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    Best hoof boots for a cob

    So I'm in the position where it's looking like hoof boots are going to be needed for my cob, at least at the front. He is getting footy over stones, he is better on smooth Tarmac but not 100%. I have never used boots before and it seems like a bit of a minefield! They would be used only for...
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    Neck covers for amigo rugs

    I am trying to find a heavyweight neck cover for my amigo stable rug however it is proving almost impossible - any that I've found are a high enough price I might as well buy an entire new combo rug! Is there any other brands which can be used in conjunction with amigo rugs? Thanks!
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    Part exchanging? Wwyd?

    So basically I bought a completely unsuitable horse a few months ago and I have since lost most of my confidence for one reason or another. I have the opportunity to part exchange him for a much more suitable, 15.3 schoolmaster sort. However the prospective horse is 18 and and extra £1100 on top...
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    Weight gain without fizziness

    So I've had my ex racehorse on baileys no 4 for about 6 weeks, however It has 24% starch which ive only just found out, and I can tell he's getting more fizzy/ stressy! He's also fed speedibeet, a little bit of chaff and linseed. Basically I need something to add condition with low starch and...
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    Not clicking with new horse

    I have recently bought my first horse about a month ago. Previously I had an absolutely amazing pony on loan who I had a fantastic bond with and who I trusted hugely, unfortunately he had to be retired leading to me getting my own. My new one is an ex racer, but I really don't seem to be...
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    Just put deposit on first horse!

    I have just put a deposit down for my first horse of my very own, I've had quite a few loans and after my last two decided I'd really had enough of it. He's a 16.2hh, 10yo ex racehorse and I'm so excited I really wanted to share with some like minded people as I don't have many horsey friends...
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    Residential riding holiday?

    I was thinking of going on a residential riding holiday this summer, I would love to do an 'intensive' dressage course or something similar but I'm struggling to find anything. Both of my horses are currently of of work so I would have to borrow a horse as well. Does anyone have any...
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    Advertising for a loan

    Unfortunately I am in the position to probably have to look for another horse to loan. Where have people had the best experience looking for something to part or full loan? I have an advert on preloved but have only had someone with an unsuitable horse contact me. Thanks.
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    Towing help

    I've recently been offered the use of a trailer, however I don't know if my car is capable of towing one (Volvo v50). It would only be used for towing one pony (roughly 400kg). Is there any websites I can use to check this - or has anyone had any experience towing with this vehicle? Also if it...
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    Hkm saddlecloths

    Has anyone got a HKM saddlecloth? What are they like quality wise? And how big do they come up - my pony is usually a cob size wise but they only have a pony or a full option. Thanks.
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    I just love..

    Having two horses and not being able to ride either of them! Pony off work due to sore muscles making him lame - physio is due out next week but no riding untill he's better. Horse has extremely bad mud fever so is going for small jaunts down the road but can't manage the school or longer hacks...
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    Is seven miles a long ride?

    In your opinion, do you think seven miles is a long ride for a pony that is worked usually worked 6 x a week, 3 hacks and 3 schooling sessions(including two lessons)? Only walk and trot no cantering. Just wondering as me and my friend are divided in our views!
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    Alternative to royal canin?

    So we've been feeding our dog royal canin for the past couple of years of so, however after seeing a post on here I researched it a bit more and found it wasn't a great option. Basically I'm looking for an alternative, she is a 9 year old jrt. Does anyone have any recommendations (preferably dry...
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    Difference in 5 months!

    I don't post on here often but I thought it might be nice to share some photos of my loan tb - started bringing him back into work after three years off 5 months ago - lots of hacking and groundwork and I think we're finally getting somewhere. This was the first or second time I sat on him, he...
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    When are long riding riding boots too long?

