the face - WTF!!! im not selling myself just the top the bloomin freaks!
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    Help with a name for eventer!!

    Belle of The Ball No-Belle Steed
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    Kids not wearing riding hats (sorry a rant)

    Absolutely ridiculous - at my last yard one of the mums was holding her 2 year old on her lap (no hat on) whilst she rode and popped over a jump that was in the middle of the arena - i couldnt believe my eyes.
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    To plait or not to plait...

    Honestly i have never seen at unplaited mane at BD.
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    Does your mare play?

    My gelding plays for hours. If a horse even dares to go up to my mare though she will charge and attack it - she is a typical stroppy chestnut mare. If i ever saw her even run up the field in excitement i would be amazed - she is the laziest moody mare i have ever met. Even if i walk past a...
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    Dumb blonde question re ebay and rugs

    They are normally laid over stable gates so you can see the whole of one side of the rug.
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    Cost of Loaning - What is Acceptable?

    Littlesoph - random but were you at Fltch Way EBA ride last friday - sorry if you werent but i think i recognise the coloured in your sig
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    'Realistic' ambitions for 1st season BD

    Its good to have a goal - i found when i first went bd i was doing nov & elem unaff and getting high 60s and even early 70s then when i went bd the level of competition was so much higher that my scores dropped by about 5- 8% on average which was still respectable but i realised doing unaffs...
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    Saddle Fitters In Essex?

    I have heard a guy called Tom is good but dont know his last name to search for his number
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    Saddle Fitters In Essex?

    Ok great thanks! Sorry forgot to say its to fit an isabelle synthetic i already have.
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    Saddle Fitters In Essex?

    Romford area.
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    Saddle Fitters In Essex?

    Could anyone recommend a saddle fitter in Essex please? x
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    Why is dressage such a precious sport?

    I suppose that with dressage its all about the 'show' so the turnout of the rider and horse affects the overall asthetic view of the dessage test. Whereas when you watch showjumping its more about action so people care a ittle less about the turnout? Just a guess.
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    Jeep Cherokee? Towing?

    Mine is an auto diesel and i agree - very thirsty but i cant compare to others as ive never had another 4x4 - my sister has the terrano and she hates it with a passion but thats because alots gone wrong with it lately. But i will say the jep is quite luxurious with alot of jazzy extras which i like.
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    Jeep Cherokee? Towing?

    I have a jeep cherokee and tow an ifor williams 510 with 2 large horses on with no probs whatsoever - its a lovely car - but expensive to maintain - when bits and bobs go wrong it has cost a small fortune. Other than that lovely to drive and tow with.
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    How many bales of hay do you use?

    At the mo 4 bales per horse per week.