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    Oestress powder or liquid

    Hi, I used to use this and much prefered the liquid, I just thought it worked better and seemed more palatable for my mare. I really rated Oestress and definitely seen a difference in her when she wasnt on it. Prices seem to vary a lot, so shop around x
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    Bolshy pony!

    Thank you, hes not my first youngster, just my first Native pony, since a child lol. They or he is soooo much different to the Sports horses Im used to.
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    Bolshy pony!

    Thank you, why didnt I think of that lol!!
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    Bolshy pony!

    Having had Sports Horses practically all my life, I now own a 3 yr old Highland Pony. He was nervy but sweet when he came to us over a year ago but I think hes found his feet and I need to try and put a stop to it now! Hes very very foody! I could feed treats to my girl and she was never pushy...
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    Travelling advice please

    Thank you all, he has shavings down, the partitions arent to the floor so with the extra room he already has, hes plenty to spread his legs. He was making that much noise I sent hubby to check all was ok, he settled much better when he was with him. Obviously not in the back with him but he...
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    Travelling advice please

    Thank you, we will try him tighter, I just always remember reading taking the partition out for dodgy travellers in a trailer, and its kind of stuck.
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    Travelling advice please

    A what would you do please :) I have a 3 yr old pony, he travelled hours to us last year in a 3.5t, he moved stables in a 3.5t, I was told he pawed a bit, then settled. I have a 7.5t, we took him for his first ever trip in it, just a short 15 min journey and he neighed the whole way and was a...
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    Horse flies out

    Hate the beggars!!! Too scared to splat them as I react badly to them but got great satisfaction spraying phaser directly on 2 yesterday and they dropped to the floor yeyyyyy :cool:
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    Would I be awful to consider PTS

    I sadly made this decision in January this year. It broke my heart, she was only 6 yrs old and one of those horses that holds a special place in your heart. We had tried for nearly 2 yrs to fix her, it was one step forwards, and 3 back, bouts of cellulitis, then she then got ulcers too, a...
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    John Whitaker rug sizing?

    Thank you all :) I have a 3 yr old Highland pony that is inbetween sizes. He hasnt been rugged at all but has decided to rub his tail so Ive been putting an Amigo Aussie on overnight basically to try and protect it. I could do with a 2nd rug as the Aussie gets filthy and want a spare for when...
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    John Whitaker rug sizing?

    Any advice how these come up size wise please? Thanks in advance
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    Horsebox living electrics dilemma. Any experts please.

    Thank you both, Im so fed up with it all. Sold my 3.5t to get this as I felt safer having a larger horse, then sadly lost my girl in Jan so a 3.5t would be much more suitable for the pony! Story of my life lol!!
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    Horsebox living electrics dilemma. Any experts please.

    You dont happen to be local to Manchester do you :D
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    Horsebox living electrics dilemma. Any experts please.

    Finally got my wagon back after an absolute nightmare. Long story cut as short as I can Bought last November, drove twice, minor issue that required the cab to be tilted, the bracket broke, the cab tipped all the way over, cosmetically damaging all the front and I noticed a wire dangling from...
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    Secure saddle storage ideas

    Having moved yards recently I sold my tack locker, not thinking Id need it, and now typically need another :oops: They are just so expensive so any ideas on what I could use instead, Id prefer something I can put a saddle rack in really. I realise nothing is 100% secure but just want a deterent...
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    Saddle pad/Numnah rubbing TB!?

    Le Mieux rubbed my mare in the same place. Never had a problem til I tried to join the matchy matchy club lol. Back to good old Sheepskin lined and no problems at all.
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    Loss of horse insurance claim?

    So sorry to hear about your horse. I had a similar situation earlier this year and my insurance didnt pay either. I didnt expect them to tbh. I insure at a low value, mainly to get the benefit of the vets fees as claiming for loss of horse isnt straight forward and unless its death on...
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    Highland Pony owners and saddles

    Thank you :)
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    Highland Pony owners and saddles

    Thank you, Ive seen the H & C saddle, but was hoping for one that was a bit straighter cut, not sure if they do one. I borrowed a really wide Silhouette years ago for a horse but havent seen one similar or as wide when Ive been looking. Does yours have the back thicker gussets or is it a...
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    Highland Pony owners and saddles

    Thank you, Ive had both in both dressage and WH for previous horses. Good to know they may fit a wide Native.
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    Highland Pony owners and saddles

    Thank you. Ive been tentatively looking at WH saddles, Ideal, Silhouette etc. Yes I know its too soon yet lol. The AH and Fiona Cork look beautiful but may be out of my budget until hes matured.
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    Highland Pony owners and saddles

    I being a bit premature as my boy is only 3 but Im just wondering what type of saddle suits the Highlands best. Ive been told the Fylde Rays but after riding in dressage saddles on Sport Horses for years, the thought of a flat saddle with barely any knee roll is a bit :eek: Is there any hope...
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    Best fly mask for plenty of eye room

    Ive always used the Shires ones and theyve been great but for some reason started to crease over her eye area last year, new ones too, so I tried the Le Mieux Armour one and they are fab!
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    Is pink mash or baileys lo cal balancer my problem?

    Sounds like a good plan. I tried the Pink Mash twice about a year apart as Id heard so many good things about it and tbh thought theres no way this has made her so loopy!! I didnt even use a weeks worth of either bag as she was scary, I said to a friend its like shes on drugs :oops: she...
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    Is pink mash or baileys lo cal balancer my problem?

    Ive had the same issue with both of these feeds. Baileys Lo Cal sent my pretty level headed but spooky boy crazy and Pink Mash sent my mare dangerous, as in away with the fairies! I so wanted to feed the Pink Mash as at the time I thought she may have ulcers, which was later confirmed with...
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    Can acid ease cause negative reaction?

    It sent my mare loopy, as in dangerous, stopped it and 48hrs later she was back to normal. I do appreciate it works wonders for some, sadly not mine
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    Rocket Fuel Recommendations Please!

    A couple of friends swear by Tiger oats for a bit of oooomf at competitions. Im the opposite and wanted calming cookies lol
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    Swish liners

    I think I have a Weatherbeeta lining in 6'3 that I have never used, its from the trio rug, so think its 100g?? Could have a look if you like
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    Forward girth groove saddle slipping back?

    My horse had a forward girth groove and saddles went forwards onto her shoulders. Id be speaking to the saddler tbh as if professionally fitted it shouldnt be going backwards.
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    Yard WWYD

    The only thing I cant see is how far away yard 2 is, appologies if Ive missed that bit. But apart from that IMO theres no contest, Yard 2 sounds fab!! I wish we had choices like that in the area I live in :)