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    Youngster not obeying the rules

    I have two field rules that both my Mares abide by 1. Poo ing in designated areas on the edges of the field only 2. No galloping around if it's raining so the precious field doesn't get cut up :D Well in the Spring along came baby coblet :rolleyes: I forgave him his youthfull...
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    Swish equestrian 10% discount code

    I've just ordered a rug from swish and did a quick search for any discount codes and found 10% off :) Enter F10 at checkout, think the offer is until Friday
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    Greedy foal off his feed

    So I have a 4 1/2 month old colt, usually tucks into his feed and pinches mums too if he gets the chance :D Saturday he went out on lusher grass for the day and on Sunday morning he didn't want his breakfast, wasn't too worried as thought he'd probably stuffed himself :rolleyes: He's not been...
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    How safe is it for ponies to be around newly creosoted field shelter.. I really need to treat mine and have a 3 month old foal with no where to keep him out of the way so a bit cautious. Both my mares like to rub against the front of it at the moment too so am guessing that's not ideal until...
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    Putting another mare in with mare and foal

    I have two mares, one with 4 week old foal and would like to get them all together if possible. They have been in paddocks next to each other since the foal was born, in fact the mare gave birth by the gate seperating the paddocks. The mares were together before foal and were great, The mare...
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    Rugging Foals

    Just wondering how many of you rug your foals ? I'm trying to decide whether I need to buy some rugs or not :p Mine is a native, living out 24/7 with access to a field shelter, currently a 4 day old cutie :D I think I would worry about the rug during the day, they get checked morning and...
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    My BOGOF has arrived

    :D Got to field this morning to find a few extra legs :D:D She'd chosen to give birth out in the field in a muddy gateway :rolleyes: They were both tucked away in the field shelter when I turned up ..... piccies coming soon hopefully ;)
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    Vet after foaling

    Sorry if this is a numpty question but I have aquired a BOGOF so trying to get my head around everything .... Assuming the foaling goes well with no issues should a vet be called to check foal/mare after birth. If so how soon and what will they do ?
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    BOGOF ponies - common?

    I bought a mare last summer and my suspicions were confirmed by the vet today that she is in foal which means whe was when I bought her .:eek: A friend has also recently bought a pony to find out it was in foal at the time of sale and being sold as a ridden pony Got me wondering just how...
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    Just wondering if anyone has used stock fencing with just electric tape above and no rail for either a boundary fence of dividing one? In the process of sorting out new fencing :( I know the rail would look nice but then you need to add tape to prevent chewing :rolleyes: Thanks guys