    I got some long riding boots (ariat bromonts) at the weekend, but I can't decide if they're too long! How much do they drop over time? At the moment they're digging into the back of my knees when I wear them - I'm not sure whether to send them back. Has anyone else had this problem?
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    Young horse cantering issues

    I have had my 4yo on loan for 6 months, i got him when he had just been backed and he has come on a lot, however we still have issues cantering in the school. He is perfectly happy cantering on hacks but in the arena it all falls apart, and we can't seem to manage more then short snatches of...
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    help with young horse and trotting poles

    Hi, I have had a 4yo on loan for about 5-6 months now. we have been doing polework for maybe 3 months and some little jumps as well which he has been doing okay with, although he has not got much jumping talent :o However recently he has been trotting up the the poles fine and then slamming...
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    Wood pellets

    My order of wood pellets for my guinea pigs has just come, do I need to sprinkle water over them? They seem quite hard at the moment, should I put something like hay over the top which is softer? Thanks!
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    How to relax in canter?

    I have an issue with canter, I always seem to tense up in it! My feet often slide through the stirrups, unless I really try to keep my heels down and that makes me even less un-relaxed, because I don't relax with my legs and seem to grip to much with my knees. I don't even know why I get so...
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    Good Half Chaps?

    So, I am looking for some new half chaps as my old ones have broken. I was looking at the Ariat Concord chaps, but they are quite expensive (for me anyway!), does anyone have these and are they any good? If not what half chaps do you have, or would recommend, under £50? Thanks :D
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    Sharing Dilemma - advice needed!

    Hi all, I am having doubts about whether to keep sharing my current horse. She is lovely to ride, but the yard is awful and the people are not much better. The stables are in awful condition (think pieces held together with baler twine and falling apart gates as doors) and the 4 other people...
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    I don't know what to do!

    Hi all, I have a bit of a dilemma going on at the moment. I have a friend who is planning to get her own horse next February, and she has started 'window shopping', at first I was really happy for her because I know she really wants her own. However, she is planning on keeping it at her house...
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    Can you wear a stock with a tie collar shirt?

    So, I'm really new to dressage and I hopefully will be doing my first test on Wednesday. However I don't have a stock shirt, but I have ordered a stock and I have a white shirt with a tie collar, is it possible to wear it like that? Thanks in advance and apologies for the slightly stupid...
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    Good Schooling exercises?

    I am constantly running out of exercises to do with the horse I share, I can never think of any others apart from the usual circles, figure of eights and serpentine's and it all gets a bit boring :o Does anyone have a particular favorite exercise to do in the school that might be a bit...
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    What can I do better? (showing)

    I have shown my friend's pony in hand a couple of times, and I'm doing another show on the 30th. Last time we didn't come anywhere (although I still got a 'special' rosette :D) so I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how we both look or how we could improve. He's a 5yo welsh section B and...
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    Could you keep a pony for under £150 a month?

    Hi all, I am looking at getting a pony on full loan or buying one (I currently share a horse), but my parents are saying we could not afford one. They seem to think it would cost about £200 a month to keep a pony on grass livery (as well as the extra's such as hay and shoeing) :confused:. So I...
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    How soon can I start riding after being concussed?

    Hi all, I fell off the horse I share showjumping on Wednesday, got concussed (i don't know how badly, but I can't remember falling off:o) and then went to hospital to get it all checked out. I want to start riding as soon as possible so if anyone has any advice on how long I should wait I would...
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    In hand showing

    Hi all, I am showing my friends 12.2 welsh B inhand in a couple of weeks, and I have a couple of questions.. Is it okay for me to wear jodhpurs? (I'm 14 if it makes any difference) and is it okay for him to just wear his normal bridle with no martingale/rein stops or will I have to get a...
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    Too big?

    Hi all, I have seen a very nice 13.1hh pony for sale in my local petshop but before I find out any more etc I was wondering whether I am actually too tall/ heavy! I am about 5ft 4'' and just under 8st (trying to lose weight though!) Would you say I'm too tall/ too heavy or okay? Thanks! (: