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    Looking for livery in Altrincham/Bowdon area

    I'm looking for livery for a 16.1 gelding in or around Bowdon, Cheshire. I'd ideally like grass livery but DIY/part considered. Don't really need facilities but AYTO and decent hacking essential. Any recommendations?
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    Advertising on just H&H online - any good?

    Has anyone had much success with adverts placed on just the online section? Missed this weeks mag booking (and it's expensive!) - wondering if online only advert worth it? Do any of you browse for horses on the online bit or just the mag?
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    Kate & Wills attending Rodeo...

    They will be visiting the Rodeo in Calgary. Quite appalled at this really given the cruelty involved. What do you think?
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    Horsebox valeting/steam cleaning Sussex/Kent/Surrey?

    Does anyone know of a company that steam cleans horseboxes in SE?
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    Best time to advertise a hunter?

    When do people start looking for a new hunter? I realise most aren't wanting to buy now but when would I be best to advertise, July/August or once the season begins/Autumn hunting time? He does everything but most of all loves hunting hence wanting to find him the right home!
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    How much do pro BSJA riders charge per ride?

    I'm looking for a BSJA rider to compete my horse, just Discovery initially. I'd be meeting them at shows with the horse. How much do pro riders charge to ride for you in a class? Any ideas would be helpful. Thank you
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    Best place to buy a ploddy cob in South East?

    I'm looking for a safe, 'ploddy' cob that any of the family can ride, no jumping etc just plodding! Not looking to pay more than 2k. Does anyone know of any decent dealers in this area? Thank you.
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    Starter motor cost?

    Anyone any idea how much the fitting of a starter motor will cost? For an Iveco Daily.
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    Vet needed (vetting) nr Draycott, Derbyshire

    Hi, can anyone recommend a vet please for a 2 stage vetting in this area? Thank you. (Sorry if double thread, not sure what happened!)
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    Vet needed (vetting) nr Draycott, Derbyshire

    Deleted (double thread)
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    Transporting in trailer, insurance & legalities

    If someone is transporting a horse in a trailer that hasn't got the bit on their license that legally allows them to would the horse insurance be invalid if they were in an accident and the horse injured? I realise the car insurance would be invalid for the car & trailer but what about the...
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    Any western schoolmasters anywhere??

    Does anyone know of anywhere or anyone who has for sale a fully western trained/older schoolmaster type suitable for novice hubby - or an idea on where to look? Done the usual, H&H, Horsedeals, Hquest, Hmart and AQHA UK.... We're in East Sussex.
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    Visiting loaned horse - how often?

    How often would you say is reasonable and sensible to visit a horse that you have loaned out? Horse is kept 15 minutes away. Do you turn up unannounced?
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    Temp freelance groom/helper E.Sussex/Kent??

    Due to my accident I am looking for a temp groom or helper. Its only for one shetland, daily bring in and feed, hoof pick, poo pick so one visit a day. Anyone know of someone? Prob for the next 4 weeks or so. Thank you.
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    Renting out horsebox

    Due to an accident and being unable to ride/drive for a few months I am thinking about renting out my horsebox rather than sell it or have it sat there doing nothing. It's a 6.5 ton 2 horse Iveco with day living and great payload. What do I have to take into consideration/organise before...
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    Ashford Horse sales questions

    Never been before but will be going this week to 'possibly' purchase. Questions to those who have been: Is there plenty of parking available for horseboxes? ie, easy to maneuver? By what time do you have to collect your horse? Immediately after purchase or at end of auction day? I...
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    5'8 or over riding a cob? Any pics please!?!

    I have always wanted a show cob but worried my legs are going to look too long! Does anyone have any pics of them on a 15/15.1 cob that can assure me before I view some that I won't look daft!? Thank you!
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    Horsebox MOT (6 ton) where in Kent/E.Sussex?

    Does anyone know of a test centre around the Kent/East Sussex border?? Not sure how to find one! Thanks.
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    Should hatless riders appear in H&H?

    Just got round to reading H&H this week and see on page 22 a rider with no hat on. I don't agree with anyone not wearing a hat whether competing or 'just' schooling so why should a rider be featured not wearing a hat? At the side it states in very small writing 'H&H recommends the wearing of...
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    Cut leg 4 weeks ago still a bump - worry??

    My horse came in with a cut foreleg (cannon bone) 4 weeks ago. Was swollen but didn't look bad - got vet out and antibiotics/bute. Horse wasn't lame. Brushing boots would have prevented it - annoying!! It seems to be taking a long time to heal and scab, its sort of jelly like in the...
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    tell it like it is! - horsemartad

    Would you reply to this - think I'd be too scared and I'm not a novice!! lol I've seen the for sale ads before this too and was equally put off as we were looking for something similar!
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    Renting field with ragwort

    If a field is taken on at the end of May (viewed in April) and then ragwort springs up now - should the landlord have any responsibility for that or can they just rent out a field at the end of May knowing horses are to be grazing on it and expect the tenant to deal with it? It's obviously been...
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    Loaning out a hunter - sensible or not!?

    I have a horse that has hunted a few times before, but it's not something I have done or see myself doing this year. Rather than him winter out in a field I was thinking of loaning him to a hunting home, maybe just for the hunt season or longer. Would that be sensible? I know he would rather...
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    Livery@Bedgebury Park EC

    Just wondering if anyone is on livery there? Is it as great as it sounds? What are the costs like/facilities?
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    When horse stands on foot - broken or just bruised??

    My horse spooked and jumped forward whilst in the stable and I stupidly didn't have the right shoes on (not flip flops but not 'proper'!) while I just put more hay in. He kind of hit my foot at the side/base of little toe. Swelled up massive immediately and was excruciating. 7 days on and...
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    Holiday Cover/housesitting - what do you pay?

    Those who have horses at home - what do you pay someone to look after things while you are away? Not lucky enough to have family nearby! We have 2 dogs and 2 horses that are out in the summer months, but need daily check & small feed. No riding required. What's a reasonable daily rate?
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    Do you have automatic water in your fields??

    Do those of you who have your own yards/fields mostly have automatic watering? Is it a massive pain to have fields that don't have a water supply - how do you get the water to them if the hose won't reach!? I know it would be more work - but how much more!
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    County showing without a groom??!?

    Not sure that I will always be able to find someone to 'groom' for me at all the shows I want to go to. Does anyone just go and take the saddle off and get on with it or do you just not go if you haven't any help on hand?
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    Horsebox parking - how much?

    How much do you pay to park your horsebox/trailer at your yard? Or is it included in your livery? (If so how much is your livery) If you had to park the box away from the yard at another location how much would you be happy to pay max per month? Particularly SE region.
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    Equitrek Victory/Valiant - any reviews?

    Considering purchasing one - anything good or bad to report? thank you.